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Run Away With Me
[whispered_story (akintay)] Four nights after Dean found Sam's acceptance letter to Stanford and Sam broke down and admitted his feelings for Dean, they ran away together.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  bottom!Sam  possessive!Dean  possessive!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
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A Good Deal
[orphan_account] Jess has an omega boyfriend who wants a train run on him, and eight extra tickets to Star Wars. It's a great deal. (OMCs anonymous to protect the surprise, but you can guess some of them.)
AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  alpha!Jess  bottom!Sam  dom!Jess  fucktoy!Sam  kink:bondage  kink:D/s  kink:exhibitionism  kink:gangbang  kink:knotting  kink:voyeurism  omega!Sam  sub!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
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The Nose Knows
[Jassy] A haunted hotel room and questionable Chinese food. John should have listened to Sam's nose. (Finding Home 3)
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  dog!Sam  shapershifter!Sam  sick!John  verse:Finding-Home  fandom:Supernatural  length:<1K 
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The Winchester Pack
[HellesofBelles] John gets to know his son for what feels like the very first time since Sam was a boy. Dean worries incessantly over everything when it comes to his pregnant mate. And Sam, well Sam knows he has to tell his pack Alphas the truth of what happened when he came to Stanford his freshman year… (Winchester Pack 2) (Full fic was deleted; I have PDF)
AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Stanford-Era  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  pairing:Dean/Sam  abused!Sam  alpha!Dean  bottom!Sam  kink:breeding  kink:knotting  mpreg!Sam  omega!Sam  protective!Dean  protective!Jess  protective!John  trope:magic-bond  tw:dub/non-con  werewolf!Dean  werewolf!Sam  verse:The-Winchester-Pack  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
may 2019 by casey679
Five Weird Nights At Freddy's
[BabyBat (BabyBatsCreations)] This is not what they were built for. This is not what they are. But it is what they do now. And it is what they have become. Sam has a bad feeling about his new job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The pay is terrible, the hours are worse, and everything about that manager is weird. But someone has to pay the bills and Jess can't do it alone right? Keeping the lights on is suddenly the most important thing in Sam's life as a matter of fact.
AU:Crossover-Five-Nights-at-Freddy's  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  pairing:Sam/OFC(s)  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  pairing:Jess/OFC(s)  pairing:Dean/OMC(s)  BAMF!Dean  bottom!Dean  bottom!Sam  cockslut!Sam  kink:brainwashing/mindfuckery  kink:dehumanization  kink:double-penetration  kink:face-fucking  kink:fucking-machine  kink:gangbang  kink:gaping  kink:mindbreak  kink:rough-sex  kink:voyeurism  protective!Dean  protective!Jess  sub!Sam  tw:dub/non-con  tw:non-consensual-drug-use  fandom:Supernatural  length:10K-15K 
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Problem Seeking Behaviour
[troubleseeker] Sam swore he'd just be out for study group, but when he's still not home hours later Dean goes out to investigate. Turns out Sam's at a frat party! Dean gets him out, but Sam needs to be taught a few lessons in telling the truth. No relationship can work if either party is lying, right? Luckily, Cas has been teaching the boys the ways of bdsm while they stay at his house, so Dean has a few ideas on how to set Sam right.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Dean/Castiel/Sam  bottom!Sam  cockslut!Sam  dom!Castiel  dom!Dean  domestic-discipline  hunter!Castiel  kink:BDSM  kink:bondage  kink:boot-worship  kink:breath-play  kink:D/s  kink:dirty-talk  kink:exhibitionism  kink:face-fucking  kink:frottage  kink:hair-pulling  kink:humiliation  kink:orgasm-denial/delay  kink:voyeurism  student!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
may 2019 by casey679
"It was the third week of class, things were finally settling down and Sam's first paper was due in a little under two weeks."
