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I especially love that West Elm now features a select number of Etsy artisans, like one of my favourites, Heather Dahl (Dahlhaus will be coming soon to Spruce Collective too, by the way!). What an amazing boost of confidence and exposure for small local artisans and entrepreneurs!
etsy  westelm 
september 2012
How Much Tech Can One City Take? | Modern Luxury
No techie myself, I learned to love the quirky and deeply individualistic geek culture. Engineers were my comrades-in-arms in the revolution against top-down, corporate communications. The ones who made a difference at Salon—like Chad Dickerson, our crack webmaster and now CEO of Etsy, and investor John Warnock, who also cofounded Adobe—had artistic souls. They were deeply concerned about the direction of the country and believed that Salon’s voice needed to be heard.
chaddickerson  salon  davidtalbot 
september 2012
Etsy Garden
The first posts on the Etsy blog.
etsy  history 
september 2012
Canada : Home décor retailer West Elm to open second Canadian store - Textile News Canada
Through a partnership with Etsy, the store will offer a collection of decorative accessories and art made by artists from the Vancouver area.
etsy  economy  westelm  local 
september 2012
Etsy provides an online launch pad for small businesses in South Florida - South Florida
"Etsy changed my life," said Allard, whose shop, has sold more than 1,100 unique pieces through her Etsy shop. "There came a time in my life when I wondered if I could make this work as a full-time job. There's no doubt in my mind now."
etsy  economy 
july 2012
The iPhone Economy - Video Feature -
when you look at number of employees at places like walmart, kelly, ibm, etc. the number of Etsy sellers is particularly impressive
economy  etsy  iphone 
july 2012
TEDxBKLYN « an aussie girl in new york
I really loved the synergy he drew between #ows and events like hack days—not everything is all clear and designed upfront and it takes a while to shake out the bugs. #ows really does have that beta attitude. A great example of modern day non-tech hackers.
chaddickerson  tedx 
december 2011
Why Shop Local? Local businesses return 80% of each dollar to the community: Sylvia Wyant. | elephant journal
"Chains and franchises, on the other hand, contribute roughly 40%, and as little as 20% of sales back to your community. And many big boxes, such as Walmart or Home Depot, are given tax-incentives by local governments—costing you far more than the discounted price you think you’re paying."
local  commerce  stats 
october 2011
When business feels homelike | Beyond Berlin
"A little too American for my taste how the Etsy family presented itself, but in the end I received an entertaining and informative mix of awesome-American stories, like Dickerson’s speech on ‘Finding your Courage’, local reports from the Prinzessinnengarten in Berlin and the success story of SuperJam inventor Fraser Doherty from Scotland, who convinced with his juvenile charm."
helloetsy  etsy 
september 2011
Hello Etsy Berlin | Fabàtable
"There was such a positive energy that I’m sad it is already over!"
helloetsy  etsy 
september 2011
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