La brecha digital es ya una brecha escolar
Sorpasso de la escuela por el hogar y de la pública por la privada.
5 days ago
Hopefully Your Dog Doesn't Think You're Kind of a Jerk
Dogs and monkeys emotional response to antisocial manners.
7 days ago
Things Every Hacker Once Knew
Facts about ASCII, terminals, RS-232 and related technologies. Eric S. Raymond.
8 days ago
MOOCs: A Postmortem
Coursera, Udacity, etc., are dead as university competitors.
MOOC  university 
8 days ago
Les regles del joc del cooperativisme de plataforma
Alternatives a l'economia de plataforma d'Uber, Airbnb o BlaBlaCar.
12 days ago
The Philosophy of Teenage Language
Quine discovers the indeterminacy of cross-generational translation.
philosophy  fb 
13 days ago
Santa Cruz del Islote: a crowded utopia
Most densely populated island on Earth. 2.4 acres, 1,200 people.‬
15 days ago
¿Es su jefe incompetente o tiene un parásito en el cerebro?
Efectos de la toxoplasmosis en la personalidad de los líderes.
17 days ago
The Real Name Fallacy
‪Mandatory real-name policy doesn't improve online behavior. But it's good for advertising.‬
6 weeks ago
The Biggest Technology Failures of 2016
From algorithms that spread fake news to glowing plants that don't glow.
7 weeks ago
Our Digital Idiocy
A dangerous retreat into the private sphere?
7 weeks ago
A history of global living conditions in 5 charts
200 years or data. Is the world getting better or worse?
history  data  fb 
7 weeks ago
Why time management is ruining our lives
Putting the burden of modern economy on our shoulders as individuals.
7 weeks ago
Blockchain Misconceptions and the Future of Education
Not self-executing nor free, and it can't store everything.
blockchain  education 
9 weeks ago
CSS Reference
Visual guide to the most popular CSS properties.
css  design 
11 weeks ago
Marcos Ana
Mil pesetas en flores. Y un ataúd.
12 weeks ago
Why do dogs get bored with their toys?
Neophilia: they have a preference for novelty.
animals  fb 
november 2016
Who Will Command The Robot Armies?
Maciej Cegłowski. We innovated ourselves into this techno-mess.
politics  surveillance  technology 
november 2016
Revealing browser events used to monitor our online behaviour
november 2016
Pigs can be optimists or pessimists, scientists find
Some are go-getters, others are moody and see the glass as half-empty.
animals  psychology  fb 
november 2016
Identifying the Musical Tastes of Birds
A music streaming and recommendation service for birds.
animals  music  birds 
november 2016
Mistaken maps
Cartographers often made educated but wrong guesses. They also just made things up.
maps  fb 
november 2016
Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics.
art  graphics  programming  games 
november 2016
Les forques de la ira
Manuel Castells. I així va ser com un oligarca com Trump…
history  politics  EEUU 
november 2016
Numància, Sagunt i altres mites
"La Historia General de España" de Modesto Lafuente i el nacionalisme espanyol.
history  spain  fb 
november 2016
El fugaz romance entre Hollywood y la Unión Soviética
Publicidad del pacto con Stalin durante la II Guerra Mundial.
cinema  war  fb 
november 2016
A comprehensive guide to cognitive biases
Your brain doesn't want you to live in the real world.
psychology  fb 
october 2016
A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology
In the dark and satirical spirit of Ambrose Bierce, from App to Web.
education  technology  fb 
october 2016
Internet of Broken Things
A proprietary mess of interdependent services built on unstable business models.
october 2016
En la era de la prosa cipotuda
Entre la virilidad y la rimbombancia, el neocolumnismo de extremo centro.
literature  fb 
october 2016
The problem for people isn't advertising. It's tracking.
No less an invasion of privacy than it is in homes, cars, purses, pants and wallets.
google  privacy  surveillance 
october 2016
The Sunken City of Baiae
A Roman vortex of luxury and harbor of vice.
october 2016
Els textos escrits delaten el sexe
Amb una precisió d’un 84% en articles periodístics.
sex  writing  fb 
october 2016
El que li deu el gènere a la gramàtica
La sexualització del món en el llenguatge.
language  sexism 
october 2016
The Wrecked Bomber of Huu Tiep Lake
Part of the “Christmas Bombing” campaign against North Vietnam.
october 2016
For Alain Badiou, "Pokemon Go is the corruption of corruption"
Finding a good position or else stagnating in eternal adolescence.
philosophy  politics 
september 2016
In The Zone
That comes from "The Twilight Zone" and translates into "another world".
september 2016
The Incredible Ruins of 12 Abandoned Islands
Il y a d’autres mondes, mais ils sont au-delà des mers.
august 2016
When Robots Can Write
Companies that use algorithms to write stories.
robots  writing 
august 2016
The mystery of why you can't remember being a baby
Why does it take so long to form our first memory?
july 2016
The perfect breakfast for people with depression
Eggs with sprouted-grain toast and smashed avocado.
july 2016
Neuroeducació i videojocs bèl·lics
La indústria del videojoc i el joc amb les emocions.
gaming  war  peace  violence 
july 2016
Gameful Design
An alternative to gamification?
gaming  education 
july 2016
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