Sam woke up in slow, aching degrees. First, he registered that he was on his back, rubbing against something rough. Second, he figured from the cold that he was completely naked. Then, from the pain and hard hands holding his legs open, he realized that he was being fucked. Hard.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  pairing:Sam/OFC(s)  bottom!Sam  kink:bondage  kink:face-fucking  kink:gangbang  kink:sex-toys  kink:rough-sex  tw:dub/non-con  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
may 2019 by casey679
[lostinmymindforever] The fact was that Sammy was a world class cockslut. He loved getting fucked, loved having a dick in is mouth, loved getting pounded into at both ends, loved getting filled and covered with come. He loved it when he was just used, when he was left drenched with sweat and come, with bruises littering his flesh. But he had to hide it. Dad would never understand, and Dean, Dean would freak out if he ever knew. Sammy wasn’t sure how it happened, why he was this way, but he loved it all the same. (The Night and Its Aftermath 1)
AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Sex-Workers  AU:Smith-&-Wesson  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Lucifer/Sam  pairing:Lucifer/Sam/Dean  pairing:Sam/Jared  pairing:Sam/Jess  pairing:Sam/Sam  angel!Sam  angst  bottom!Sam  boy-king!Sam  cockslut!Sam  demon!Dean  demon!Sam  faerie!Sam  faeries  girl!Sam  hooker!Sam  kink:blood-play  kink:demon-blood  kink:double-penetration  kink:feminization  kink:gangbang  kink:knife-play  kink:knotting  kink:pegging  kink:wings  knight-of-hell!Dean  leviathan!Sam  priest!Sam  soulless!Sam  tw:dub/non-con  tw:underage  vampire!Sam  werewolf!Sam  verse:The-Night-and-Its-Aftermath  fandom:Supernatural  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:5K-10K 
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The Pacifier
If Sam really thought about it, the first real memory he had was of Dean, his brother holding him gently, rocking Sam soothingly, his brother’s cock soft and warm in Sam’s mouth.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  bottom!Sam  kink:cock-warming  possessive!Dean  tw:extreme-underage  tw:underage  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
april 2017 by casey679
The Beautiful People
[zzzett] He’d been a virgin when he’d arrived at Stanford, but now, these beautiful people were making his dirtiest, most shameful fantasies a reality.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Brady/Sam/Jess  bottom!Sam  dom!Brady  dom!Jess  kink:bondage  kink:D/s  kink:watersports  polyamory  sub!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:<1K 
march 2017 by casey679
Away to Darker Dreams
[brokenlittleboy] Finally hunting on his own, Dean makes a trip to Stanford to visit Sam, only to find his little brother's gone missing. And when he finally does stumble upon him in a dark twist of fate, Sam is not the boy he used to be.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Sex-Workers  AU:Stanford-Era  addict!Sam  angst  bottom!Sam  hooker!Sam  hurt!Sam  powers!Dean  protective!Dean  protective!Missouri  psychic!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:25K-50K 
march 2017 by casey679
[Jennytork] It's Christmas, 2004, and Sam stumbles onto a case at Stanford: tiny handprints appearing in the glass at a residence hall that used to be exclusively for women. He falls back on his training both as a hunter and a researcher to find the cause, using Jess as information and listening ear. And all along, he can't help wishing Dean was there.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  case!fic  protective!Dean  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
january 2017 by casey679
One Night to Remember
[ShadowBiscuit] We all know about the demon that killed Jess, and therefore forced Sam into the hunter life. But what if it was another demon, who painted the path for the young Winchester? One much more sinister...and a lot handsomer.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  angst  bottom!Sam  dark!Dean  demon!Dean  kink:bondage  kink:dirty-talk  kink:humiliation  kink:rough-sex  tw:dub/non-con  fandom:Supernatural  length:15K-20K 
january 2017 by casey679
Second to the Right
[Whit Merule] A few weeks after Sam managed to turn a ridiculous situation to his advantage (literally being offered as a sacrifice to a pagan god, because apparently this is his life), Coyote turns up at Stanford to keep his end of the bargain: that is, handing over the yellow-eyed demon responsible for Mary Winchester’s death. Getting back in touch with Dean and Dad to end their vengeance quest changes things for the better. So does settling down in a house off-campus with his brother and his new friends - Jo, Jess, and Charlie, and an annoying pagan god who keeps popping up to get on Dean’s nerves. But the apocalypse is not to be so easily derailed… and why does Coyote refuse to lend a hand? (Second to the Right 2)
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Gabriel/Sam  pairing:Dean/Castiel  pairing:Dean/Sam/Jess  pairing:Gabriel/Sam/Jess  pairing:Charlie/Jo  pairing:Charlie/Jess  pairing:Jess/Jo  pairing:Dean/Sam/Castiel/Gabriel/Jo/Jess/Charlie  angst  BAMF!Jess  BAMF!Jo  bottom!Gabriel  bottom!Sam  hurt!Jo  kink:mpreg  kink:rough-sex  polyamory  protective!Jess  protective!Jo  trickstervention  verse:Second-to-the-Right  fandom:Supernatural  length:75K-100K 
january 2017 by casey679
Pour S'Amuser
[Whit Merule] In which somebody decides to offer Stanford-era!Sam up to a certain bloody pagan god at equinox. Guess how well that goes for them. (And hey, just because he's not going to cut Sam's throat doesn't mean that this particular god isn't up for some ravishing.) Of course, this is Sam Winchester we're talking about, so he's going to figure out a way to turn this situation to his own advantage. (Second to the Right 1)
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Gabriel/Sam  bottom!Sam  kidnapped!Sam  protective!Jo  tattooed!Sam  trans!Jo  trickstervention  verse:Second-to-the-Right  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
january 2017 by casey679
In Which We Create A Supernova Together
Sam's a little drunk. Brady might be, too. The two of them learn something.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Brady/Sam  romantic  fandom:Supernatural 
november 2016 by casey679
Animal Testing
[Sortakinkie (Sorka42)] After a seemingly harmless accident in a lab at college, Sam's quest for a normal life turns into a nightmare when he finds himself at the mercy of someone he thought he could trust. (Dog/Sam, Wolf/Sam) (Special Breeds 1)
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  pairing:Brady/Sam  pairing:Brady/Sam/OMC(s)  angst  bottom!Sam  evil!Jess  kidnapped!Sam  kink:BDSM  kink:bestiality  kink:body-modification  kink:bondage  kink:breeding  kink:drug-use  kink:knotting  kink:medical  kink:mindbreak  kink:praise  kink:sex-toys  kink:training/conditioning  mpreg!Sam  stockholm-syndrome  sub!Sam  tw:dub/non-con  verse:Special-Breeds  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
october 2016 by casey679
Electric Love
Sam is an omega at Stanford University, living with his alpha girlfriend Jessica. He loves her, and he thought that when his next heat came around that he would want to be mated with her, but he finds himself preferring to spend it alone instead. That is, until he finds a letter Dean wrote for him before he left for Stanford. He can't get his mind off of how Dean used to take care of him when his heats came up as a kid, but would never take advantage. And so he calls his brother. Dean comes running, like he always does.
