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This is the way world ends: will we soon see category 6 hurricanes?
Sustained winds of over 200mph. Strips bark off trees. Black swan event in 1780.
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2017 hurricane season - review - The Weather Network
News - Truth about 2017 hurricane season, and its place in history - The Weather Network
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EXPLAINING EXTREME EVENTS OF 2016 From A Climate Perspective
Papers from the American Meteorological Society (Dec 2017).

This sixth edition of explaining extreme events of the
previous year (2016) from a climate perspective is the
first of these reports to find that some extreme events
were not possible in a preindustrial climate. The events
were the 2016 record global heat, the heat across Asia,
as well as a marine heat wave off the coast of Alaska.
While these results are novel, they were not unexpected.
Climate attribution scientists have been predicting that
eventually the influence of human-caused climate change
would become sufficiently strong as to push events
beyond the bounds of natural variability alone. It was also
predicted that we would first observe this phenomenon
for heat events where the climate change influence is most
pronounced. Additional retrospective analysis will reveal
if, in fact, these are the first events of their kind or were
simply some of the first to be discovered....
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National Hurricane Center
NOAA hurricane and tropical cyclone website
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Climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly
It's a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly
Michael E Mann, The Guardian
- sea temps have increased by 0.5degC leading to expected 3% increase in atmospheric water content
- rainfall est 1.22m in 4d
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North Pole Reaches 'Remarkable' Annual Temperatures As Sea Ice Fails To Arrive | The Huffington Post
One of many newspaper articles about remarkable November temperatures / sea ice in the Artic.
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Hurricane Sandy-level flooding is rising so sharply that it could become normal | Environment | The Guardian
The frequency of floods of the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated parts of New York City in 2012, is rising so sharply that they could become relatively normal, with a raft of new research laying bare the enormous upheavals already under way in the US due to climate change.
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Batten down the hatches - Barometer Magazine
Recent research from the Met Office Hadley Centre predicts British summers are likely to have more heavy downpours as a result of climate change.
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