The Bank of England printed a flirtatious lie on its new Jane Austen banknote
The Bank based its design on an 1870 etching based on a purportedly more realistic portrait of Austen drawn by her sister Cassandra. The unfinished pencil-and-watercolor sketch currently displayed at London’s National Portrait Gallery depicts Austen with bags under her eyes, a pointy nose and a receding chin.
However, the portrait that’s been printed on millions of banknotes shows a prettier version, with Austen’s features softened and idealized.
literature  women  gender 
2 days ago
Handmaid's Tale: The Strange History of “Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum”
The key to unlocking this phrase's origins might be in its final word.
4 days ago
Hi, Robot
A report from the future-focused Vienna Biennale 2017.
5 days ago
Oversized Helmet Eliminates Noise, Dignity
Helmfon creates personal space anywhere and lets you fully concentrate.
8 days ago
First Object Teleported From Earth To Orbit
Quantum entanglement. Photon teleported from ground to satellite 500 km above.
science  light 
9 days ago
Dark web, entre el mite i la promesa de l’anonimat
Dos pols oposats: activitats il·legítimes i activisme polític.
web  privacy 
15 days ago
Per què hi ha tanta escola concertada?
De la Llei Moyano (1857) al Concordat (1979).
history  education  fb 
15 days ago
The Rise of the Thought Leader
How the superrich have funded a new class of intellectual.
politics  fb 
17 days ago
La universitat és un robatori
Per què matrícula gratuïta en altres països europeus i ací no?
university  education  economy  fb 
19 days ago
A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case against Turnitin
Supplanting good teaching with the use of inferior technology.
copyright  education 
28 days ago
Should Uber’s next CEO be a robot?
The killer business app for AI may turn out to be the algorithmic CEO.
29 days ago
Standard Ebooks
Lovingly formatted, free public domain ebooks. Volunteer driven, not-for-profit.
4 weeks ago
Gramsci, Corbyn y la larga batalla contra las élites
El sentido común de los últimos 30 años ya no está vigente.
politics  fb 
4 weeks ago
American Guano
The Guano Islands Act made it legal to claim unoccupied land in the name of the US.
islands  history 
5 weeks ago
Why printers add secret tracking dots
Encoded timestamp and hardware serial number.
6 weeks ago
The blockchain revolution: will universities use it, or abuse it?
Open portfolios of courses assembled as a cohesive curriculum by an enabling partner organisation, such as the Open University.
education  blockchain 
6 weeks ago
Facial recognition tech makes it official: There is no privacy anymore
Electronic billboards in restaurants and shops record consumer's response.
privacy  surveillance  AI 
6 weeks ago
Block Bills – 64 banknotes generated from the Bitcoin Blockchain
Created by Matthias Dörfelt, 'Block Bills' is a series of 64 banknotes generated from the Bitcoin Blockchain. Each banknote represents one block in the chain
art  bitcoin  blockchain 
6 weeks ago
Eerie underwater scenes of lost ship and aircraft wrecks
"Exhilarating and spectacular" and "sombre and sad".
war  sea 
6 weeks ago
Confessional technologies of the self: From Seneca to social media
Norm Friesen. Based on Foucault's definition: reflected and voluntary practices by which men not only fix rules of conduct for themselves but seek to transform themselves, to change themselves in their particular being, and to make their life an oeuvre.
7 weeks ago
Orígenes del patriarcado
Los esqueletos antiguos pueden aportar pistas sobre la aparición de la dominación masculina en la sociedad.
history  war  gender  science 
7 weeks ago
Notes From An Emergency
The danger facing us is not Orwell, but Huxley. The combo of data collection and machine learning is too good at catering to human nature, seducing us and appealing to our worst instincts. We have to put controls on it. The algorithms are amoral; to make them behave morally will require active intervention.
internet  socialnetworks  privacy 
7 weeks ago
Damien Hirst: Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable
Venetian extravaganza. Storytelling, invention and humour in a post-truth world.