angst  alpha!Dean  omega!Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Stanford-Era  A+parenting:Winchester  fandom:Supernatural  kink:knotting  kink:sex-toys  kink:phone-sex 
october 2016 by casey679
Crash And Burn
Sam leaves for Stanford, and is injured in a car accident. Jessica contacts Dean without Sam's knowledge and while he gets on with his life it's not too long until Dean comes crashing back into it.
angst  disabled!Sam  hurt!Sam  protective!Dean  protective!Jess  student!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  fandom:Supernatural 
march 2016 by casey679
Three Weeks Too Late (the 'Five Weeks' remix)
[rei_c] Dean swallows at the thought of that: Sam's home, his soon-to-be omega's scent everywhere, on everything. Sam wants to take Dean back to his den. "Okay," he says. "Your place. But not -- it has to be now, Sam. I can't wait much longer." "Yeah," Sam says. "Yeah, it's been five weeks since your birthday." (Five Weeks 2)
AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Jess/OFC(s)  alpha!Dean  alpha!Jess  angst  bottom!Sam  kink:knotting  kink:rough-sex  omega!Sam  protective!Dean  student!Sam  verse:Five-Weeks  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
march 2016 by casey679
Five Weeks
[rei_c] It's seven pm, January twenty-fourth, and Jessica Moore is sitting on her couch with a crying omega in her lap. (aka, the one where Jess has to keep Sam alive until Dean comes to claim him.) (Five Weeks 1)
AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Jess/OFC(s)  alpha!Dean  alpha!Jess  angst  bottom!Sam  depressed!Sam  kink:knotting  omega!Sam  protective!Jess  student!Sam  suicidal!Sam  verse:Five-Weeks  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
march 2016 by casey679
Sweet Escape
Sam goes to Stanford to escape from hunting, his combative relationship with his father, and most importantly his non-brotherly feelings for his big brother. So it makes sense, then, to completely and totally cut off anything from Dean, ignoring his texts and changing his number, ready to make a fresh start. When he gets a text from a random number, he's happy to start up a new friendship with someone who seems much too familiar. Apparently Dean didn't get the memo on abandoning his old life.
angst  bottom!Sam  hurt!Dean  protective!Dean  student!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  fandom:Supernatural  kink:dirty-talk  kink:phone-sex 
march 2016 by casey679
As brothers, Sam and Dean would do anything for each other. As werewolves, they'd do so much more. When Dean is on death's door, Sam is willing to do the unthinkable to save him. (Alpha 13)
alpha!Dean  angst  bottom!Sam  dark!Sam  hurt!Dean  protective!Sam  werewolf!Dean  werewolf!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:ABO-Dynamics  verse:Alpha  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  fandom:Supernatural  kink:D/s 
march 2016 by casey679
It's snowing and Sam just wants to sleep. Dean has other ideas. Sam is willing to consider them, but only on his terms. (Alpha 12)
alpha!Dean  angst  bottom!Sam  possessive!Dean  possessive!Sam  werewolf!Dean  werewolf!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:ABO-Dynamics  verse:Alpha  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  fandom:Supernatural  kink:bondage  kink:D/s  kink:topping-from-the-bottom 
march 2016 by casey679
John has a proposition for a hunt. Sam finds out that Dean knew about Stanford. Dean betrays Sam's trust. (Alpha 9)
alpha!Dean  angst  bottom!Sam  hurt!Sam  possessive!Dean  protective!Dean  sub!Sam  werewolf!Dean  werewolf!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:ABO-Dynamics  pairing:Dean/OFC(s)  verse:Alpha  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  fandom:Supernatural  kink:D/s  tw:dub/non-con 
march 2016 by casey679
Sam has a small taste of what could have been when the boys fight a poltergeist in the Stanford dorms. (Alpha 8)
alpha!Dean  angst  bottom!Sam  possessive!Dean  protective!Dean  protective!Sam  sub!Sam  werewolf!Dean  werewolf!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:ABO-Dynamics  verse:Alpha  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  fandom:Supernatural  kink:D/s 
march 2016 by casey679
The hunter is the hunted. Sam goes after Gordon, the hunter who took out his pack mate. In retrospect, he probably shouldn't have gone alone. (Alpha 6)
alpha!Dean  angst  asshole!Gordon  bottom!Sam  hurt!Sam  possessive!Dean  protective!Dean  sub!Sam  werewolf!Dean  werewolf!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:ABO-Dynamics  verse:Alpha  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  fandom:Supernatural  kink:D/s 
march 2016 by casey679
