Amazon owns my Echo, I’m just feeding it

<p>—Yeah, I feel like Alexa is a Trojan Horse.</p>
<p>—I don’t answer everything about horses yet. For trivia, try saying ‘give me a horse fact.’<p>
El negocio de la sanidad privada crece imparable a costa del deterioro del sistema público
Consultores privados atribuyen su auge a "las deficiencias en el sector sanitario público que sigue sufriendo las medidas restrictivas tomadas en 2012".
health  politics 
4 days ago
‘The Simpsons’ Has Predicted a Lot. Most of It Can Be Explained.
Writers rule on The Simpsons, not the actors… The result is a show packed with references to art, literature, pop culture, politics and science.
tv  predictions 
6 days ago
Let's Talk About Bitcoin's Insane Energy Consumption
…at a time when we lean on scientific development more than ever to fix the world’s problems, one of the most powerful computer networks in the world is doing idle work just to prove to others that it’s done work.
blockchain  bitcoin 
7 days ago
Sobre las 'portavozas'
O quizá para poder interpretar correctamente la naturaleza de ‘portavoza’ no haya que mirar en la morfología, sino que debamos observar el uso pragmático de la lengua.
language  gender 
9 days ago
A Map of the World's Largest Annual Human Migration
Chinese New Year, 2015. Baidu traced the travel of some 700 million people using its smartphone maps.
9 days ago
Adiós a John Perry Barlow, el primer activista de los derechos civiles online
…se intoxicó de la efervescencia tecnológica de la contracultura californiana y tuvo una visión temprana, certera y autocumplida de la Red.
11 days ago
"Toda cultura es naturalmente libre"
Mercè Molist entrevista a John Perry Barlow (2005). Hacer lo que no esperan que hagamos.
11 days ago
BrandYourself will scan your Facebook history before your future employers do
"I scanned my social media like a potential employer, and the results were scary."
15 days ago
Google and Facebook are watching our every move online. It's time to make them stop
76% of websites contain hidden Google trackers; 24% have hidden Facebook trackers.
facebook  privacy 
17 days ago
Las desigualdades económicas marcan el nivel de supervivencia de los pacientes de cáncer
Richard Sullivan: "La oncoplutocracia, mediante la que solo los pacientes y países ricos se benefician de los progresos contra el cáncer, tiene que parar".
health  politics 
19 days ago
How Photographers Captured the Incarceration of Japanese Americans During WWII
Japanese Americans had less than a week to register and pack up before they were moved to temporary detention centers. Each family was given a number. Then they were moved to one of ten camps across the country.
20 days ago
Panpsychism: The idea that consciousness is a fundamental feature of physical matter is gaining academic credibility
The materialist viewpoint states that consciousness is derived entirely from physical matter. It’s unclear, though, exactly how this could work.
physics  philosophy  consciousness 
20 days ago
Deanonymizing Tor: Your Bitcoin Transactions May Come Back To Haunt You
The researchers started with 88 unique bitcoin addresses from Tor hidden services, and then searched 5 billion tweets and 1 million pages on the Bitcoin Talk forum — ultimately linking 125 unique users to 20 Tor hidden services.
bitcoin  privacy 
22 days ago
The Man Trying to Fix Mount Everest's Towering Poop Problem
More than 26,000 pounds of human excrement is dumped at Mount Everest’s Base Camp annually.
22 days ago
Un món sense treball
Joan Sanchis i Muñoz. Les conseqüències socials i polítiques de l’automatització. L’ètica del treball com a obstacle.
economy  politics 
22 days ago
How to Spot a Communist Using Literary Criticism: A 1955 Manual from the U.S. Military
While a preference for long sentences is common to most Communist writing, a distinct vocabulary provides the more easily recognized feature of the "Communist Language."
literature  politics 
24 days ago
Refugiados: el misterioso coma de los niños en Suecia
"Creo que es una forma de autoprotección. Son como Blancanieves" (Elisabeth Hultcrantz, Médicos del Mundo).
war  neurology 
26 days ago
Tipu Sultan’s Mechanical Tiger
A symbolic representation of Indian resistance to British rule… a hidden mechanism causes the man’s arm to go up and down, while a set of bellows inside causes the animal to growl and the man to emit distressing cries of agony.
