FIC: Friends and Benefits
In the script in Seth's head, he'd rip her clothes off and take her against the nearest wall as soon as they finally, mercifully get behind the closed door of his apartment. In reality, Frisbee needs to be taken out, and fed, and taken out again, and Amy has to call Will to check on the kids, and then Seth gets a text from Schur about the Sox and he and Amy both end up weighing in on the state of the bullpen.
favorite  2014  rpf:sethmeyers  rpf:amypoehler  pairing:seth/amy  fic:saturdaynightlive  rpf  het 
november 2014
the door to your room was the door to mine
Dante was wrong. There's another circle of Hell, and it's Anna's ten-year high school reunion.
byme  2013  yuletide:2013  pairing:anna/brittany  rpf  rpf:annakendrick  rpf:brittanysnow  femmeslash 
april 2014
Around and around and around. An immortality/reincarnation AU.
byme  2014  fic:pitchperfect  pairing:beca/chloe  character:becamitchell  character:chloebeale  femmeslash 
april 2014
we're walking our crooked path home
"Hey, how did you know you were into girls?" Elise asks suddenly.

"Why, are you looking?" Allison jokes, sipping her beer.

Elise shrugs. Allison gives her this look, her eyes all squinty and her mouth pursed to one side, like she both knows and isn't sure if Elise is fucking with her.
byme  2014  fic:camptakota  pairing:elise/allison  character:elisemiller  character:allisonhenry  femmeslash 
april 2014
FIC: it only comes in waves (it must be chemical) [coffeesomemore]
Something stutters in Beca’s brain (it’s Chloe, specifically Chloe’s bottom lip, her melodramatic puppy-dog eyes, the open collar of her plaid shirt, and the splash of her red hair around her shoulders. Beca’s trying to stop not-naming it, because that doesn’t make it go away). She clears her throat and says, “Thanks for the cookies, I mean.”

“You’re welcome. Spoiler alert, they’re delicious.”
favorite  pairing:beca/chloe  fic:pitchperfect  2013  femmeslash 
november 2013
kimmy jin and the year with the awkward girl and her misfit friends [sssammich]
After a turn for the awkward in the conversation, it seems only natural for the Mitchell genetic pool, she’s had enough of listening to it and announces that she’s going to the Activities fair. Just as she extends her hand to the door, she hears Beca behind her.

“I’m going to the Activities Fair with my super good friend, Kimmy Jin.”

Her new roommate eventually stops following her when they reach the perimeter of the Activities Fair. She makes her way towards the Korean Student Association booth to mend her broken spirit about her ex-best friend, ignoring Beca completely.
2013  fic:pitchperfect  gen  character:becamitchell  character:kimmyjin 
june 2013
Naught But Bones [stupidbloodyidiots]
The two of them sprint across the campus lawn, guided by the moon and the Blue Light emergency system, hysterical and panting madly. It must be two or three o’clock by now—this part of the school is deserted, a veritable ghost town. Amy’s not totally sure how they got here, almost half a mile away from the party, but she’s certain running was involved. She clings to their wizard staff, which has sprouted several feet.

“I think we’ve lost them,” yells Patches. He sits down in the middle of the grassy expanse, and Amy laughs for no reason, collapsing beside him. The academic buildings that make up the heart of campus rise up around them, toward the stars.
2013  fic:doctorwho  pairing:eleven/amy  pairing:amy/rory  character:eleventhdoctor  character:amypond  character:rorywilliams  het  au  favorite 
june 2013
You Can't Become Unreal Again [sexonanstick]
Beca should have known, she should have anticipated, but nothing would have prepared her for the feeling like wanting to crawl out of her own fucking skin. The chains hold her tight and there's nowhere to go, but the pain isn't just one finger or only her hand now, it's searing all the way up her arm, shooting off signals all through her brain, burning in her throat as she screams.

And boy, does she scream.
2013  fic:pitchperfect  femmeslash  pairing:beca/chloe  character:becamitchell  character:chloebeale  au  favorite 
june 2013
Do Not Remove Cover [sexonastick]
One of the (several) articles about the night Beca Stark lost her virginity -- though thank god none of them actually refer to it that way, the stranger didn't know her nearly well enough -- makes mention of a tattoo on her back. It's turned into a joke, though that's not really a surprise.
The tattoo, high along the shoulder blade, is designed to look like some part of a damaged machine or cyborg. A partial-human whose flesh has been flayed, revealing the robotics below.

"Horrific," the woman is quoted as saying. "Beca Stark's obsession with her own disability is troubling."