One of Sam's nightmares becomes reality when a member of the pack that turned Dean dies. Sam insists on following up on it, against Dean's wishes. (Alpha 5)
alpha!Dean  angst  bottom!Sam  possessive!Dean  powers!Sam  protective!Dean  psychic!Sam  sub!Sam  werewolf!Dean  werewolf!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:ABO-Dynamics  verse:Alpha  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  fandom:Supernatural  kink:D/s 
march 2016 by casey679
Dean went missing while the three Winchester men were hunting a pack of Werewolves. When he returns, he's not the same brother Sam knew. (Alpha 1)
alpha!Dean  angst  bottom!Sam  possessive!Dean  sub!Sam  werewolf!Dean  werewolf!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:ABO-Dynamics  verse:Alpha  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  fandom:Supernatural  kink:D/s  tw:dub/non-con 
march 2016 by casey679
Beautiful... in a Way a Forest-Fire Is Beautiful
[Sanshal] Dean goes to Stanford to find Sam... and finds out that Sam had turned omega so he and his mate Jessica could have a child. Now Dean's on the road with his widowed brother and niece... and falling in love with the omega his brother has become.
AU:ABO-Dynamics  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  pairing:Dean/Sam  alpha!Dean  alpha!Jess  angst  bottom!Sam  daddy/guardian!Sam  grieving!Sam  kink:feminization  kink:knotting  kink:mpreg  mpreg!Sam  omega!Sam  protective!Dean  turning:alpha-to-omega  tw:prejudice/discrimination  widower!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
march 2016 by casey679
Broken (Masterpost)
[Phantisma] Dean is kidnapped, broken and brainwashed. Months later, Sam buys Dean back from a man who specializes in selling slaves... and that is just the beginning of a journey that will lead all of them into a dark hell, from which no one emerges unscathed. As Sam tries to cure Dean, he is drawn deeper into a web that could leave him as broken as his brother... if he can even live with the things he had to do to get Dean back in the first place. (Broken Masterpost)
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/OMC(s)  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:John/Ellen  pairing:Sam/Jess  pairing:Sam/OFC(s)  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  A+parenting:Winchester  abused!Dean  abused!Sam  angst  asshole!Jo  bottom!Dean  bottom!Sam  brainwashed!Dean  brainwashed!Sam  broken!Dean  broken!Sam  dark!Sam  disabled!Sam  hurt!Dean  hurt!John  hurt!Sam  kidnapped!Dean  kidnapped!Sam  kink:BDSM  kink:body-modification  kink:bondage  kink:brainwashing/mindfuckery  kink:cock-cage  kink:D/s  kink:dehumanization  kink:drug-use  kink:enemas  kink:exhibitionism  kink:face-fucking  kink:gangbang  kink:humiliation  kink:mindbreak  kink:orgasm-denial/delay  kink:overstimulation  kink:rough-sex  kink:scarification  kink:sensory-deprivation  kink:sex-toys  kink:training/conditioning  kink:voyeurism  possessed!Sam  possessive!Dean  possessive!Sam  protective!Bobby  protective!Caleb  protective!Dean  protective!John  protective!Sam  slave!Dean  slave!Sam  sub!Dean  sub!Sam  suicidal!Sam  tw:dub/non-con  tw:torture  verse:Broken  fandom:Supernatural  length:200K+ 
january 2016 by casey679
Ages (verse)
[Phantisma] It begins when Dean is 12 and Sam is 8. John is away on a hunt and Sam is sick. Really sick. Dean ends up taking him to the emergency room, and in the aftermath of that fateful decision, both boys end up in foster care, where they try to make a life for themselves. But, they're still Winchesters and find themselves caught between two demons fighting a war that will only end in massive destruction.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/OFC(s)  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:John/Dean  pairing:Sam/Jess  A+parenting:Winchester  amnesia!Dean  amnesia!John  amnesia!Sam  angst  bottom!Dean  bottom!Sam  brainwashed!Dean  brainwashed!Sam  daddy/guardian!Dean  depressed!Dean  foster-care!Dean  foster-care!Sam  hurt!Dean  hurt!John  hurt!Sam  kidnapped!Dean  kidnapped!Sam  kink:BDSM  kink:blood-play  kink:drug-use  kink:knife-play  kink:pain-play  kink:rough-sex  powers!Dean  powers!Sam  protective!Dean  protective!John  protective!Sam  restauranteur!Dean  sick!Sam  student!Sam  suicidal!Dean  tw:dub/non-con  verse:Ages  fandom:Supernatural  length:100K+ 
december 2015 by casey679
Disintegration (series)
[Safiyabat] This series explores the deterioration of the family ties within the Winchester family between Sam's departure for Stanford and the series pilot. An attempt is made to explore the lives of all three Winchesters, exploring the reasons for the changes that take place in familial relationships over this three and a half year period.