war  colonialism  art 
26 days ago
Bitcoin and Ethereum Have a Hidden Power Structure, and It’s Just Been Revealed
According to a two-year-long study at Cornell University, mining is not actually that decentralized in either system.
bitcoin  blockchain 
28 days ago
Social Decay by Andrei Lacatsu
Social networks as decaying storefronts. Uncanny and beautiful.
art  socialnetworks 
4 weeks ago
Gigantescas torres de 500 metros: el plan chino para engullir la contaminación
La primera torre experimental (de 100 metros de altura) ha mejorado la calidad del aire en un área circundante de unos 10 kilómetros cuadrados, produciendo diez millones de metros cúbicos de aire limpio en pocos meses. Apenas requiere de energía durante el día. La base está rodeada de invernaderos que absorben el aire contaminado y se calientan con energía solar.
4 weeks ago
Why I Left Silicon Valley, EdTech, and “Personalized” Learning
It was isolating with every child working on something different; it was impersonal with kids learning basic math skills from Khan Academy; it was disembodied and disconnected, with a computer constantly being a mediator between my students and me.
education  technology 
4 weeks ago
National Poo Museum – Sandown, England
All shapes and sizes, from humans and other animals, from the 21st century and from millions of years ago.
4 weeks ago
Retrato de una universidad en crisis: menos financiación pública, más gasto privado y más lejos de Europa
España es el sexto país que menos invierte en educación terciaria respecto al PIB de toda Europa.
spain  education  politics 
4 weeks ago
Three scenarios for the new age
Nicolas Colin: world hegemony in the twenty-first century. Who will lead the new paradigm? China? EU? The Internet nations/network states founded by Silicon Valley?
politics  history 
4 weeks ago
Renewable energy set to be cheaper than fossil fuels by 2020, according to new report
"These cost declines across technologies are unprecedented and representative of the degree to which renewable energy is disrupting the global energy system."
4 weeks ago
Tea if by sea, cha if by land: Why the world only has two words for tea
Both versions come from China. How they spread around the world offers a clear picture of how globalization worked before “globalization” was a term anybody used. The words that sound like “cha” spread across land, along the Silk Road. The “tea”-like phrasings spread over water, by Dutch traders bringing the novel leaves back to Europe.
history  language 
5 weeks ago
El derecho de manifestación pacífica y la represión penal de sus desviaciones o excesos
Miguel Pasquau Liaño, magistrado. La reducción de los derechos fundamentales a ornamento del sistema y el discurso bienpensante como antesala del autoritarismo.
politics  spain 
5 weeks ago
“Where birds don’t lay eggs”: How “shithole countries” was translated
Donald Trump: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Instead, he suggested, the US should welcome more people from nations like Norway instead.
politics  translation  english 
5 weeks ago
Una visita (obligada) a la Fundación Francisco Franco
…cualquier periodista, historiador e investigador que busque documentación sobre la dictadura tiene que pasar por este obsceno museo dedicado a santificar al genocida.
history  spain 
5 weeks ago
Death as Entertainment at the Paris Morgue
Late 19th century. Tourists flocked to see bodies and guess how they got there. Émile Zola called it a “show that was affordable to all.”
death  places 
5 weeks ago
How Fanta Was Created for Nazi Germany
Made during war from fruit shavings, apple fibers, pulp, beet sugar and cheese production liquid remnants, its name was shorthand for fantasy.
history  war 
5 weeks ago
Kodak Ktypto
Kodakcoin: “an attention monger jumping onto a buzzy trend with a gimmicky approach”.
blockchain  copyright  photography 
5 weeks ago
The Oblique Strategies Web Site
By Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, since 1975. Challenging constraints intended to help artists (particularly musicians) break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking.
5 weeks ago
Radiohead’s lawsuit against Lana Del Rey shows how all music is stolen
Hip-hop and rap are eternally riddled with claims of creative theft. The entire genre of jazz is essentially a study in plagiarism […] That pop music tends to overuse the same infamous four-chord progression doesn’t help things, either. To assert that any song is entirely original would be to say it stands apart from thousands of years of musical history […]
music  art  creativity  copyright 
5 weeks ago
El futuro de las pensiones: reflexiones y una propuesta
La pensión del futuro, pagada por los impuestos de todos, debiera ser igual para todos.
politics  economy 
5 weeks ago
The British Once Built a 1,100-Mile Hedge Through the Middle of India
It grew along the Inland Customs Line, a bureaucratic barrier created to impose a high salt tax on the people living on the relatively saltless side.
