Oracle's Network Computer: Larry Ellison's Too-Early Idea
Oracle CEO sold the tech world on the Network Computer, a machine designed to kill the PC’s dominance. The problem? It was 15 years too early.
5 days ago
The New York Times (1974): J. D. Salinger Speaks About His Silence
"There is a marvelous peace in not publishing. It's peaceful. Still. Publishing is a terrible invasion of my privacy. I like to write. I love to write. But I write just for myself and my own pleasure."
literature  writing 
5 days ago
Cómo llegó la Biblia del Diablo al Gabinete de las Maravillas del excéntrico emperador Rodolfo II
…manuscritos extraños como el Voynich (un libro ilustrado, escrito en un alfabeto desconocido y un idioma incomprensible) y la vara de Moisés, así como lodo del valle de Hebrón, con el que Dios modeló a Adán. Además, heredó el ainkhurn, un supuesto cuerno de unicornio, y la copa de ágata, que la tradición consideraba como el Santo Grial.
7 days ago
Beyond #DeleteFacebook: More Thoughts on Embracing the Social Internet Over Social Media
…two additional approaches that individuals can put in place right now to begin their transition from social media to the social internet.
web  socialnetworks 
8 days ago
“De-tot-ònim”: un recurs antic però ben viu
Sinònim, antònim, topònim, corònim, orònim, hidrònim, talassònim, endotopònim, exònim exotopònim, fitotopònim, hagiotopònim, tautotopònim, anònim, autònim, pseudònim, al·lònim, autoctònim, biònim, acrònim, antropònim, autoglotònim, hiperònim, hipònim, cohipònim, homònim, heterònim, parònim, epònim, geosinònim, aptònim.
language  catalan 
10 days ago
Los silencios de nuestros amigos
Xavier Diez: "…sí sé qué pasará en las consciencias y pensamientos profundos de unos cuantos millones de catalanes que no somos nacionalistas, pero ahora, con más razón que nunca, nos han convertido en independentistas."
spain  catalunya  politics  history 
10 days ago
Nerea Barjola: “Alcàsser no deja de suceder y la única forma de pararlo es el feminismo”
Del mismo modo que el relato construido en torno a Jack El Destripador… sirvió para marcar los límites a las mujeres en un momento de transgresión, la narración sobre Alcàsser se utilizó para disciplinar a una generación de mujeres tratando como un suceso lo que es en realidad, dice la autora, “un régimen político”.
10 days ago
Inside the Jordan refugee camp that runs on blockchain
“Of course we could do all of what we’re doing today without using blockchain… my personal view is that the eventual end goal is digital ID, and beneficiaries must own and control their data.”
11 days ago
In blockchain we trust
The crypto bubble, like the dot-com bubble, is creating the infrastructure that will enable the technologies of the future to be built.
12 days ago
Why Zuckerberg’s 14-Year Apology Tour Hasn’t Fixed Facebook
Facebook is not a community; it is a regime of one-sided, highly profitable surveillance.
facebook  privacy 
12 days ago
New Theory Suggests Dinosaurs Were Already Dying When Asteroid Hit
New "biotic revenge hypothesis" suggests that dinosaurs were killed off by toxic plants and the inability to recognize its taste.
15 days ago
Why is Not Another
It is not an alternative silo: instead, it’s what you build when you believe that the web itself is the great social network.
web  blogging  microblogging 
16 days ago
Sleeping Twice A Day is Better, Healthier, and More Natural
A new study details how throughout history sleeping in two big chunks every day actually used to be the normal thing to do […] So what changed? We moved to a society that values mass productivity and efficiency over leisurely personal health.
sleep  health  economy 
18 days ago
Mastermind behind EUR 1 billion cyber bank robbery arrested in Spain
Modus operandi: phishing emails to employees → remote control of infected computers → access to internal banking network and ATM servers.
18 days ago
States that are passing laws to govern “smart contracts” have no idea what they’re doing
A smart contract is simply an “if-then” statement. An actual legal contract is much more complex. The bills seem to be little more than pro-crypto posturing meant to attract investment and entrepreneurs.
19 days ago
Battiato: Il re del mondo
Nel 1979, Franco Battiato arriva per la prima volta con <em>L'era del cinghiale bianco</em> a quella sintesi tra musica pop, fruibile, e musica colta, temi profondi e ironia, che sono la sua cifra stilistica. “Il Re del mondo” è la canzone paradigmatica dell'album ed è una delle prime che tratta il tema delle illusioni nella vita dell'uomo, rifacendosi ad antichi miti esoterici.
20 days ago
'Thousands of Companies Are Spying On You'
Transparency and regulation are the only answer to surveillance capitalism.
22 days ago
La no-llegenda de l’Espanya Negra
La paradoxa, és que contràriament al relat que s’intenta imposar a l’opinió pública espanyola, hi ha escassos nacionalistes entre els catalans.