abused!Sam  angst  asshole!Dean  asshole!John  BAMF!Sam  depressed!Sam  hurt!Sam  powers!Sam  protective!Jim  protective!Sam  psychic!Sam  suicidal!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  A+parenting:Winchester  pairing:Sam/OFC(s)  pairing:Brady/Sam  fandom:Supernatural  tw:prejudice/discrimination 
december 2015 by casey679
You Can Always Go Home
[Safiyabat] When Henry Winchester casts his time travel spell as seen in 8.12, it brings him to Stanford University in 2005. More specifically, it brings him to the apartment of young psychic Sam Winchester and his witch fiancee, Jess Moore. Abaddon follows. Can Sam, Jess and the Men of Letters reconnect with the hunters in their family in time to stop a bloody rampage? And what about the Yellow-Eyed Demon? How will his plans be affected by the sudden appearance of a Knight of Hell?
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  A+parenting:Winchester  angst  awesome!Jess  BAMF!Jess  BAMF!Sam  case!fic  hurt!John  hurt!Sam  powers!Sam  protective!Jess  protective!Jim  psychic!Sam  witch!Jess  fandom:Supernatural  length:25K-50K 
december 2015 by casey679
Roses in the Rain
[AmyPond45] Twenty-two years ago, Dean's mom and baby brother both died in the fire in Sam's nursery, and John raised Dean in the hunting life, on a continuing quest for the thing that destroyed their family. Now, Dean and John are on a hunt. People are disappearing along a certain stretch of highway, so John and Dean decide to check it out. They get separated, and John goes missing, his truck abandoned along that fateful stretch of highway. When Dean checks out the area, he sees a light through the trees, but before he has a chance to investigate, a young man appears. (Thunder Road 1)
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Raised-Apart  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  angst  case!fic  trope:magic-bond  verse:Thunder-Road  fandom:Supernatural  length:10K-15K 
december 2015 by casey679
And Baby Makes Three
[majesticduxk] Dean didn't know he was a male carrier until he finds himself pregnant the day Sam leaves for Stanford. Although Dean wanted to tell him the truth, and go with him, he loves Sam too much to ruin his life. Having a baby is going to change everything. So he smiles and says he'll be there soon. Instead he runs, settling down in a little town in the middle of nowhere, to build himself a new life. He’s happy enough, working two jobs which indulge his love of pie and new found love of reading, and if he can't quite leave Sam behind yet, that's ok. Meanwhile Sam is waiting for Dean, waiting for them to start their new life together. Maybe Dean should have asked Sam what he thought?
AU:Cafes-&-Coffeeshops  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  A+parenting:Winchester  angst  bookstore!Castiel  bookstore!Dean  bottom!Dean  chef/baker!Benny  hurt!Dean  mpreg!Dean  possessive!Sam  protective!Benny  protective!Sam  shy/insecure!Dean  student!Sam  waiter!Dean  fandom:Supernatural  length:10K-15K 
november 2015 by casey679
The Darkest Hours
[AlElizabeth] AU set Season One. When John fails to return after a hunt, Dean drives to Stanford to enlist his brother's help in finding their father. There is one problem though: Sam isn't in California. Sam has disappeared.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  gen  A+parenting:Winchester  abused!Sam  angst  asshole!Gordon  disabled!Sam  hurt!Sam  kidnapped!Sam  protective!Bobby  protective!Dean  sick!Sam  suicidal!Sam  tw:torture  vampire!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:50K-75K 
november 2015 by casey679
Black Hole Sun, Won't You Come
[Theboys] Sam's got a dope-ass shoe collection, is rushing the best frat on campus, and is generally living the dream. So, basically, he can't understand why he's got an ass full of fingers and come streaked across his face. Or, the one where hazing goes horribly wrong.
