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Funny animal gifs are really great, however they can quickly bog down the storage on your Slack account.

Slack Deletron allows you to search and delete the files that you have put on your Slack team account.

If you are an admin on your team, you can delete not only your files, but all public files on your team!
UTF-8 decoder capability and stress test
UTF-8 decoder capability and stress test

Markus Kuhn <http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/> - 2015-08-28 - CC BY 4.0

This test file can help you examine, how your UTF-8 decoder handles
various types of correct, malformed, or otherwise interesting UTF-8
sequences. This file is not meant to be a conformance test. It does
not prescribe any particular outcome. Therefore, there is no way to
"pass" or "fail" this test file, even though the text does suggest a
preferable decoder behaviour at some places. Its aim is, instead, to
help you think about, and test, the behaviour of your UTF-8 decoder on a
systematic collection of unusual inputs. Experience so far suggests
that most first-time authors of UTF-8 decoders find at least one
serious problem in their decoder using this file.

The test lines below cover boundary conditions, malformed UTF-8
sequences, as well as correctly encoded UTF-8 sequences of Unicode code
points that should never occur in a correct UTF-8 file.
3 days ago
Building a fast Electron app with Rust
Electron and Rust have turned out to be a great fit for the design constraints of Finda.

Electron makes it easy to build and distribute a desktop app, shielding me from the tedious details of font rendering and low-level OS hotkey and window APIs.

Rust makes it easy to write fast, safe, low-level data structures, and encourages me to think about memory and performance in a way that I’m normally oblivious to when wearing my usual JavaScript / ClojureScript hat.
electron  javascript  rust_lang  interop  performance  via:andrewsardone 
4 days ago
SheepShaver [E-Maculation wiki]
SheepShaver is an open source PowerPC Apple Macintosh emulator. Using SheepShaver (along with the appropriate ROM image) it is possible to emulate a PowerPC Macintosh computer capable of running Mac OS 7.5.2 through 9.0.4. Builds of SheepShaver are available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

SheepShaver is considered a good replacement for the Classic Environment which is not available in the most recent versions of Mac OS X.
apple  macos  macintosh  emulator  history  powerpc  mac_os 
9 days ago
HyperCard Zine
HyperCard Zine

A new collection of HyperCard stacks curated by jae kaplan.

Now accepting submissions!

2018 is the year of HyperCard.

The last version of HyperCard, 2.4.1, was released 20 years ago in 1998. In that time, it's maintained small communities of hobbyists maintaining their stacks and creating new art on old computers. HyperCard has been used by LGBT and other marginalized people to make interactive art representing their experiences.

On the 20th anniversary of HyperCard's discontinuation, I want to pay tribute to the programming tool that started it all.
hypercard  zine  history 
9 days ago
↔️ Emoji ZWJ (Zero Width Joiner) Sequences
An Emoji ZWJ Sequence is a combination of multiple emojis which display as a single emoji on supported platforms. These sequences are joined with a Zero Width Joiner character.

Emoji ZWJ Sequences listed on this page are supported by at least one major platform.
emoji  unicode  zerowidthjoiner 
9 days ago
Compound emoji can confuse – The Eclectic Light Company
Most of us are familiar with the idea that entering some accented and similar characters from the keyboard requires two keystrokes. For example, the normal way of entering the letter e with an acute accent is to press Opt-e then the e key. What is then inserted into the text is actually a single Unicode character é.

Some systems allow you to combine a sequence of two or more emoji, separated using a special invisible character, the Zero Width Joiner (Unicode U+200D), for that compound to be represented as a single emoji formed from them both/all: these are the compounds known as ZWJs. If your system doesn’t support the display of such compounds, then the ZWJ is not displayed, as it has zero width, and you see an emoji ‘word’ of the two or more characters before compounding.
emoji  unicode  zerowidthjoiner 
9 days ago
rc.local - Raspberry Pi Documentation
In order to have a command or program run when the Pi boots, you can add commands to the rc.local file. This is especially useful if you want to be able to plug your Pi in to power headless, and have it run a program without configuration or a manual start.
9 days ago
Ypsilanti once again has a payphone… only this time it’s free
Last summer, I posted an interview here with a fellow in Portland by the name of Karl Anderson. Anderson, as you may recall, had formed an arts/activism entity by the name of Futel with the goal of democratizing telecommunications through the introduction of free payphones to America’s urban centers. Well, as you may also recall, Anderson and I talked about the possibility that, one day, Ypsilanti might have a Futel phone of its own. And, today, I’m happy to announce that Ypsi’s free Futel payphone is officially open for business.
futel  telephone  ypsilanti 
9 days ago
At Futel, we believe in the preservation of public telephone hardware as a means of providing access to the agora for everybody, and toward that goal we are privileged to provide free domestic telephone calls, voicemail, and telephone-mediated services.
futel  telephone  portland 
9 days ago
Rust's 2018 roadmap - The Rust Programming Language Blog
The most prominent language work in the pipeline stems from 2017’s ergonomics initiative. Almost all of the accepted RFCs from the initiative are available on nightly today, and will be polished and stabilized over the next several months. Among these productivity improvements are a few “headliners” that will form the backbone of the release:

• Ownership system improvements, including making borrowing more flexible via “non-lexical lifetimes”, improved pattern matching integration, and more.
• Trait system improvements, including the long-awaited impl Trait syntax for dealing with types abstractly.
• Module system improvements, focused on increasing clarity and reducing complexity.
• Generators/async/await: work is rapidly progressing on first-class async programming support.

