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IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
The Special Report was developed under the joint scientific leadership of Working Groups I, II and III with support from WGI TSU. The IPCC is currently in its Sixth Assessment cycle. During this cycle, the Panel will produce three Special Reports, a Methodology Report on national greenhouse gas inventories and the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6).
The first Special Report, on Global Warming of 1.5 °C was considered by the Panel on 1 - 5 October 2018 in Incheon, Republic of Korea. It will be launched at a press conference on 8 October at 10:00 KST. The embargo on the material listed below will be lifted at the same time.
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'Most important years in history': major UN report sounds last-minute climate alarm
By Karl Mathiesen and Natalie Sauer in Incheon

Only the remaking of the human world in a generation can now prevent serious, far reaching and once-avoidable climate change impacts, according to the global scientific community
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Water resources long-term planning framework | Water UK
13 September 2016
Research shows more action is needed to protect against the growing risk of drought.
An effective response to the significant and growing risk of drought in England and Wales is possible if concerted action is taken now, according to new research published by the water industry today.
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Climate KIC Climathon
Climathon is a global movement dedicated to solving city climate challenges
Annual Climathon 24-hour hackathon - 26 October 2018
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What would a heat-proof city look like? Great ideas for measures in built environment.
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Catchment Climate Change Risk Assessments (CCCRAs) for the RBMP2
Catchment Climate Change Risk Assessments (CCCRA) are available for the English catchments in the River Basin Management Plans (RBMP2).
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Climate KIC - Daily Planet
We bring professionals, entrepreneurs and students interested in how the challenges of climate change are being turned into opportunities the latest news and inspiration.

We are part of Climate-KIC, the EU's climate innovation partnership.
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Financing urban adaptation to climate change — European Environment Agency
Municipalities across Europe increasingly acknowledge the need to adapt to climate change and have begun to adopt various measures. Meeting the costs of adaptation measures for climate change is, however, a major challenge. Municipalities have found innovative ways to overcome that challenge and have started implementing measures. These solutions could be relevant for other cities, towns and smaller municipalities too, and examples are collected and
presented in this publication as an inspiration. It offers insights into lessons learned on the ground regarding the most successful approaches, the difficulties encountered and overcome and the key success factors
in financing local adaptation action.
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Anytown Community Resilience for Local Resilience Forums
Anytown: Final Report
A DEFRA funded project - Community Resilience Funding for Local Resilience Forums in England
Matthew Hogan, London Resilience Team

Interdependency is inevitable; you’re only as strong as your weakest dependency. All organisations and even communities directly, should therefore review whether their weak points are internal/external and develop methods to reduce the impact this could have.
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BRE launches new flood resilient demonstration home
A flood resilient prototype home has been launched to show the most effective ways to protect homes against flood damage and limit disruption.
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Slowing the Flow at Pickering (Forest Research)
Slowing the Flow at Pickering is exploring a new approach to flood management. It is about working with nature to try and store more water in the landscape and slow its passage downstream. Whilst this will not prevent all flooding, it is expected to reduce the frequency of future floods in Pickering, as well as deliver a range of other benefits to the local environment and community.
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Batten down the hatches - Barometer Magazine
Recent research from the Met Office Hadley Centre predicts British summers are likely to have more heavy downpours as a result of climate change.
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Catchment Climate Change Risk Assessments (CCCRA)
These are risk assessments have been done for all the Water Management catchments in England. This is an exciting piece of work that I lead on, and captures important information from colleagues across the country.