AU:Crossover-Teen-Wolf  AU:Stanford-Era  AU:Unrelated  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Derek/Sam  pairing:Scott/Sam  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  bottom!Sam  closeted!Sam  cockslut!Sam  dom!Dean  fratboy!Dean  fratboy!Derek  fratboy!Sam  fratboy!Scott  fucktoy!Sam  kink:BDSM  kink:D/s  kink:dehumanization  kink:dirty-talk  kink:exhibitionism  kink:feminization  kink:gangbang  kink:hair-pulling  kink:humiliation  kink:orgasm-denial/delay  kink:sex-toys  oblivious!Sam  possessive!Dean  student!Dean  student!Sam  sub!Sam  tw:dub/non-con  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
november 2015 by casey679
See No Evil
[AlElizabeth] Pre-Series AU. Sam leaves for Stanford, thinking only about finally fulfilling his dream of having a normal life. Instead, he is abducted by a ruthless enemy and his life becomes anything but normal. Can the Winchesters cope with the changes forced upon them and stick together or will they crumble under the pressure?
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  gen  A+parenting:Winchester  abused!Sam  angst  blind!Sam  hurt!Sam  kidnapped!Sam  protective!Bobby  protective!Dean  sick!Sam  tw:torture  fandom:Supernatural  length:75K-100K 
november 2015 by casey679
Sam goes to Stanford and Dean checks himself into an asylum, selectively mute and prone to self-harm. A few months before Sam's graduation, Dean is finally ready to leave, and Sam has been waiting. (The author (bitchandjerk) has also archived a copy here:
angst  bottom!Dean  bottom!Sam  hurt!Dean  mental-illness!Dean  protective!John  protective!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  fandom:Supernatural  kink:drug-use  tw:dub/non-con 
october 2015 by casey679
Devil He Told Me to Roll
Dean knows he's screwed up. The trick is going to be keeping Sam from finding out just how bad. (The one where Sam never found out that John and Dean were hunters until Dean showed up bleeding to death on his doorstep.) (Link to second half is broken; part 2 can be found here:
angst  hurt!Dean  oblivious!Sam  protective!Bobby  protective!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  fandom:Supernatural 
october 2015 by casey679
Just Get In
[exd-fic] Sam meets Priestly on a beach trip to Santa Cruz with his friends at Stanford and things heat up between the two men.
AU:Crossover-Ten-Inch-Hero  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Priestly/Sam  awesome!Jess  bottom!Sam  kink:piercings  kink:tattoos  protective!Dean  romantic  fandom:Supernatural  length:25K-50K 
october 2015 by casey679
No Fate
It’s another night out at Stanford for Sam, but then he gets two unexpected visitors from the future. The movie Terminator was an influence. Spoilers for series 2 finale.
BAMF!Dean  bottom!Dean  future!Dean  protective!Dean  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  fandom:Supernatural 
october 2015 by casey679
To the Day We Burned Maps
[Dayadhvam] S1 AU, timetravel. Too many parties are keeping tabs on the Winchesters, whether it be the FBI, the yellow-eyed demon, or an angel gone rogue from Heaven. The future stalks Sam in his nightmares while a demon stalks his girlfriend Jess, but as Dean and John head to Palo Alto with the law hard on their heels, one fundamental principle is at play for them all: you have to try to save the ones you love.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Dystopia-&-Post-Apocalypse  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  BAMF!Dean  BAMF!Jess  BAMF!John  BAMF!Sam  Castiel!Claire  hurt!Dean  hurt!John  hurt!Sam  protective!Castiel  protective!Dean  protective!John  protective!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:20K-25K 
october 2015 by casey679
Before My Heart Starts to Burn
Dean shows up at Stanford. To make sure his little brother is alright. Not because he has some mysterious illness or anything.
gen  angst  hurt!Dean  protective!Sam  sick!Dean  AU:Stanford-Era  A+parenting:Winchester  fandom:Supernatural 
october 2015 by casey679
And a Happy New Year
[chiiyo86] A new year is about to start, and Dean isn't in the mood. (Timestamp to The Existence of Forgetting)
AU:Stanford-Era  gen  angst  disabled!Dean  holiday:New-Year  mentally-impaired!Dean  protective!Sam  verse:Forgetting  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
october 2015 by casey679
Shake, Rattle and Roll
[roque_clasique] Dean's suffered some sort of moderate brain damage... gets really shaky, suffers from various forms of aphasia and stammering, and his hands won't always work the way they're supposed to (difficulty feeding or dressing himself). John has kept him by his side since the accident, but he's getting close to the demon and he doesn't want Dean in the line of fire. Enter Sam.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  angst  disabled!Dean  hurt!Dean  mentally-impaired!Dean  protective!John  protective!Sam  student!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
october 2015 by casey679
The Existence of Forgetting
[chiiyo86] At first, Sam thought it was his imagination. He just missed his brother, that was all. After the woman in white in Jericho, Sam had come back to Palo Alto, had his interview, and had waited to hear from Dean. He only got a few text messages the first few months. They should have been enough, were enough before Dean had broken into his apartment and into his life. But Sam wanted to see his brother, wanted to talk to him and that was the reason he kept thinking he saw a flash of Dean’s face among the Stanford crowd, or walking down the sidewalk through the window, or sitting at a bar on the other side of the street. It didn’t make any sense, though – if Dean were in Palo Alto, he would come and see Sam, wouldn’t he?