In addition, we anticipate a few more major features to stabilize prior to the Rust 2018 release, including SIMD, custom allocators, and macros 2.0.
11 days ago
Better Strategies Through Types — Figure
I would only add that for a simple case like the example given, adding a closure also works in place of a trivial delegate.
swiftlang  bestpractices  cocoa  delegation  strategy_pattern  generics 
11 days ago
Library Redo? - Ann Arbor Observer
The last millage faced well-funded opposition led by political activist Kathy Griswold. "I am not opposed to improving library services downtown," she emails, "but would be opposed to more than 2 mils for library services." That's the current authorized level, though due to Headlee limits the library's currently collecting only 1.89 mills.

“I'm not opposed to improving the library, just to paying for it!”
annarbor  library 
12 days ago
Bookmark Archiver | bookmark-archiver
Save an archived copy of all websites you bookmark (the actual content of each site, not just the list of bookmarks).

• Browser Bookmarks (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera)
• Pocket
• Pinboard
• Shaarli, Delicious, Instapaper, Reddit Saved Posts, Wallabag, Unmark.it, and more!

Outputs browsable static html archives of each site, a PDF, a screenshot, and a link to a copy on archive.org, all indexed with nice html & json files.
archive  pinboard  pkm  tool 
13 days ago
Dug Song on Twitter: "We provide 4 months paid parental leave for a primary caregiver, 2 months for secondary, however you choose to elect this. We have offered paid parental leave since @duosec was under 20 employees and are now over 600. IMO, these are
We provide 4 months paid parental leave for a primary caregiver, 2 months for secondary, however you choose to elect this. We have offered paid parental leave since @duosec was under 20 employees and are now over 600. IMO, these are not "extra benefits", but basic inclusion.
We also provide paid military leave, paid jury duty, paid family & medical leave, paid bereavement leave, deaf interpreters, mother's rooms, prayer/meditation rooms, gender neutral bathrooms, free healthcare plan, etc. - some of the ways we support a diverse team. #WeAreDuo
duo  inclusion  diversity  is:tweet  benefits 
15 days ago
NSBundle.current - ⎋ bou.io
I can't decide whether this is a terrible hack or a brilliant solution.
nsbundle  cocoa  lang:swift 
16 days ago
mcfunley/better-keynote-export: A better export for sharing Keynote presentations, with support for presenter notes.
This is a script that can export Keynote presentations in formats that are better for sharing them as standalone documents. Natively,

• Keynote will export slides with presenter notes as a PDF. But the resulting formatting is terrible, giving 50% of each page of the PDF up to the notes.
• Keynote will export an HTML document, but it won't include presenter notes with it.

This script addresses both of these issues.

• It generates a nicely-formatted PDF like this one, suitable for uploading to Speakerdeck or others.
• It generates an html presentation in a minimalist, reader-friendly format inspired by Maciej Cegłowski.
tool  keynote  presentations  is:repo  export  pdf 
17 days ago
Late Night Software | The home of Script Debugger
Script Debugger is an integrated development environment focused entirely on AppleScript. This focus allows it to deliver a suite of tools that make AppleScript development amazingly productive. You can use it to write and edit code, analyze target applications, debug scripts, and more.
applescript  debugger  tool  osx 
21 days ago
Road pricing for all vehicles, not just ride-hailed ones | City Observatory
First generation road pricing systems that rely on exclusively cordon charges (as in London, Milan and Stockholm) create perverse incentives for ride-hailing vehicles to stay in the cordoned area once they paid the toll, which as Felix points out, can actually make congestion worse. But Komanoff’s preferred FixNYC proposal would include a combination of a cordon charge plus a $3-$5 charge on ride-hail trips South of 59th street, and so has at least some elements Salmon should support.

It strikes us that there’s little reason to single out ride-hailed vehicles for congestion pricing. Each incremental vehicle (taxi, Uber/Lyft, delivery truck or private car) makes essentially the same contribution to congestion as it travels city streets at the rush hour. Confronting all of these vehicles with a charge that reflects the costs they’re imposing on the road system and other travelers is the optimal way to make the system run efficiently and sort how higher value, more productive uses from lower value ones.

