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UK Police Use Zipcode Profiles, Garden Size And First Names For AI-Based Custody Decision System | Techdirt
UK Police Use Zipcode Profiles, Garden Size And First Names For AI-Based Custody Decision System
AI  police  legal_system 
april 2018 by cataspanglish
FaceForensics: A Large-scale Video Dataset for Forgery
Detection in Human Faces
FaceForensics  deepfakes  fake  face-swap  video  AI  forgery 
april 2018 by cataspanglish
List Of Deepfakes For Sale -
0.01 ETH = 1 actress (up to 5 videos), 0.5 ETH = Full access to our online database that we update weekly , 1 ETH = full pack, everything below and lifetime access to website.
@Deepfakes_app  Pastebin  AI  AI_assisted_fake_porn  DeepfakesAsAService  deepfakes  video  actress  cryptocurrency  ETH  EmmaWatson  GalGadot  MichelleObama  #dishonourablementions 
march 2018 by cataspanglish
Chartered Financial Planner warns of ‘deepfake’ scams
Surrey-based Informed Choice, a firm of Chartered Financial Planners, is warning about the risks of an emerging video technology with the potential to cheat investors.
deepfakes  DeepfakesAsAService  AI  machine_learning  scam  BillGates  impersonation 
march 2018 by cataspanglish
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