22 days ago
It's Time For an RSS Revival
Tired of Twitter? Facebook fatigued? It's time to head back to RSS.
web  RSS 
22 days ago
El 'Titanic' y las langostas: una historia sobre Cataluña y la autonomía de lo político
En lo que entendemos como España, en los últimos 200 años, la república ha sido mucho más que la ausencia de rey, ha sido la forma que han tomado las ansias de cambio porque, a poco que se tenga olfato, se entiende que lo monárquico es el parapeto de la oligarquía.
spain  catalunya  politics 
22 days ago
Why Porn on the Blockchain Won't Doom Bitcoin
Just as you can write anything you like on the back of a transaction receipt, blockchains allow you to write arbitrary data along with your transaction.
blockchain  bitcoin 
24 days ago
Scientists think they found a new human organ—a fluid-filled “shock absorber”
Find needs to be confirmed, but it stands to raise a lot of basic biology questions.
health  biology 
25 days ago
The Next Cold War Is Here, and It's All About Data
Weeks before the GDPR goes into effect, the evidence is mounting that the EU’s approach will dominate […] Even in the United States, there are signs of movement toward embracing higher standards for data protection.
data  privacy 
25 days ago
System Fonts in CSS
…getting a feature into the spec is one thing and getting it into the browser is quite another. Luckily the adoption of <code>system-ui</code> has been quick.
css  fonts 
25 days ago
Every attempt to manage academia makes it worse
…as soon as you try to measure how well people are doing, they will switch to optimising for whatever you’re measuring, rather than putting their best efforts into actually doing good work.
education  organization 
25 days ago
Redirect FB algorithms now and 4 lessons from Cambridge Analytica
…correlations have their scientific merits (argh!), humans can be profiled in just 12 likes, anything measured can be used against us, and teachers seem more ethical than scientists.
facebook  surveillance 
25 days ago
We Cannot Build Peace on Empty Stomachs
John Boyd Orr, 1945. After all, famine is the greatest of all politicians.
politics  war 
27 days ago
Bitcoin's Academic Pedigree
The concept of cryptocurrencies is built from forgotten ideas in research literature. Bitcoin was unusual and successful not because it was on the cutting edge of research on any of its components, but because it combined old ideas from many previously unrelated fields.
bitcoin  blockchain 
28 days ago
25 Years of EdTech: Learning objects
Why did learning objects fail? 1) Overengineering 2) Definition debates 3) The reusability paradox 4) Unfamiliarity.
28 days ago
Monarquía como la belga o república como la helvética
Jaime Miquel, 2013. España es uno de los Estados más antiguos del mundo, pero nunca ha sido una nación.
politics  spain  catalunya 
28 days ago
Jack el Destripador en Lavapiés
Así pues, como el fiscal Torres Dulce y el cineasta Garci supieron ver en su desahogo holmesiano sobre el acabamiento del Madrid decimonónico, también en Lavapiés, Jack el Destripador es emprendedor inmobiliario.
29 days ago
Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones
If you granted permission to read contacts during Facebook's installation before Android 4.1, that also granted access to call and message logs.
facebook  privacy 
29 days ago
This Norwegian Town Hasn't Buried a Body Since 1950
Bodies buried in the permafrost were not decomposing because of the extreme cold. Scientists fear the remains of residents who died of the 1918 flu pandemic may still contain live strains of the virus.
4 weeks ago
China’s New Frontiers in Dystopian Tech
Facial-recognition technologies are proliferating, from airports to bathrooms.
4 weeks ago
Oh No We Are Number One: On Being Ranked 1st In The World
Although filling out forms and reporting to bureaucratic entities are tedious and time-consuming, the real victims of all of this are the people we serve: students, patients, citizens.
university  education 
4 weeks ago
‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower
At the end of which Kogan’s app, called thisismydigitallife, gave him permission to access their Facebook profiles. And not just theirs, but their friends’ too. On average, each “seeder” – the people who had taken the personality test, around 320,000 in total – unwittingly gave access to at least 160 other people’s profiles, none of whom would have known or had reason to suspect.
facebook  data  privacy 
4 weeks ago
Facebook y Cambridge Analytica nos ofrecen la última evolución de la democracia
Unas 270.000 personas habían aceptado formar parte del supuesto experimento académico. Gracias a las características de esa app, y a la incapacidad de Facebook de proteger la privacidad de sus usuarios, su alcance fue exponencialmente mayor.
socialnetworks  surveillance  privacy 
4 weeks ago
Laura Freixas: ¿Qué hacemos con Lolita?
