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University reduces carbon emissions by 35% to save £17 million
The University of Reading has cut its carbon emissions by 35%, producing a saving of £17 million over a five year period.
The University has cut its annual carbon emissions from 44,000 tonnes of CO2 in 2008/09 to just over 28,500 tonnes per year. The total carbon saved over the five year period is 63,000 tonnes, which equates to just over two years' worth of the University's current carbon emissions.
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february 2017 by cc2050
Glow-in-the-dark dye could fuel liquid-based batteries - University at Buffalo
They have identified a fluorescent dye called BODIPY as an ideal material for stockpiling energy in rechargeable, liquid-based batteries that could one day power cars and homes.

BODIPY — short for boron-dipyrromethene
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january 2017 by cc2050
Solar power trains off-grid
Good new reasearch to help decarbonise rail
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january 2017 by cc2050
Reading annual Carbon Footprint Report - March 2016
The 2015/16 carbon footprint for the Council’s corporate activities is 36.9% lower than the baseline emissions in 2008/09, 5.2% ahead of target, which is significant
progress to meet the 50% reduction target by 2020. The total renewably generated energy in 2015/16 was equivalent to 3.7% of the total energy use of the council, or
5. 9% of energy used in buildings, which continues to move towards the challenging 2020 renewable energy target of 15%.
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january 2017 by cc2050
About DraughtBusters
• To reduce energy use
• To make homes warmer
• To alleviate energy poverty
What we do
Reading Borough Council awarded a grant to Transition Town Reading in 2012 to fund the materials for a DraughtBusting project.
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november 2016 by cc2050
We Could Be Witnessing the Death of the Fossil Fuel Industry—Will It Take the Rest of the Economy Down With It? | Alternet
There can be no doubt, then, that by the end of this century, life as we know it on planet earth will be very different. Fossil fueled predatory capitalism will be dead. In its place, human civilization will have little choice but to rely on a diversity of clean, renewable energy sources.
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april 2016 by cc2050
IEA - Policy Databases
Great resource for emissions reductions (+ other climate change) policies across the world
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april 2016 by cc2050
SHIFT - Sustainable Homes
Sustainability accreditation scheme. We work with affordable housing providers, private developers and government to reduce
fuel poverty and improve sustainability.
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january 2016 by cc2050
Map: Where climate change could hit electricity production - Carbon Brief
Research out today maps where power plants around the world are most at risk from higher water temperatures and decreased water availability.
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january 2016 by cc2050
Electricity storage: Realising the potential - Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
An analysis of the barriers current policy structures impose on further roll out of grid-connected electricity storage, which has been described by Government as the 'alchemy for energy policy'.
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january 2016 by cc2050
BBC power to the people
Documentary following SSE and the changes to UK electricity infrastructure.
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december 2015 by cc2050
Moroccan solar plant to bring energy to a million people - BBC News
This is good to see...leading to Morocco's ambition of 42% electricity from renewables by 2020. Hopefully they keep going - and prepare to get rich by connecting to a future European super-grid, with our wind power on the other end of it!
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november 2015 by cc2050
Pulp fiction: Why wood is a dirty secret of clean energy | GreenBiz
Depressing graph - 50% EU 'renewable' energy from wood biomass
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october 2015 by cc2050
All of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions in one awesome interactive pie chart
This is a very nice visualisation from TreeHugger! Note that UK emissions form part of the 3rd sector, the EU28 block.
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july 2015 by cc2050
Switching to biofuels could place unsustainable demands on water use
Article from Guardian Sustainable Business looking at water & land use from renewables
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june 2015 by cc2050
What are the 3 mega-trends that could prove the end is in sight for fossil fuels? | 2degrees Community | 2degrees
Jeremy Leggett’s new serialized book "Winning the Carbon War" to explore the pivotal moments in the run-up to the Paris climate talks, that could trigger the end for big energy as we know it.
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march 2015 by cc2050
Renewable energy poised to overtake nuclear in the UK - environment - 24 February 2015 - New Scientist
A wind of change is blowing through the UK's power stations. Renewable sources of energy like wind turbines could soon generate more electricity than nuclear power stations.
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february 2015 by cc2050
Natural gas: The fracking fallacy : Nature News & Comment
The United States is banking on decades of abundant natural gas to power its economic resurgence. That may be wishful thinking.
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december 2014 by cc2050
Carbon positive
climate change and energy efficiency for the shipping industry
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august 2014 by cc2050

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