Notice that these are mentioned in the River Basin Management Plan, Part 2 (, where they are referenced as light touch risk assessments (page 22).
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Millions projected to be at risk from sea-level rise in the continental United States : Nature Climate Change : Nature Publishing Group
including population growth in their modelling - will be interesting to compare against the catchment adaption idea weve worked on'
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Carolyn Roberts at Gresham College
Britain's Damaged Rivers - online lecture
on Life Scientific 22 Mar 2016
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No Regrets: Planning for Sea Level Rise and Climate Change | Climate UK
This guide is designed to encourage and enable decision-makers to help coastal communities plan how best to adapt to sea level rise and climate change.
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LWEC Report Card on Health
Climate change is likely to have a wide range of impacts on health - some harmful, others potentially beneficial. This LWEC report card summarises the latest scientific evidence and understanding of how climate change may affect the health of the UK population. It has been designed to make it easier to understand the nature of the possible changes and to help inform decisions that will protect our wellbeing.
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weADAPT - Adaptation case studies
weADAPT is an online 'open space' on climate adaptation issues. It allows practitioners, researchers and policy-makers to access credible, high-quality information and connect with one another.
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Nightmare to find on - this is the full set of documents
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Climate Just
Mapping tool and information website to help Local Authorities and community groups assess climate risks. Particular focus is on heat and flooding.
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Environment Agency - Draft update to the river basin management plans
These are out for public consultation - comments and concerns need to be submitted before April's deadline.
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Responding to rising sea levels in the Mekong Delta : Nature Climate Change : Nature Publishing Group
Vietnamese communities in the Mekong Delta are faced with the substantial impacts of rising sea levels and salinity intrusion. The construction of embankments and dykes has historically been the principal strategy of the Vietnamese government to mitigate the effects of salinity intrusion on agricultural production. A predicted sea-level rise of 30 cm by the year 2050 is expected to accelerate salinity intrusion. This study combines hydrologic, agronomic and behavioural assessments to identify effective adaptation strategies reliant on land-use change (soft options) and investments in water infrastructure (hard options). As these strategies are managed within different policy portfolios, the political discussion has polarized between choices of either soft or hard options. This paper argues that an ensemble of hard and soft policies is likely to provide the most effective results for people’s livelihoods in the Mekong Delta. The consequences of policy deliberations are likely to be felt beyond the Mekong Delta as levels of rice cultivation there also affect national and global food security.
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ClimateUK and local authority evidence to Environmental Audit Committee
Evidence given by Martin Budd, Environment and Climate Change Strategic Adviser, Kingston upon Hull City Council, Kristen Guida, Director, Climate South East, Climate UK, Alex Nickson, Deputy Chair, Local Adaptation Advisory Panel, and Paul Crick, Director of Environment Planning and Enforcement, Kent County Council.

My thoughts:

• It was very flood focused. Not surprising given what happened last winter... but I’m concerned that the CC predictions are for big risks in other sectors. Notable that the this is something to educate the MPs about.

• Kristen noted the fundamental problem with UK adaptation is that it’s mainly voluntary. This is a really important and concerning point!

• Kristen also noted that there is a need for better spatial emphasis. Hopefully the CCCRAs will help towards this.

• Later on there was a mention that ‘...a catchment approach is needed’ – again CCCRAs may help with this, as a precursor to Catchment Adaptation Plans.

• I liked the questions that Caroline Lucas raised (14 min 50 sec).

• Good stat from London: cumulative impacts are important, note 20% permeable surface in London lost due to driveways and patios.

• Sad to hear that the EA are seen as too under staffed / resourced to respond to planning applications. It would be good to hear a Defra / EA response to this.

• Note that Plans don’t necessarily lead to results and that they are not followed up. An audit feedback cycle is important to check progress, learn and improve.

• Kent noted that it would be good to bring back Structure Plans. It will be interesting to see if a return to regionalisation is possible with the outcome in Scotland.
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Climate change adaptation inquiry - UK Parliament
Evidence given by Martin Budd, Environment and Climate Change Strategic Adviser, Kingston upon Hull City Council, Kristen Guida, Director, Climate South East, Climate UK, Alex Nickson, Deputy Chair, Local Adaptation Advisory Panel, and Paul Crick, Director of Environment Planning and Enforcement, Kent County Council.
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Fifth Assessment Report - Synthesis Report
Very strong messages from IPCC on release of this Synthesis Report. Good to read to understand all aspects of CC. The 2 degC limit will require 40%-70% GHG cut by 2050, then CO2 removal technologies and zero emissions by 2100! Suffice to say that adaptation is going to be vital. Re recent warming, interesting to note: 'Ocean warming dominates the increase in energy stored in the climate system, accounting for more than 90% of the energy accumulated between 1971 and 2010 (high confidence)'
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Benefits of investing in cycling (pdf)
Includes £17b saving for NHS; 30% reduction in road deaths; 25% increase in retail sales...
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Consultation on draft river basin management plans
Link through to the public consultation on the proposed update to the draft river basin management plans (RBMPs).
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