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[lostinmymindforever] The fact was that Sammy was a world class cockslut. He loved getting fucked, loved having a dick in is mouth, loved getting pounded into at both ends, loved getting filled and covered with come. He loved it when he was just used, when he was left drenched with sweat and come, with bruises littering his flesh. But he had to hide it. Dad would never understand, and Dean, Dean would freak out if he ever knew. Sammy wasn’t sure how it happened, why he was this way, but he loved it all the same. (The Night and Its Aftermath 1)
AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Sex-Workers  AU:Smith-&-Wesson  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Lucifer/Sam  pairing:Lucifer/Sam/Dean  pairing:Sam/Jared  pairing:Sam/Jess  pairing:Sam/Sam  angel!Sam  angst  bottom!Sam  boy-king!Sam  cockslut!Sam  demon!Dean  demon!Sam  faerie!Sam  faeries  girl!Sam  hooker!Sam  kink:blood-play  kink:demon-blood  kink:double-penetration  kink:feminization  kink:gangbang  kink:knife-play  kink:knotting  kink:pegging  kink:wings  knight-of-hell!Dean  leviathan!Sam  priest!Sam  soulless!Sam  tw:dub/non-con  tw:underage  vampire!Sam  werewolf!Sam  verse:The-Night-and-Its-Aftermath  fandom:Supernatural  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:5K-10K 
september 2017 by casey679
The Comedown and the Comeback
[PaperAnn] After narrowly escaping death, Gabriel has made it his duty to watch over The Cage to make sure no idiots try to pop it open again. Except all too soon, he feels a massive disruption and when he goes to follow whatever crawled out...he finds Sam Winchester has escaped. Besides the fact it should be impossible, the hunter should be a basket-case after Lucifer's torment, something else is wrong. Something’s different about him. When Gabriel reaches out with his grace to find a clue as to what the hell is happening, he shockingly realizes the kid has no soul. And the reaction he gets from Sam because of his angelic exploring…isn’t what he was expecting. Oh, Gabriel is not disappointed.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  pairing:Gabriel/Sam  bottom!Sam  kink:angel-grace  soulless!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
july 2017 by casey679
Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered
[Foolscapper] "I'm sorry, man," Sammy says, and soon they're all hunkered on their knees in front of this small crawlspace, Samuel aiming his phone flashlight toward a scarcely visible, quivering figure. Dean's shoulder to shoulder between the two, Sammy with a pleasant expression and the other with all the grim annoyance in the world. The town twenty minutes drive away assumes they're identical twins, Sammy and Samuel, and really... they're not far off, are they? As the moments tick by, Sammy shoots Dean's concern a sympathetic little smile before he looks back into the inky blackness before them. "... Samson? You think you could come out for supper, bud? We're gonna need extra hands to peel some potatoes."
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Curtain!fic  gen  abused!Sam  broken!Sam  hurt!Sam  mental-illness!Sam  post-Cage!Sam  protective!Dean  soulless!Sam  tw:self-harm  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
march 2017 by casey679
Gravity vs Velocity
Newton's law of universal gravitation states that any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two bodies. Police officer Dean Winchester swears he feels an honest-to-goodness gravity (not any scent-true-mates-bullshit) pulling him to a mysterious omega in the holding cells and makes the worst mistake of his career. He only has one thing to say... Fuck science.
alpha!Dean  alpha!Gabriel  alpha!Sam  angst  bartender!Meg  bottom!Castiel  bottom!Dean  bottom!Gabriel  bottom!Sam  criminal!Sam  hurt!Castiel  hurt!Dean  lawyer!Crowley  lawyer!Lucifer  lawyer!Ruby  lawyer!Sam  mobster!Castiel  mobster!Gabriel  mobster!Lucifer  mpreg!Castiel  omega!Castiel  omega!Jo  police!Benny  police!Charlie  police!Dean  protective!Castiel  protective!Dean  protective!Gabriel  soulless!Sam  AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Crime-&-Police-Drama  pairing:Dean/Castiel  pairing:Gabriel/Sam  pairing:Ruby/Sam  pairing:Anna/Charlie  AU:Mobster  fandom:Supernatural  kink:knotting  kink:D/s  tw:dub/non-con  trope:magic-bond 
november 2015 by casey679
Mosh Up
[PosingAsMe] Soulless Sam, Demon Dean, Cain and Benny the Fang are the stage names for members of Croatoan, the popular punk metal band. While playing at Crowley's club Contagion, a punk goth with dragon wing tattoos catches his eye, and he determines that he will have him. Emmanuel, who goes by Castiel, is far more than the pretty toy Sam was looking for. Dean and Pamela are sitting on a secret between them that threatens to change everyone's lives forever, and it's time to tell Sam.