art  fb 
7 weeks ago
The inevitable future of Slack is your boss using it to spy on you
Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge. Employers can buy access even to private channels and messages. Slack is working on a manager bot that uses AI to track progress on projects and remind employees about work that's due.
privacy  AI 
7 weeks ago
People around the world have been emailing trees in Melbourne to confess their love
The idea was residents could use these emails to report trees that had been vandalised or were in a severe state of decline. But people began writing love letters to their favourite trees.
love  fb  email 
8 weeks ago
Facebook's internal rulebook on sex, terrorism and violence
Leaked policies guiding moderators on what content to allow: more than 100 training manuals, spreadsheets and flowcharts.
8 weeks ago
I Don’t Believe in Blockchain
An over­pro­mot­ed niche sideshow?
9 weeks ago
Pragmatic syndication format like RSS and Atom. But JSON instead of XML.
9 weeks ago
The robot paradox
…the argument that computers are going to bring extreme unemployment in coming decades — an argument that was also popular in both the 1950s and the 1990s, it’s worth remembering — sounds increasingly dubious. It runs counter to the facts. Anyone making the argument today needs to provide a lucid and rational explanation of why, despite years of rapid advances in robotics, computer power, network connectivity, and artificial intelligence techniques, we have yet to see any sign of a broad loss of jobs in the economy.
robots  economy 
9 weeks ago
The Blockchain Revolution and Higher Education
A platform for a disaggregated global network of higher learning?
blockchain  education 
9 weeks ago
Macron y el apocalipsis de los partidos (o cómo Napster destruyó al PSOE)
El proceso del debate político es idéntico al que ha vivido la educación superior en España desde que es pública: la media de calidad y rendimiento de las aulas desciende respecto a los sistemas elitistas, pero el sistema abierto y gratuito, el procesamiento de estudiantes al por mayor, multiplica en todo caso la capacidad del parque universitario para proveer titulados excelentes.
9 weeks ago
What is the P2P Web?
Users should control their own data, always and forever. You should never give up ownership for the privilege of access.

P2P Sites are self-published. Each one has its own domain, identified by a public key. They’re created at the push of a button, and synced to peers who host on the author’s behalf.
p2p  web  networking 
10 weeks ago
Organismos extraños controlan tu mente
Los científicos están investigando los efectos de las bacterias intestinales con ratones criados en un ambiente estéril, con lo que no tienen flora intestinal. Solo con esto los resultados son reveladores: los ratones sin gérmenes tienen el cerebro y el sistema inmunitario menos desarrollado, son hiperactivos y responden exageradamente al estrés.
10 weeks ago
Using Fetch API
The modern way to Ajax without helper libraries like jQuery.
javascript  ajax  programming 
11 weeks ago
4 New Human Rights for When Our Brains Are Hooked Up to Computers
1. Cognitive Liberty
2. Mental Privacy
3. Mental Integrity
4. Psychological Continuity
AI  rights 
11 weeks ago
Laffer curve: Everything Trump and Republicans get wrong about trickle-down economics and Reaganomics
The problem is, this tidy arc of cause and consequence doesn’t exist in the real world. Sure, extremely high tax rates douse economic activity. But there’s no reason to assume the relationship between tax revenue and tax rates is perfectly U-shaped. And the equilibrium point at which a government collects the most revenue possible without dragging down the economy is impossible to know—and varies by country. There was no reason in 1974—or, for that matter, now—to think the US was on the curve’s “prohibitive” half (many economists put the inflection point for the highest marginal tax rate at around 70%). In fact, without detailed data, you can’t tell where on Laffer’s curve (or non-curve) you are at all.