AU:Stanford-Era  gen  angst  disabled!Dean  mentally-impaired!Dean  protective!Sam  verse:Forgetting  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
october 2015 by casey679
The Real Deal
[Requires joining LJ blindfold_spn community to view] Dean is Sam's submissive and goes with Sam to Stanford. Sam's new friends find it hard to reconcile the Dean who can hustle pool and kick ass with the Dean who curls up at Sam's feet to watch a movie.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  dom!Sam  outsider!POV  protective!Jess  protective!Sam  sub!Dean  fandom:Supernatural 
october 2015 by casey679
Home in the Darkness
[irnan] Rachel was surprised to find she actually likes the graveyard shift. Never more so than now, with Gorgeous here walkin' in like he owns the place.
AU:Stanford-Era  gen  angst  outsider!POV  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
october 2015 by casey679
Arrested Development
[Beth_Summer] An AU story where Dean is at Stanford with Sam, relying on his brother to take care of him. Told from multiple outsider perspectives. A different take on the de-aging trope.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  angst  cursed!Dean  de-aged!Dean  outsider!POV  protective!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
october 2015 by casey679
Sticks and Stones and Weed and Bones
At Stanford, Sam's forced to see a shrink who's more perceptive than he's comfortable with.
angst  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  fandom:Supernatural 
october 2015 by casey679
Fundamental Theorem of Normalcy
[buffyspazz] The cable is out and the phone lines are down. The radio is silent. He tries 911 on his cell phone but can only get a busy signal. Sam feels like the only person left on earth... Zombies invade Stanford, ironically during Dead Week. It's up to Sam to keep his roommate and his roommate's girlfriend alive long enough to be rescued... if that's even possible.
AU:Stanford-Era  gen  angst  BAMF!Sam  protective!Dean  protective!Sam  zombies  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
october 2015 by casey679
Living Expenses
Scholarships don't pay for everything. When you're not talking to your family, that makes summer the worst time of the year.
gen  angst  hurt!Dean  protective!Dean  protective!John  AU:Stanford-Era  fandom:Supernatural 
october 2015 by casey679
Memories Forgotten
Everything changed int he Winchester family the day Sam went off to Stanford, leaving his father and brother behind to try his hand at normal. He had no idea how his choices had affected his family until the day he met Cain at his bachelor party. Nothing in Sam's life will ever be the same again.
amnesia!Dean  angst  bottom!Dean  bottom!Sam  brainwashed!Dean  doll!Dean  protective!Sam  polyamory  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  pairing:Dean/Sam/OFC(s)  AU:Crossover-Dollhouse  fandom:Supernatural  tw:dub/non-con 
september 2015 by casey679
In Theory, This Works
[Whreflections] When Sam meets Eliot in a bar in Palo Alto, it doesn't take either of them long to realize there's potential there for a good night. What they don't realize, however, is there's a little more there than that.
AU:Crossover-Leverage  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Eliot  angst  bottom!Eliot  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
september 2015 by casey679
Need To Be Here
A late night phone call sends Dean rushing to Stanford.
gen  angst  hurt!Dean  protective!Dean  sick!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  fandom:Supernatural 
august 2015 by casey679
Doll Brother
That bus Sam got on to go to Stanford? Well, he didn't make it there. Somehow he ends up in the Dollhouse as an Active.
gen  amnesia!Sam  angst  protective!Dean  AU:Stanford-Era  A+parenting:Winchester  AU:Crossover-Dollhouse  fandom:Supernatural 
august 2015 by casey679
School's Out
AU Teen!Chester. Sam gets accepted to Stanford and tells John the good news. His father though, is less than pleased, and seeks the help of an outsider to show Sam that he should be hunting and not going to college.
gen  angst  hurt!Sam  kidnapped!Sam  protective!Dean  AU:Stanford-Era  A+parenting:Winchester  fandom:Supernatural  tw:torture 
august 2015 by casey679
Life in the Fastlane
At 24 the last thing Dean wants is his little brother's help, especially while trying to prove himself a hunter worthy of his Father's approval. But when the hunt for a shapeshifter proves to be much more than he can handle and John is nowhere to be found, Sam's help might just be what he needs to get out of this one alive... Even though it's been two years since they last spoke.
gen  angst  case!fic  hurt!Dean  hurt!John  hurt!Sam  protective!Bobby  protective!Sam  shy/insecure!Dean  AU:Stanford-Era  A+parenting:Winchester  fandom:Supernatural 
august 2015 by casey679
Maybe the Street's Alight, Maybe the Trees are Gone
Dean wakes up six years old all over again and manages to get to Stanford for some help from his brother. Jess wants to drag Sam and his "nephew" to her parents house for Christmas. Unfortunately (fortunately?) there's more than enough space for him and he's along for the ride whether he likes it or not.
