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Catching Hell
[ADeedWithoutaName] Sam Winchester is, perhaps, the greatest asset to the hunting community. His research, advice, and insight has reached countless hunters and solved innumerable mysteries. His life is solitary, but useful. That changes, however, with the delivery of a captured Knight of Hell who calls himself Dean. (Also archived at
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Unrelated  pairing:Dean/Sam  angst  bottom!Dean  bottom!Sam  demon!Dean  disabled!Sam  hunter!Sam  hurt!Dean  hurt!Sam  knight-of-hell!Dean  shy/insecure!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:75K-100K 
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Obsidian - Raise A Little Hell
Dean's a demon, trying to find redemption. Sam's a hunter who's trying to rid the world from evil. Dean's kidnapping the hunter from his deathbed to heal & use him for a ritual that promises him paradise.
angst  bottom!Sam  dark!Dean  demon!Dean  disabled!Sam  hunter!Sam  hurt!Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Unrelated  fandom:Supernatural  kink:D/s  tw:torture 
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