La novela de Nabokov debe ser leída, analizada y utilizada para entender cómo el patriarcado manipula en su beneficio, y para nuestra desgracia, la cultura. Pero en ningún caso debe ser sacralizada.
literature  women 
5 weeks ago
Miren Etxezarreta: "Para sostener las pensiones hace falta una reforma fiscal integral"
¿Si la riqueza española se distribuye en torno a un 46% al trabajo y a un 54% al capital, por qué el 75% de los impuestos se pagan por IRPF e IVA, es decir, lo pagan los consumidores y los trabajadores, y no llega al 25% lo que paga el capital?
economy  spain  politics 
5 weeks ago
Project Riese: The Secret Nazi Tunnels in Poland
A massive underground complex and tunnel system. Führer’s intended headquarter or weapons factory?
war  history 
5 weeks ago
El Paquete
El Paquete Semanal (“The Weekly Packet”): a clandestine in-person file-sharing network that distributes hard drives and flash drives full of media across Cuba. Nobody quite knows how it is created.
networking  Cuba 
5 weeks ago
US spy lab hopes to geotag every outdoor photo on social media
Imagine if someone could scan every image on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then instantly determine where each was taken. The ability to combine this location data with information about who appears in those photos—and any social media contacts tied to them—would make it possible for government agencies to quickly track terrorist groups posting propaganda photos. (And, really, just about anyone else.)
privacy  surveillance  socialnetworks 
5 weeks ago
Portable Computer Pre-History: Portable Before Laptops
DYSEAC (1950, 20 tons) may have been the least-portable “portable” device ever created. It required two separate trailer vans to function.
Van No. 1 contains the control console, input-output, computer, storage, and 12 tons of refrigeration capacity. Its internal dimensions are approximately 39 x 7 x 9 feet and weighs about 12 tons. Van No. 2 contains DC power supplies, 6 tons of refrigeration capacity, and 1,700 cubic feet of spare space. This van also has internal dimensions of 39 x 7 x 9 feet. It weighs 8 tons.
5 weeks ago
La sembra sagnant de l’aviació feixista
Allò que s’accentuarà i “perfeccionarà” en la Segona Guerra Mundial, va començar a provar-se, i a practicar-se amb assiduïtat, a la Península. I, molt especialment, a l’arc mediterrani.
war  spain  history 
5 weeks ago
Sold: Isaac Newton's Notes on the Philosopher's Stone
The document details a months-long procedure of distillations and additions, heating and coolings, that end with the creation of “the Secret of Secrets,” the philosopher’s stone, which could transform lead into gold.
5 weeks ago
Building a Blockchain
Daniel van Flymen, and then Stephen Downes, have just learnt blockchains by building one. But: "This is just the tip of the iceberg".
5 weeks ago
The story behind the viral photo of a teacher in Ghana showing students Windows on a blackboard
The school has no computers even though students are expected to pass a national exam, including ICT, to progress to high school.
6 weeks ago
Cuando fuimos árabes: la posverdad sobre Al Andalus
Emilio González Ferrín. Ni hubo invasión islámica de la península Ibérica en 711 ni tampoco una reconquista cristiana casi 800 años después.
history  spain 
6 weeks ago
‘Dr. Strangelove’ Is Basically a Documentary
According to Daniel Ellsberg the scenarios involved aren't far from reality.
7 weeks ago
Ethereum’s smart contracts are full of holes
Sergey and colleagues (University College London) used a novel tool to analyze a sample of nearly one million Ethereum smart contracts, flagging around 34,000 as vulnerable.
7 weeks ago
Found: Details of Picasso's Plan for His Most Massive Work of Art
100-foot concrete monument that would have dominated USF campus in Tampa was never made. The State Board of Regents approved it on April 9, 1973, a day after Picasso’s death, but did not agree to fund its estimated $10 million budget.
7 weeks ago
Nokia, Vodafone To Install 4G on the Moon
First cosmic cellular network: module designed to transport and land two Audi rovers will also serve as an LTE base-station, allowing transfer of data and video back to Earth.
7 weeks ago
Manuel Castells: “Los globalizadores han sido nacionalizados. La democracia liberal ha colapsado”
…la red global de locos que se atreven a pensar en otro mundo y a luchar por él, comprometidos y enredados, es la única pócima a nuestros instintos asesinos como especie.
7 weeks ago
The Epic Story Behind Nokia’s Iconic Ringtone
Tàrrega’s biggest selling point was that he was long-dead. Nokia needed a sound free of expensive copyright claims.
8 weeks ago
Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Tokenization of Learning
There’s little precedent for any of these experiments. For what it's worth, Disney Dollars, though discontinued, can be purchased on eBay today for between $1 each to $14,300 for a mint-condition sheet.
blockchain  education 
8 weeks ago
Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon?