de-aged!Dean  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  fandom:Supernatural  kink:de-aging/age-regression 
august 2015 by casey679
Invisible Boy (Masterpost)
Sam and Dean didn’t fall in love. They never had to. It was always there, this desperation between them, like a real, breathing thing. When they came together, it was inevitable. As sure as continents colliding, as the phases of the moon and the life and death of stars. This isn’t a love story, but it’s a story of love.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Cassie  pairing:Dean/OFC(s)  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Sam/Jess  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  angst  bottom!Dean  bottom!Sam  hurt!Dean  hurt!Sam  kink:drug-use  kink:exhibitionism  kink:knife-play  kink:pegging  kink:rough-sex  kink:somnophilia  possessive!Dean  possessive!Sam  protective!Dean  sick!Sam  suicidal!Sam  tw:dub/non-con  tw:eating-disorder  tw:underage  verse:Invisible-Boy  fandom:Supernatural  length:200K+ 
july 2015 by casey679
A Friend Given by Nature
[mollrach13] Adam's mom is killed and the only contactable family number is Sam. First shocked, but accepting, Sam takes on the role as older brother and caretaker with pride and worms his way into Adam's heart. But going to school, working, and making enough money to support two people is a lot harder than Sam had anticipated.
big-brother!Sam  little-brother!Adam  protective!Adam  protective!Sam  sick!Sam  student!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/Jess  A+parenting:Winchester  fandom:Supernatural  length:10K-15K 
july 2015 by casey679
Leaving Home
[storyspinner70] Sam loves Dean, of course, but not at all like he's supposed to. Ashamed of how he feels, Sam heads to Stanford to try and get over it. What he finds instead is that absence really does make the heart grow fonder and that true monsters don't always come from Hell.
AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Sam/OMC(s)  pairing:Dean/Sam  abused!Sam  angst  bottom!Sam  depressed!Sam  hurt!Sam  kink:BDSM  kink:bondage  kink:breath-play  kink:D/s  kink:face-fucking  kink:rough-sex  protective!Dean  slave!Sam  suicidal!Sam  tw:domestic-abuse  tw:dub/non-con  tw:torture  fandom:Supernatural  length:5K-10K 
july 2015 by casey679
Under My Skin
Sam only went in to keep Brady company. He never expected the rest of it... any of it.
tattoo-artist!Dean  tattooed!Dean  tattooed!Sam  AU:Stanford-Era  pairing:Dean/Sam  AU:Unrelated  AU:Tattoo-Parlor  fandom:Supernatural  kink:tattoos 
july 2015 by casey679
[1Pagan3] Years ago the Winchester family was torn apart. Now a hunt has gone wrong sending a son to find a cure only to find long buried truths, while another continues to face his losses and fights to keep his life his own.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  AU:Raised-Apart  AU:Stanford-Era  gen  A+parenting:Winchester  angst  bounty-hunter!Sam  doctor!Sam  hurt!Sam  protective!Bobby  protective!Dean  protective!Jim  sick!John  fandom:Supernatural  length:50K-75K 
july 2015 by casey679
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sick!Sam  slave!Dean  slave!Sam  soldier!Sam  soulless!Sam  stockholm-syndrome  stripper!Sam  student!Castiel  student!Dean  student!Jess  student!Lucifer  student!Sam  sub!Dean  sub!Sam  succubus/incubus  suicidal!Dean  suicidal!Sam  tattoo-artist!Dean  tattooed!Dean  tattooed!Sam  teacher!Castiel  teacher!Crowley  teacher!Lucifer  tour-leader!Sam  trans!Jo  trickstervention  trope:hate-at-first-sight  trope:love-at-first-fuck  trope:magic-bond  trope:sex-magic  turning:alpha-to-omega  turning:human-to-faerie  tw:domestic-abuse  tw:dub/non-con  tw:eating-disorder  tw:extreme-underage  tw:non-consensual-drug-use  tw:prejudice/discrimination  tw:self-harm  tw:torture  tw:underage  tw:unhappy-ending  vampire!Sam  verse:Ages  verse:Alpha  verse:Blue-Blue-Moon  verse:Broken  verse:College-Bound  verse:Finding-Home  verse:Five-Weeks  verse:Forgetting  verse:Further-Out  verse:Invisible-Boy  verse:Knight's-a-Lady  verse:Mistaken-Identity  verse:Mouths-of-Decadence  verse:Old-Ghosts  verse:Regrets  verse:School-Slut  verse:Second-to-the-Right  verse:Special-Breeds  verse:The-Night-and-Its-Aftermath  verse:The-Winchester-Pack  verse:Thunder-Road  virgin!Sam  voodoo!Sam  waiter!Dean  waiter!Sam  werewolf!Dean  werewolf!Madison  werewolf!Sam  widower!Sam  WIP  witch!Jess  zombies 

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