Chances to fundamentally rethink the way we pay for road systems come along about once every century or so.  In the horse and buggy era, we didn’t finance roads with a hay tax. The gasoline tax was invented in the nineteen-teens, but clearly its days are numbered.  As we’ve argued, even a “dumb” vehicle miles tax is a half-step in the direction of a road pricing system that embraces readily available technology and achieve maximum results.
traffic  uber  transportation  nyc 
22 days ago
Perspectives on Helping Low-Income Californians Afford Housing
California has a serious housing shortage. California’s housing costs, consequently, have been rising rapidly for decades. These high housing costs make it dfficult for many Californians to find housing that is affordable and that meets their needs, forcing them to make serious trade-offs in order to live in California.

In our March 2015 report, California’s High Housing Costs: Causes and Consequences, we outlined the evidence for California’s housing shortage and discussed its major ramifications. We also suggested that the key remedy to California’s housing challenges is a substantial increase in private home building in the state’s coastal urban communities. An expansion of California’s housing supply would offer widespread bene ts to Californians, as well as those who wish to live in California but cannot afford to do so.

Some fear, however, that these benefits would not extend to low-income Californians. Because most new construction is targeted at higher-income households, it is often assumed that new construction does not increase the supply of lower-end housing. In addition, some worry that construction of market-rate housing in low-income neighborhoods leads to displacement of low-income households. In response, some have questioned whether efforts to increase private housing development are prudent. These observers suggest that policy makers instead focus on expanding government programs that aim to help low-income Californians afford housing.

In this follow up to California’s High Housing Costs, we offer additional evidence that facilitating more private housing development in the state’s coastal urban communities would help make housing more affordable for low-income Californians. Existing a ordable housing programs assist only a small proportion of low-income Californians. Most low-income Californians receive little or no assistance. Expanding affordable housing programs to help these households likely would be extremely challenging and prohibitively expensive. It may be best to focus these programs on Californians with more specialized housing needs—such as homeless individuals and families or persons with significant physical and mental health challenges.

Encouraging additional private housing construction can help the many low-income Californians who
do not receive assistance. Considerable evidence suggests that construction of market-rate housing reduces housing costs for low-income households and, consequently, helps to mitigate displacement in many cases. Bringing about more private home building, however, would be no easy task, requiring state and local policy makers to confront very challenging issues and taking many years to come to fruition. Despite these difficulties, these efforts could provide significant widespread benefits: lower housing costs for millions of Californians.
california  housing  affordability  filetype:pdf 
22 days ago
Displacement: The Gnawing Injustice at the Heart of Housing Crises | Sightline Institute
Displacement is the paramount challenge to creating cities both that prosper and that advance that prosperity for all of their residents—not a rich or lucky few. Overcoming that challenge hinges on tackling the root cause of displacement in booming cities: a housing shortage.

In Seattle, available evidence suggests that at least ten times more displacement is caused by rising rents than by demolition of low-cost housing. Under such conditions, neither halting development nor preserving low-cost housing can reduce net displacement—these measures can only push the displacement problem someplace else, to someone else, likely someone poor. The absolutely necessary condition for minimizing the very real damage to communities caused by displacement is the construction of lots and lots of new homes, of many sizes and shapes and price points.

Within the complex cultural and economic dynamics of a growing city, however, particular communities will need more than new housing alone to equitably address displacement pressures. Such cases warrant locally targeted preservation of low-cost housing, a concentration of new subsidized housing, or other public investments to stabilize vulnerable communities. If such interventions are to work, though, they must be supplemented with increases in housing construction in other areas of the city. Otherwise, they may save a chair in one neighborhood, only to knock out several across town or even across the street. Tackling displacement requires a “both/and” approach: build lots and lots of new housing, and provide support for communities most vulnerable to change.
housing  affordability  displacement  urbanplanning  urban_development  policy  seattle  zoning 
22 days ago
Ground Control — Real Life
Airports make the indignities inherent to air travel cohere with its fantasies
airports  travel 
22 days ago
A conversation about how public transport really works | FT Alphaville
Jarrett Walker is a public transportation expert and author of the 2011 book Human Transit, which seeks to dispel many of the myths and fallacies misleading debate and investment in public transport across the world.

Written before ride-sharing apps became the thing they are today, Walker’s core thesis — that urban geometry must be respected at all stages of public transportation development — still holds true. Worryingly, it’s also the key reality still ignored by those seeking to disrupt the world’s transport systems (supposedly for the better) today.
cities  transportation  urbanism  urbanplanning  uber  elon_musk  transit  policy 
22 days ago
#Pragma Conference 2017 - Soroush Khanlou - You Deserve Nice Things - YouTube
Soroush Khanlou will be talking about when and why to add extensions to system classes. He'll also give a number of practical examples that you can take home and apply to your code.
swiftlang  extensions  bestpractices  api  design  ux  is:video 
4 weeks ago
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