Please do not use GitLab!
"GitLab itself is proprietary software. There is a community edition but this is only used as a source of cheap labour for GitLab to prop up its proprietary version, which it sells for profit. In fact, the Enterprise Edition used to be Free software, until early 2014. What else will they make proprietary? Perhaps one day they will drop the community edition? "
Libreboot  funny 
august 2019
Data recovery software designed to recover lost files including video, documents and archives from hard disks, CD-ROMs, and lost pictures (thus the Photo Recovery name) from digital camera memory
"PhotoRec is file data recovery software designed to recover lost files including video, documents and archives from hard disks, CD-ROMs, and lost pictures (thus the Photo Recovery name) from digital camera memory. PhotoRec ignores the file system and goes after the underlying data, so it will still work even if your media's file system has been severely damaged or reformatted."
data  recovery 
august 2019
How DNS works
A fun and colorful explanation of how DNS works.
DNS  network 
april 2019
500px is making changes to its product structure and users aren’t happy
500px also said that anyone who has a current paid membership is automatically upgraded to the next level until their current subscription expires. If a category has gone away, (as in the case of their $2.99 offering), members are upgraded to the Awesome membership, or whatever is the next level until their subscription expires.
500px  via:foliovision 
march 2019
Rust Cookbook
"This Rust Cookbook is a collection of simple examples that demonstrate good practices to accomplish common programming tasks, using the crates of the Rust ecosystem."
cs_lang:rust  programming 
march 2019
MONARC Objects Sharing Platform
"A platform to create, edit and share JSON objects.
The goal is to gather security related JSON objects, in the first place aimed to be used with MONARC."
security  json  security-controls  NIST  monarc 
february 2019
Source code of the Open Source Security Software directory.
cs_lang:python  cs_lang:javascript  cs_lang:html  flask  freshermeat  freshmeat 
may 2018
Open Source License Business Perception Report
"How does business perceive specific form software public licenses in Q1 2017?"
open-source  license 
march 2017
"Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically - additional packages are available using the APT package manager."
android  terminal 
march 2017
Two Factor Auth List
List of sites with Two Factor Auth support which includes SMS, email, phone calls, hardware, and software.
authentication  2fa  list  reference  factor  via:doegox 
march 2017
Bootstrap yourself to write an OS from scratch.
"This book helps you gain the foundational knowledge required to write an operating system from scratch. Hence the title, 0 to 1."
computer  os  operating_system 
february 2017
Be Careful with Python's New-Style String Format
"This should have been obvious to me for a longer time, but until earlier today I did not really realize the severity of the issues caused by str.format on untrusted user input. It came up as a way to bypass the Jinja2 Sandbox in a way that would permit retrieving information that you should not have access to which is why I just pushed out a security release for it."
cs_lang:python  security  programming 
january 2017
Hack your wrist
"AsteroidOS is an open-source operating system for smartwatches."
smartwatche  linux  wayland  systemd  watch  os  open-source 
january 2017
protobuff (Google Protocol Buffer format) To JSMF Metamodel
"This module propose to use PEGJS Grammar to build a JSMF metamodel from a protobuf file (.proto). It is currently under construction and may have several bugs and issues (tested only with IC3Data protobuf file). For description explaination about IC3:"
cs_lang:javascript  modeling  JSMF  protobuf  ic3 
november 2016
Lynis - Security auditing tool for Linux, macOS, and UNIX-based systems.
"Lynis is a security auditing for UNIX derivatives like Linux, macOS, BSD, and Solaris. It performs an in-depth security scan on the system itself, with the goal to detect issues and provide tips for further system hardening. It will also scan for general system information, vulnerable software packages, and possible configuration issues. Lynis is commonly used by people in the "blue team" to assess the security defenses of their systems."
security  cs_lang:shell  audit  tools  security-auditing  testing 
november 2016
Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing
"We present a set of computing tools and techniques that every researcher can and should adopt. These recommendations synthesize inspiration from our own work, from the experiences of the thousands of people who have taken part in Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry workshops over the past six years, and from a variety of other guides. Unlike some other guides, our recommendations are aimed specifically at people who are new to research computing."
programming  computer_science  arxiv  tips 
october 2016
I don't understand Python's Asyncio
"Recently I started looking into Python's new asyncio module a bit more. The reason for this is that I needed to do something that works better with evented IO and I figured I might give the new hot thing in the Python world a try. Primarily what I learned from this exercise is that I it's a much more complex system than I expected and I am now at the point where I am very confident that I do not know how to use it properly."
cs_lang:python  asyncio  concurrency  programming  async 
october 2016
Big-O notation explained by a self-taught programmer
"Big-O notation used to be a really scary concept for me. I thought this is how "real" programmers talked about their code. It was all the more scary because the academic descriptions (such as Wikipedia) made very little sense to me. This is frustrating because the underlying concepts aren't actually that hard."
algorithms  programming  big-o  computer_science 
october 2016
Make your dependencies a first class citizen
"We help you to keep track of dependency updates by sending you automated pull requests whenever a new update comes out, directly to your GitHub repo."
cs_lang:python  security  development 
october 2016
A Haskell web framework for productive development of type-safe, RESTful, high performance web applications
"Yesod is a Haskell web framework for productive development of type-safe, RESTful, high performance web applications."
cs_lang:haskell  web 
october 2016
A web news aggregator and reader.
newspipe  cs_lang:python  flask 
october 2016
Python IDE for beginners
cs_lang:python  IDE 
october 2016
@sudo decorator: an evil hack
"I've written a decorator you can apply to your functions to make their contents run with root privileges. It does this by serializing the function and executing it in a sudo'd python interpreter. The user is prompted for their password (if not using nopasswd) so this is suited to interactive scripts and devops-y things."
cs_lang:python  sudo  hack  decorator 
april 2016
Redox is a Unix-like Operating System written in Rust, aiming to bring the innovations of Rust to a modern microkernel and full set of applications.
os  system  cs_lang:rust  kernel 
march 2016
Violent Python
"Violent Python shows you how to move from a theoretical understanding of offensive computing concepts to a practical implementation. Instead of relying on another attacker’s tools, this book will teach you to forge your own weapons using the Python programming language. This book demonstrates how to write Python scripts to automate large-scale network attacks, extract metadata, and investigate forensic artifacts. It also shows how to write code to intercept and analyze network traffic using Python, craft and spoof wireless frames to attack wireless and Bluetooth devices, and how to data-mine popular social media websites and evade modern anti-virus."
cs_lang:python  security  penetration  forensics 
march 2016
Python Network Programming Cookbook
"Python is an excellent language to use to write code and have fun by prototyping applications quickly. The presence of lots of third-party libraries, also known as batteries, makes it even more easier and faster to prototype an application or to implement a new algorithm. If you are interested in creating the building blocks for many practical web and networking applications that rely on networking protocols then this book is a must-have."
cs_lang:python  network 
march 2016
Learning Python Network Programming
"Network programming has always been a demanding task. With full-featured and well documented libraries all the way up the stack, Python makes network programming the enjoyable experience it should be."
cs_lang:python  network 
march 2016
Twisted Network Programming Essentials, 2nd Edition
"Get started with Twisted, the event-driven networking framework written in Python. With this introductory guide, you’ll learn the key concepts and design patterns to build event-driven client and server applications for many popular networking protocols. You’ll also learn the tools to build new protocols using Twisted’s primitives."
cs_lang:python  network 
march 2016
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