Patrick Reames had no idea why Amazon sent him a 1099 form saying he’d made almost $24,000 selling books via Createspace, the company’s on-demand publishing arm. Until he searched the site for his name and discovered someone has been using it to peddle a $555 book that’s full of nothing but gibberish.
8 weeks ago
Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans
We live in Philip K. Dick’s future, not George Orwell’s or Aldous Huxley’s. This does not look like totalitarianism unless you squint very hard indeed.
literature  internet  politics  sci-fi 
8 weeks ago
AI: the Ziggy Stardust Syndrome
Speed of light limits communication. Most advanced civilizations would “expand inward… not outward, where they’d lose patience waiting for feedback”. We wouldn’t be able to see them because, lost in their own thoughts, they’d have no interest in being seen.
9 weeks ago
Amazon owns my Echo, I’m just feeding it

<p>—Yeah, I feel like Alexa is a Trojan Horse.</p>
<p>—I don’t answer everything about horses yet. For trivia, try saying ‘give me a horse fact.’<p>
9 weeks ago
El negocio de la sanidad privada crece imparable a costa del deterioro del sistema público
Consultores privados atribuyen su auge a "las deficiencias en el sector sanitario público que sigue sufriendo las medidas restrictivas tomadas en 2012".
health  politics 
9 weeks ago
‘The Simpsons’ Has Predicted a Lot. Most of It Can Be Explained.
Writers rule on The Simpsons, not the actors… The result is a show packed with references to art, literature, pop culture, politics and science.
tv  predictions 
9 weeks ago
Let's Talk About Bitcoin's Insane Energy Consumption
…at a time when we lean on scientific development more than ever to fix the world’s problems, one of the most powerful computer networks in the world is doing idle work just to prove to others that it’s done work.
blockchain  bitcoin 
10 weeks ago
Sobre las 'portavozas'
O quizá para poder interpretar correctamente la naturaleza de ‘portavoza’ no haya que mirar en la morfología, sino que debamos observar el uso pragmático de la lengua.
language  gender 
10 weeks ago
A Map of the World's Largest Annual Human Migration
Chinese New Year, 2015. Baidu traced the travel of some 700 million people using its smartphone maps.
10 weeks ago
Adiós a John Perry Barlow, el primer activista de los derechos civiles online
…se intoxicó de la efervescencia tecnológica de la contracultura californiana y tuvo una visión temprana, certera y autocumplida de la Red.
10 weeks ago
"Toda cultura es naturalmente libre"
Mercè Molist entrevista a John Perry Barlow (2005). Hacer lo que no esperan que hagamos.
10 weeks ago
BrandYourself will scan your Facebook history before your future employers do
"I scanned my social media like a potential employer, and the results were scary."
11 weeks ago
Google and Facebook are watching our every move online. It's time to make them stop
76% of websites contain hidden Google trackers; 24% have hidden Facebook trackers.
facebook  privacy 
11 weeks ago
Las desigualdades económicas marcan el nivel de supervivencia de los pacientes de cáncer
Richard Sullivan: "La oncoplutocracia, mediante la que solo los pacientes y países ricos se benefician de los progresos contra el cáncer, tiene que parar".
health  politics 
11 weeks ago
How Photographers Captured the Incarceration of Japanese Americans During WWII
Japanese Americans had less than a week to register and pack up before they were moved to temporary detention centers. Each family was given a number. Then they were moved to one of ten camps across the country.
11 weeks ago
Panpsychism: The idea that consciousness is a fundamental feature of physical matter is gaining academic credibility
The materialist viewpoint states that consciousness is derived entirely from physical matter. It’s unclear, though, exactly how this could work.
physics  philosophy  consciousness 
11 weeks ago
Deanonymizing Tor: Your Bitcoin Transactions May Come Back To Haunt You
The researchers started with 88 unique bitcoin addresses from Tor hidden services, and then searched 5 billion tweets and 1 million pages on the Bitcoin Talk forum — ultimately linking 125 unique users to 20 Tor hidden services.
bitcoin  privacy 
12 weeks ago
The Man Trying to Fix Mount Everest's Towering Poop Problem
More than 26,000 pounds of human excrement is dumped at Mount Everest’s Base Camp annually.
12 weeks ago
Un món sense treball
Joan Sanchis i Muñoz. Les conseqüències socials i polítiques de l’automatització. L’ètica del treball com a obstacle.
economy  politics 
12 weeks ago
How to Spot a Communist Using Literary Criticism: A 1955 Manual from the U.S. Military
While a preference for long sentences is common to most Communist writing, a distinct vocabulary provides the more easily recognized feature of the "Communist Language."
literature  politics 
12 weeks ago
Refugiados: el misterioso coma de los niños en Suecia
"Creo que es una forma de autoprotección. Son como Blancanieves" (Elisabeth Hultcrantz, Médicos del Mundo).
war  neurology 
12 weeks ago
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