economy  politics 
11 weeks ago
La contrarrevolución energética de Donald Trump
Los negacionistas quieren ganar tiempo, tal vez una o dos décadas, para terminar de explotar los nuevos yacimientos de gas (especialmente mediante la tecnología del fracking) y de petróleo […] Todo indica que estamos ante una gran simulación. Trump sería consciente de los efectos reales del cambio climático […] El equipo de climatoescéticos de la Casa Blanca, liderado por el secretario de Estado, Rex Tillerson, ex presidente de la Exxon Mobil, quiere marcar el compás de la transición energética y dar tiempo, el mayor tiempo posible, para que las big oil acaben dominando la era solar y planifiquen un nuevo orden financiero internacional basado en la economía verde. Actualmente las mayores inversiones y opas en energías renovables ya las están haciendo las petroleras y gasistas.
earth  climate  fb 
11 weeks ago
Replacing Disqus with Github Comments
Aggressive tracking and heavy load: from 105 network requests to 16.
comments  privacy 
12 weeks ago
The Cyanometer of Ljubljana
Measuring the color of the sky.
places  fb 
12 weeks ago
Operating In Obscurity
Operating systems are the cockroaches of the digital revolution.
computers  os 
12 weeks ago
Big data and the end of theory?
Big data no longer seems so big. Such data thus serves to amplify the information produced by a small minority (a point repeatedly made by UCL's Muki Haklay), and skew, or even render invisible, ideas, trends, people, and patterns that aren't mirrored or represented in the datasets that we work with.
data  science 
april 2017
The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete
We can stop looking for models. We can analyze the data without hypotheses about what it might show. We can throw the numbers into the biggest computing clusters the world has ever seen and let statistical algorithms find patterns where science cannot.
data  science 
april 2017
Arte moderno para torturar
1938 ¿Checas inspiradas en Kandinsky? ¿Loop de "Un perro andaluz"?
war  art 
april 2017
Education Technology's Completely Over
"If you don't own your masters, your master owns you" —Prince (1996)
april 2017
Stylebooks finally embrace the single 'they'
Using 'they' in formal English as a gender-neutral singular pronoun.
language  gender 
march 2017
Avoiding the pointless blockchain project
A check list: shared database, multiple writers, absence of trust, disintermediation, transaction interaction, embedded rules, known validators and real world backing.
march 2017
Better Web Typography for a Better Web
Free course. Web design is 95% typography.
design  typography  fonts 
march 2017
This Article Won’t Change Your Mind
The facts on why facts alone can't fight false beliefs.
philosophy  fb  psychology 
march 2017
11 New Cloud Types Named—First in 30 Years
Asperitas, most exciting addition to International Cloud Atlas.
clouds  science  fb 
march 2017
La ciencia que sustenta la jornada escolar continua
Fernández Enguita. Ritmos circadianos, rendimiento académico y leyendas urbanas.
education  fb 
march 2017
Injustícia algorítmica
La gàbia de ferro de la intel·ligència artificial.
march 2017
Artificial Intelligence was 2016's fake news
The truth behind AI advances doesn't match the hype.
march 2017
We didn't lose control – it was stolen
Google, Facebook: surveillance capitalists as people farmers.
facebook  google  internet  socialnetworks  fb 
march 2017
Restricted Areas
Secret cities, forgotten scientific triumphs, abandoned buildings. The future that never came. 
technology  places  architecture 
march 2017
L'eix franco-alemany: una ficció
Setze länder contra un estat centralista.
history  politics 
march 2017
El día que Franco indultó a Franco
Puig Antich, Heinz Chez y el castellano vil de la dictadura.
march 2017
La bola de cristal de Churchill: predijo los móviles, los drones y la bomba atómica
En ‘De aquí a cincuenta años’, uno de los artículos que publicó a principios del siglo XX, Winston Churchill habla sobre energía nuclear, teléfonos móviles, alimentos fabricados en el laboratorio, robots comunistas y reproducción 'in vitro'. Sin embargo, detrás del texto y de su carácter visionario hay una mente científica cuya firma no aparece junto a la del político: la de su asesor Frederick Lindemann.
science  politics 
march 2017
Voice and the uncanny valley of AI
Natural language processing!
Sorry, when do we want what?
march 2017
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