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Deepfake videos are a national security threat.
“Effective deep fakes will allow individuals to live in their own subjective realities, where beliefs can be supported by manufactured ‘facts.’ When basic empirical insights provoke heated contestation, democratic discourse cannot proceed on a sustained basis.”
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july 2018 by cataspanglish
Watch Your Hack - a manual to protect you against hackers
This manual explains how to protect yourself from hackers, in layman’s terms. Six professional hackers 👨‍💻 helped create this guide.
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june 2018 by cataspanglish
the grugq on Twitter: "WhiteHouse OPSEC: two iPhones, one for calls only, one for Twitter only. Historical norm is for officials to turn over their phones on a monthly basis for analysis and replacement. Trump hasn’t bothered for 5 months because “too
WhiteHouse OPSEC: two iPhones, one for calls only, one for Twitter only. Historical norm is for officials to turn over their phones on a monthly basis for analysis and replacement. Trump hasn’t bothered for 5 months because “too inconvenient” #OPSECfail
tweet  @thegrugq  opsec  #fail  #OPSECfail  phones  mobile  security  practical  Trump  Whitehouse  twitter  social_media  social_networks 
may 2018 by cataspanglish
'Living laboratories': the Dutch cities amassing data on oblivious residents | Cities | The Guardian
In Eindhoven and Utrecht smart tech is tackling traffic, noise and crime. But with privacy laws proving futile and commercial companies in on the act, are the plans as benign as they seem?
SmartCity  privacy  private_data  surveillance  wifi  tracking  security  sensors  microphones  audio  video  police  Netherlands  Enschede  Eindhoven  MAC_address  youth  predictive  mobiles  Utrecht  profiling 
march 2018 by cataspanglish
Basic Security Guide (Tech Solidarity)
Basic security precautions for non-profits and journalists in the United States, mid-2017.
journalism  opsec  privacy  security  tools  practical 
january 2018 by cataspanglish
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