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RBC Health & Wellbeing Board
Health & Wellbeing Board. You’ll find link on this page to both archived agenda’s and report and forthcoming committee meetings and agendas.
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Health & Wellbeing Strategy and the Health & Wellbeing Action Plan
RBC Strategies and Policies. You’ll note on the list there is the Health & Wellbeing Strategy and the Health & Wellbeing Action Plan
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Climate KIC Climathon
Climathon is a global movement dedicated to solving city climate challenges
Annual Climathon 24-hour hackathon - 26 October 2018
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Reading annual Carbon Footprint Report - March 2016
The 2015/16 carbon footprint for the Council’s corporate activities is 36.9% lower than the baseline emissions in 2008/09, 5.2% ahead of target, which is significant
progress to meet the 50% reduction target by 2020. The total renewably generated energy in 2015/16 was equivalent to 3.7% of the total energy use of the council, or
5. 9% of energy used in buildings, which continues to move towards the challenging 2020 renewable energy target of 15%.
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About DraughtBusters
• To reduce energy use
• To make homes warmer
• To alleviate energy poverty
What we do
Reading Borough Council awarded a grant to Transition Town Reading in 2012 to fund the materials for a DraughtBusting project.
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Manchester Climate Change strategy
Public consultation

'Manchester will play its full part in limiting the impacts of climate change… and by 2025 will be on a path to being a zero carbon city by 2050’.

This is Manchester’s latest commitment on climate change. It is based on the comments made by residents and businesses as part of the public consultation on the Our Manchester strategy in 2015.
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Reading Climate Forum Talks
Temporary location for the climate forum talks, including write-ups and links to supporting information
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Thames Valley Berkshire LEP > Strategic Economic Plan
This is our LEP, with aims for growth in Thames Valley Berkshire
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SHIFT - Sustainable Homes
Sustainability accreditation scheme. We work with affordable housing providers, private developers and government to reduce
fuel poverty and improve sustainability.
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Climate Just
Mapping tool and information website to help Local Authorities and community groups assess climate risks. Particular focus is on heat and flooding.
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