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Antarctic ice melting faster than ever, studies show. This rate of sea level ri…
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Climate Change Altering the Arctic Faster Than Expected | Climate Central
Evidence continues to mount that climate change has pushed the Arctic into a new state. Skyrocketing temperatures are altering the essence of the region, melting ice on land and sea, driving more intense wildfires, altering ocean circulation and dissolving permafrost.
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Climate Code Red: Antarctic tipping points for a multi-metre sea level rise
•The Amundsen Sea sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has most likely been destabilized and ice retreat is unstoppable for the current conditions.
•No further acceleration in climate change is necessary to trigger the collapse of the rest of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, with loss of a significant fraction on a decadal to century time scale.
•Antarctica has the potential to contribute more than a metre of sea-level rise by 2100.
•A large fraction of West Antarctic basin ice could be gone within two centuries, causing a 3–5 metre sea level rise.
•Mechanisms similar to those causing deglaciation in West Antarctica are now also found in East Antarctica.
•Partial deglaciation of the East Antarctic ice sheet is likely for the current level of atmospheric carbon dioxide, contributing to 10 metres of more of sea level rise in the longer run, and 5 metres in the first 200 years.
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NASA Launches 'Operation OMG' After 10 Ft. Sea Level Rise Predicted Over Next 50 Yrs.
spearheaded by climate-science guru Dr. James Hansen, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has launched its own urgent five-year study — a project that will “stress-test” Hansen’s new, and downright dire predictions. The operation titled, “Oceans Melting Greenland” (OMG) will have a budget of $30m to expend on a quest to ascertain even more data on how fast the Arctic is melting — and on just how much the sea level will rise as a result.
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Northern passage made
Worrying news as boat makes it through ice-free Arctic sea!
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Vast Antarctic ice shelf a few years from disintegration, says Nasa | Environment | The Guardian
The last intact section of one of Antarctica’s mammoth ice shelves is weakening fast and will likely disintegrate completely in the next few years, contributing further to rising sea levels, according to a Nasa study released on Thursday.
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Influence of internal variability on Arctic sea-ice trends : Nature Climate Change : Nature Publishing Group
The possibility that internal climate variability can produce decade-long periods in the twenty-first century featuring enhanced or negligible sea-ice loss is well documented in the scientific literature. Broadly communicating this role of internal climate variability on sea-ice trends to society at large is key, as in the case of temperature and precipitation changes. Yet the lack of a significant sea-ice trend since 2007 is causing some in the media to question the scientific understanding of climate change, amplifying the scepticism which has garnered support due to the recent slowdown in global-mean surface temperature rise
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