AU:Rockstars-&-Roadies  pairing:Castiel/Sam  pairing:Dean/Pamela  addict!Benny  addict!Cain  angst  asshole!Brady  blasphemy  bottom!Castiel  dark!Sam  depressed!Sam  god!Castiel  hurt!Dean  kink:blood-play  kink:D/s  kink:drug-use  kink:knife-play  kink:piercings  kink:rough-sex  kink:tattoos  kink:topping-from-the-bottom  manager!Pamela  musician!Benny  musician!Cain  musician!Dean  musician!Sam  powers!Castiel  priest!Castiel  protective!Gabriel  protective!Sam  punk!Castiel  punk!Dean  punk!Sam  roadie!Andy  romantic  sick!Dean  soulless!Sam  suicidal!Sam  tattooed!Castiel  tattooed!Dean  tattooed!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:25K-50K 
october 2015 by casey679
Choir of Furies
The nightmares Dean has been having aren't his. They belong to Sam - Sam without his soul, Sam in hell. As the dreams begin to escalate, it starts affecting the brothers' awareness of each other, leaving both Sam and Dean struggling to find a new balance in their relationship as the last of their boundaries are stripped from it.
angst  case!fic  hurt!Dean  hurt!Sam  post-Cage!Sam  protective!Dean  soulless!Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  fandom:Supernatural  trope:magic-bond 
october 2015 by casey679
Save Him from Himself
Sam had little control or care to have it while soulless. He knows he needs help & seeks it out in a very unusual way. When Dean catches up & sees what Sam’s done he’s less than thrilled but finds he can no longer deny what’s been between them for years so he decides to fill the gap that Sam thinks will help & the brothers find that maybe the key to restoring Sam’s soul isn’t that far away & only requires Dean to take control to save his brother from himself.
bottom!Sam  soulless!Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Sam/OFC(s)  AU:BDSM-&-Alt-Lifestyles  fandom:Supernatural  kink:pain-play  kink:bondage  kink:cock-cage  kink:BDSM  kink:D/s  kink:drug-use  tw:dub/non-con 
july 2015 by casey679
Zoltar Speaks
Stanford-Era Sam shows up at Dean and Sam's hotel door during Season 6, sent forward in time by a fortune-teller at a fair to get his biggest wish granted. But his biggest wish is losing his virginity to his big brother... surely that's not going to change the time-space continuum, right?
bottom!Sam  cursed!Sam  soulless!Sam  virgin!Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam/Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  fandom:Supernatural  kink:double-penetration 
april 2015 by casey679
Soul Searching
It’s taken a long time to manifest, but Sam discovers that he’s an omega at the most inconvenient of times.
alpha!Dean  bottom!Sam  late-bloomer!Sam  omega!Sam  protective!Dean  soulless!Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:ABO-Dynamics  fandom:Supernatural  kink:knotting 
march 2015 by casey679
Tethered to Them
Sam had said they couldn’t keep him tied up forever when they found out he had no soul. Turns out he was wrong.
bottom!Sam  soulless!Sam  pairing:Dean/Castiel/Sam  fandom:Supernatural  kink:sex-toys  kink:cock-cage  kink:orgasm-denial/delay  kink:double-penetration  kink:D/s 
march 2015 by casey679
Good Boy
Since coming back from the cage, Sam has put up with being ordered about by Dean. When a spell book falls into his hands, Sam has a chance to turn the tables on his big brother and have a little fun along the way.
