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Lancaster Medical School - CHICAS - About us
Very influential research group; also they love the watercolour option in OpenStreetmap @amcewen told me about for
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november 2018 by cheapjack
Materials — Biodesign Challenge
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
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july 2018 by cheapjack
Bio Materials · DoESLiverpool/wiki Wiki
yay! @jackie_pease our first wiki commit #DIYbio #Wearables #weeknotes
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july 2018 by cheapjack
cheapjack/ShrimpCraft · GitHub
If you enjoyed any of our workshops you'll like this challenge :)
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november 2015 by cheapjack
Project Premonition aims to use mosquitoes, drones, cloud computing to prevent disease outbreaks - Next at Microsoft
It starts with a better mosquito trap. Then come the more autonomous drones, the cutting-edge molecular biology and the advanced cloud-based data analysis. via Pocket
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june 2015 by cheapjack

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