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Know When To Fold 'Em
[feather_touch, scarlettraven9] Sam plays a game for Dean's life, and agrees to a month of obedience the luck witch Patrick to save him. Patrick is drawn to Sam's natural submissive tendencies and decides to take him away from Dean. Dean... disagrees.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Patrick/Sam  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  bottom!Sam  dom!Dean  dom!Patrick  hurt!Sam  kidnapped!Sam  kink:BDSM  kink:bondage  kink:D/s  kink:drug-use  kink:prostate-milking  kink:training/conditioning  possessive!Dean  possessive!Patrick  protective!Bobby  protective!Dean  sub!Sam  tw:dub/non-con  witch!Patrick  witches  fandom:Supernatural  length:25K-50K 
december 2014 by casey679

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