5 weeks ago
The web is dying, but mesh networks could save it
Giant closed cyberspaces like Facebook disguise themselves as public spaces. But all the tools and opportunities we need to supersede them are already in our hands: smartphones, peer-to-peer protocols and mesh networks.
networking  p2p 
5 weeks ago
Esto no puede acabar bien nunca
Javier Pérez Royo. El auto, desde la perspectiva del delito de rebelión, es esperpéntico.
spain  catalunya  politics 
6 weeks ago
La memoria histórica alcanza a los símbolos racistas del Sur en Estados Unidos
Monumentos y estatuas de ese pasado terrible en EEUU y en Europa han cumplido siempre la misma función. No la de enseñar una lección de historia, sino mostrar un recuerdo positivo o incluso heroico de los líderes racistas del siglo XIX y XX para continuar influyendo en las ideas del presente. En 2017 en EEUU han decidido poner fin a ese homenaje continuo.
history  politics  USA 
6 weeks ago
From Ghost to WordPress
Complaints about WordPress and reasons to go back from Ghost: no extensibility, no 3rd party apps, no IndieWeb.
wordpress  blogging  software 
6 weeks ago
El règim no funciona
La deconstrucció de la democràcia espanyola en l’informe del Consell d'Europa.
politics  spain 
6 weeks ago
Is Blogging Dead?
I would hate the concept to be gone or even in decline. I’d prefer to think it was an essential stepping stone—that we’re still just blogging, in ways big and small, without actually using that term to describe our actions.
6 weeks ago
Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6
Google is starting to ignore a principle it championed by making its own services Chrome-only.
Google  browser 
6 weeks ago
Personal data of a billion Indians sold online for £6, report claims
Newspaper says it bought access to details from world’s largest biometric database, used to administer public services.
data  privacy 
6 weeks ago
One city in China has more electric buses than all of America’s biggest cities have buses
Shenzhen has transitioned its 16,359 buses to a “new energy” future. The city’s 17,000 taxis are next.
6 weeks ago
This Wall of Lava Lamps Helps Encrypt the Internet
As the lava lamps bubble and swirl, a video camera on the ceiling monitors their unpredictable changes and connects the footage to a computer, which converts the randomness into a virtually unhackable code.
6 weeks ago
There's Healing Power in the Secret Electrical Language of Our Cells
Why can we heal a wound, but not grow back a severed limb? Michael Levin thinks the key lies in the secret electrical language our cells use to talk to one another, and he thinks we’re not far from cracking the code.
7 weeks ago
Quote Investigator: The Plural of Anecdote Is Not Data
Anecdotes do not constitute social science. They must be documented by some notion of the frequency of their occurrence. —Paul A. Samuelson
science  data 
7 weeks ago
Computer latency: 1977-2017
Almost every computer and mobile device that people buy today is slower than common models of computers from the 70s and 80s. Low-latency gaming desktops and the ipad pro can get into the same range as quick machines from thirty to forty years ago, but most off-the-shelf devices aren’t even close.
7 weeks ago
Ana de Miguel: “Considerar que dar las campanadas medio desnuda es un acto feminista es un error garrafal”
El núcleo duro del feminismo es ir hacia la universalización de la condición humana y para llegar a eso sigue haciendo falta luchar. La libre elección se está utilizando para legitimar una estructura de desigualdad. Se entiende mejor en términos económicos: legitimar leyes, costumbres o acciones porque son producto de la libre elección es una locura que deja a los que no tienen poder en manos de los poderosos.
women  politics 
8 weeks ago
El telégrafo óptico de Claude Chappe
En <em>El conde de Montecristo</em>, Dantès soborna a un operador de la línea de París a España para enviar un mensaje falso que provocará un pánico bursátil.
networking  economy 
8 weeks ago
Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain
Bitcoin is what banking looked like in the middle ages — “here’s your libertarian paradise, have a nice day.”
bitcoin  blockchain 
8 weeks ago
How far ahead of Apple Maps is Google Maps?
