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Mayoral Preview - Ann Arbor Observer
Finally, Eaton charges that crime is more prevalent than folks know. "In the Fourth Ward, there's a house near Allmendinger Park where last year the police responded to seventy-two calls. There were two overdoses there. One was fatal. There are guns, knives, and assaults. There's drug sales and drug use."

Soon-to-retire police chief Jim Baird emails that's not quite accurate. "[O]n the west side of the City near Allmendinger Park, we had 25 calls for service last year, not 72," he writes. "Six calls were related to some type of criminal activity, and there were none classified as weapons offenses."
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april 2018 by cdzombak
Four years later, the Ann Arbor Chronicle is still weird and wonky — and it’s growing » Nieman Journalism Lab
From 2012:
For four years, Mary Morgan and Dave Askins have been the change David Simon was waiting for.

The married couple’s website, the Ann Arbor Chronicle, doesn’t just cover the planning commission, as the Wire creator once suggested bloggers never would; it covers the taxicab board. It doesn’t just publish local election results; it publishes fact-checked 13,482-word summaries of the fifth-ward city council candidate forum, 10 days after the event took place. Morgan, Askins, and seven paid freelancers contribute. On a busy day, the Chronicle posts three stories; on a slow day, it posts nothing.
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a2geeks discussion on Ann Arbor's I-net municipal fiber replacement project
This project is to replace the institutional fiber network (I-net) that Comcast built for government units in the city as part of the franchise agreement in the early naughts. State law no longer allows negotiation of franchise agreements on the local level like that, and the original agreement did not specify that the city would own the fiber, so when te agreement is up in 2018, Comcast will be taking the fiber back. The city is leading an intergovernmental project to reconnect the sites served by the iNet to a new fiber network that would be owned by the city. this is a point-to-point network that does not directly connect to the Internet although most of the institutional partners (such as AADL) use iNet fiber to deliver high-speed net access to satellite locations via downtown locations that have fiber links to ISPs, mostly merit.

So, there is no residential or commercial component of this fiber project. It’s networking between government buildings. I’m not sure of the state of the law here in Michigan, but in many states it is no longer legal for municipalities to build networks for residential and commercial use due to telecom lobbying at the state level.

The small edit I’d make to Eli’s excellent summary is that iNet access has been extended to support municipal contracts, e.g. Republic Parking for networking to the parking structures, and Ann Arbor SPARK (if I recall correctly; I’m not 100% sure if the SPARK incubator traceroute goes through this network, but I think it does).
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april 2017 by cdzombak
Making voting harder to try to get you to vote | Sabra Briere
This year we are going to experience a significant change in elections – one filled with intended and unintended consequences. Unless stopped by a lawsuit, Michigan election law has eliminated straight-party voting. TAnd that has implications beyond my imagination.

I’ve been analyzing the possible effects for several months, ever since the governor signed the law eliminating straight-party voting in January. I’m not alone – but the impact from this decision has yet to be felt, so it isn’t in everyone’s thoughts.

On Thursday, July 7th, Ann Arbor’s City Council will consider whether to ask voters (on the November ballot) to eliminate partisan elections for local (Council/Mayor) elections. If the Council places this charter amendment on the ballot, and the voters approve it, there will be unintended consequences of this act, too.
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july 2016 by cdzombak
Expertise vs. Emotion at Ann Arbor City Council |
it takes great chutzpah to think you know more than the experts in the field.
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february 2016 by cdzombak
2015 Ann Arbor City Council races - Photo Gallery -
Mayor Christopher Taylor is endorsing four candidates seeking to oust four sitting Ann Arbor City Council members in the 2015 election.
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july 2015 by cdzombak
City Council Meetings: A Guide for Citizens Who Want to Know More About City Government
A brief guide to how Council meetings are run, how you can participate, how elections take place, and when and where council meetings take place.
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january 2015 by cdzombak
The Ann Arbor Chronicle | Column: City Council as Entertainment
City council meetings would be even more entertaining if we could see proposed amendments in real time, as the council members do. It's often hard, currently, to follow discussions around proposed amendments.
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