bottom!Dean  sexcurse  soulless!Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam  fandom:Supernatural  kink:praise  kink:D/s  tw:dub/non-con  trope:magic-bond 
march 2015 by casey679
Clockwork Little Happiness
AU of the beginning of "Family Matters". After finding out his little brother has no soul, Dean decides to take his anger out on Sam, and take care of Castiel's virginity at the same time. Very dark fic.
abused!Sam  bottom!Sam  cockslut!Sam  dark!Dean  soulless!Sam  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  pairing:Dean/Castiel/Sam  fandom:Supernatural  kink:rough-sex  kink:bondage  kink:spanking  kink:coming-untouched  kink:knife-play  kink:blood-play  kink:double-penetration  kink:BDSM  kink:D/s  tw:torture  tw:dub/non-con 
february 2015 by casey679

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abused!Sam  addict!Benny  addict!Cain  alpha!Dean  alpha!Gabriel  alpha!Sam  angel!Sam  angst  asshole!Brady  AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:BDSM-&-Alt-Lifestyles  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Crime-&-Police-Drama  AU:Curtain!fic  AU:Mobster  AU:Rockstars-&-Roadies  AU:Sex-Workers  AU:Smith-&-Wesson  AU:Stanford-Era  bartender!Meg  blasphemy  bottom!Castiel  bottom!Dean  bottom!Gabriel  bottom!Sam  boy-king!Sam  broken!Sam  case!fic  cockslut!Sam  criminal!Sam  cursed!Sam  dark!Dean  dark!Sam  demon!Dean  demon!Sam  depressed!Sam  faerie!Sam  faeries  fandom:Supernatural  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  fucktoy!Sam  gen  girl!Sam  god!Castiel  hooker!Sam  hurt!Castiel  hurt!Dean  hurt!Sam  kink:angel-grace  kink:BDSM  kink:blood-play  kink:bondage  kink:cock-cage  kink:coming-untouched  kink:D/s  kink:demon-blood  kink:double-penetration  kink:drug-use  kink:feminization  kink:gangbang  kink:humiliation  kink:knife-play  kink:knotting  kink:orgasm-denial/delay  kink:pain-play  kink:pegging  kink:piercings  kink:praise  kink:rough-sex  kink:sex-toys  kink:spanking  kink:tattoos  kink:topping-from-the-bottom  kink:wings  knight-of-hell!Dean  late-bloomer!Sam  lawyer!Crowley  lawyer!Lucifer  lawyer!Ruby  lawyer!Sam  length:5K-10K  length:15K-20K  length:20K-25K  length:25K-50K  leviathan!Sam  manager!Pamela  mental-illness!Sam  mobster!Castiel  mobster!Gabriel  mobster!Lucifer  mpreg!Castiel  musician!Benny  musician!Cain  musician!Dean  musician!Sam  omega!Castiel  omega!Jo  omega!Sam  pairing:Anna/Charlie  pairing:Castiel/Sam  pairing:Dean/Castiel  pairing:Dean/Castiel/Sam  pairing:Dean/Pamela  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam/Sam  pairing:Gabriel/Sam  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Lucifer/Sam  pairing:Lucifer/Sam/Dean  pairing:Ruby/Sam  pairing:Sam/Jared  pairing:Sam/Jess  pairing:Sam/OFC(s)  pairing:Sam/Sam  police!Benny  police!Charlie  police!Dean  post-Cage!Sam  powers!Castiel  priest!Castiel  priest!Sam  protective!Castiel  protective!Dean  protective!Gabriel  protective!Sam  punk!Castiel  punk!Dean  punk!Sam  roadie!Andy  romantic  sexcurse  sick!Dean  soulless!Sam  suicidal!Sam  tattooed!Castiel  tattooed!Dean  tattooed!Sam  trope:magic-bond  tw:dub/non-con  tw:self-harm  tw:torture  tw:underage  vampire!Dean  vampire!Sam  verse:The-Night-and-Its-Aftermath  virgin!Sam  werewolf!Sam 

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