…Google’s buildings are byproducts of its satellite/aerial imagery. And some of Google’s places are byproducts of its Street View imagery. So this makes Areas of Interest a byproduct of byproducts. Google is creating data out of data.
data  maps 
8 weeks ago
The Hidden Human Workforce Powering Machine Intelligence
…a lot of the legwork training machine learning systems, solving problems software can’t, and cleaning up its mistakes is still done by people.
8 weeks ago
Japanese Monkeys Are Having 'Sexual Interactions' With Deer
Japanese macaques are known to ride deer like humans ride horses, for fun or transportation — behavior the deer seem to tolerate in exchange for grooming and discarded food. But <em>these</em> monkeys were up to something different.
animals  sex 
9 weeks ago
Por qué crear un nuevo universo en el laboratorio no es tan loco como parece
…un monopolo en expansión produciría una curvatura en el espacio tiempo dentro del acelerador, dando lugar a un diminuto agujero de gusano, un túnel que llevaría a otra región del espacio —no, no es ciencia ficción, es física teórica—.
science  physics 
9 weeks ago
¿Cómo sería España sin el nacionalismo español?
El nacionalismo español no existe para sí mismo y los españoles no se reconocen como nacionalistas. Puesto que la nación española existe por la gracia de Dios, no necesita justificación y crea, en palabras de Botey Vallés, un “nacionalismo ignorante”.
spain  politics 
9 weeks ago
The Massive Project to Clean Up the Ocean With a Two-Kilometer Screen
$2.2 million from 38,000 people in 160 countries. The most successful non-profit crowdfunding campaign to date.
sea  earth 
9 weeks ago
Teletype for Atom
Share workspace with team members and collaborate on code in real time.
editor  collaboration 
9 weeks ago
La Red no es neutral y nunca lo ha sido (pero hoy podría empeorar mucho)
Demasiado importante para quedar en manos privadas. La neutralidad de la Red es lo único que la protege de los dueños de las infraestructuras, que se mueren por decidir que tráfico necesitan sus usuarios.
9 weeks ago
El canvi climàtic des d’una perspectiva de gènere
Les dones són majoria entre el nombre de morts en desastres naturals, com ara inundacions o sequeres extremes, amb catorze vegades més de possibilitats de morir.
climate  women 
9 weeks ago
Friction and silo dead-ends
Make it easier to post to your blog… But don’t make thoughtless re-sharing completely frictionless. That’s what leads to fake news spreading, why hateful tweets are exposed in algorithmic trends, and why safe communities must have some amount of curation.
blogging  socialnetworks 
10 weeks ago
The Dark Legacy of Gruinard Island
Operation Vegetarian. A team of military scientists demonstrated to Winston Churchill the lethality of anthrax and the feasibility of using it in infected linseed cakes.
10 weeks ago
Black Holes Are Simpler Than Forests and Science Has Its Limits
The very small and the very large can be quite basic. It’s everything in between that gets tricky. Astronomy is far simpler than the biological and human sciences. Reductionism is true in a sense. But it’s seldom true in a useful sense. More is different. Any process is computable, in principle. However, being able to compute something is not the same as having an insightful comprehension of it.
10 weeks ago
Un big data contra el cerdismo dominguero
La única forma es decirlo en plata. Hablando de mierda.
earth  sea 
10 weeks ago
Leiden’s Love Affair With Poems And Equations
Over one hundred poems carefully hand-painted on the exterior walls of buildings. And now some mathematical and physical formulas too.
cities  art  science  poetry 
10 weeks ago
The Wikipedia Competitor That's Harnessing Blockchain For Epistemological Supremacy
Everipedia: a neoliberal knowledge marketplace built on Wikipedia database and a token-based currency.
blockchain  wikipedia 
10 weeks ago
10 artículos de la Constitución que se incumplen sin que casi nadie se alarme
…se ha vigilado más el cumplimiento de lo que dice de las instituciones que de lo que dispone para los ciudadanos.
politics  spain 
10 weeks ago
Bitcoin: Seven questions you were too embarrassed to ask
1. What’s a bitcoin?
2. How did it get so valuable?
3. Why would I want to use Bitcoin?
4. How can it be worth $150 billion?
5. How do I get some?
6. How do I cash out?
7. Is it true that it wastes a ton of energy?
10 weeks ago
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