She goes on to describe (in great, excessive detail) how Beca forced her hand into the cavernous hole inside her chest and then "grew extremely aroused" at the intrusion.

Okay, well.

The tattoo is real, at least.
2013  femmeslash  fic:pitchperfect  pairing:beca/chloe  character:becamitchell  character:chloebeale  au 
june 2013
FIC: Colliding Upwards, Moving Down [Care]
In retrospect, Nick probably shouldn't have traded his shirt for magic beans. Yes, this is a bodyswap fic.
2013  byme  fic:newgirl  pairing:nick/jess  character:nickmiller  character:jessicaday  het 
april 2013
when you wish upon a star (or bury some mustard seeds outside your place of work) you look like an insane person (but i'm into that, i guess) [Kindness]
"I swear to God, if you change the channel to that fish-catching show, I will stab you in the throat."

"You're really violent, you know that? You should look into that with someone."
yuletide:2012  2012  fic:themindyproject  pairing:mindy/danny  character:mindylahiri  character:dannycastellano  het 
march 2013
FIC: A Girl Worth Fighting For [hapakitsune]
"No," Meg agrees fondly. She eyes Aurora sharply. "He isn't who you're here for, is he?"

"No," Aurora says quickly. "No, of course not."

Meg relaxes. Her possessive streak is a mile wide and has ended in more than one fist-fight – well, with Meg throwing punches and the poor target of her rage attempting to fend her off with pom poms or textbooks or, memorably, a saucepan seized from Tiana's unsuspecting hands.

"So." Meg arches her eyebrows, smirking. "Who is it, then? Robbie? Shang? Tarzan?"

"God, no," Aurora says involuntarily, and she looks, reflexively, down to where Mulan is practicing passes with Ling.

"Oh, I see how it is," Meg drawls, and Aurora feels herself flush, hot and inevitable, and she grabs her bag and hightails it out of there.
fic:disneyprincesses  pairing:aurora/mulan  yuletide:2012  2012  femmeslash  au 
march 2013
FIC: the plastic dwarf warlord in the cereal box [nirav]
They sneak around behind Aubrey’s back, finding each other in bar bathrooms and Chloe’s car and apartments when no one else is there.  It takes four months for Beca to curl around Chloe’s tired body one night and whisper I’m in love with you into the back of Chloe’s neck, and Please don’t love me back and murmured monologues about I’m just like my dad and I don’t know how to not be alone. 

Chloe doesn’t move, forcing her breathing to remain steady and her eyes shut, because Beca never could speak freely in the daylight, because Beca is the most stubborn and least open person Chloe’s ever met, because Beca will run before she’ll ever consider staying.
fic:pitchperfect  pairing:beca/chloe  character:becamitchell  character:chloebeale  femmeslash  2012 
march 2013
FIC: this tightrope's made for walkin' [irishmizzy]
Eventually Chloe leans in close, her forehead against Beca’s temple when she says, “I think you’re gonna be okay.” She kisses her cheek. Beca’s mouth goes dry and her entire body goes hot. It’s probably the hangover.

Beca groans. “I think I’m gonna throw up.”

She lets Chloe drag her to McDonald’s anyway. It takes half a bottle of Gatorade, two orders of hash browns, and three stories about Chloe’s work nemesis, Veronica, to get her feeling human again but hey. Better late than never.
fic:pitchperfect  pairing:beca/chloe  character:becamitchell  character:chloebeale  yuletide:2012  femmeslash  favorite  2012 
march 2013
FIC: Paler Than Grass [philalethia]
Joan doesn’t realize how often Sherlock texts her until she and Marty start spending more time together. He sends her ones that read, Melted measuring spoon. Don’t ask; and, UPS pckg 4u—book? In ur room; and her (least) favorite, BORED.
fic:elementary  character:sherlockholmes  character:joanwatson  pairing:sherlock/joan  2013  het 
march 2013
FIC: How the mouth changes its shape [breathedout]
Sherlock Holmes, if truth be told, made her headmistress a bit nervous—and, consequently, a bit tetchy. Joyce wasn’t proud of it, but there you were. It was only that, in her nearly three decades in upper administration, she liked to think she had encountered most student ‘types,’ and could rise to the challenges they presented. Certainly, she had met with bright students before, even exceedingly bright; she had dealt handily with a spate of combative attitudes and behaviour problems; and had quashed the sense of entitlement in many a daughter of a moneyed family. She really felt she ought to be equal to any student who crossed her threshold.
fic:sherlock  pairing:sherlock/john  genderswap  femmeslash  au  2012 
march 2013
FIC: Con Affetto [fearlessfan]
Beca starts typing into the Word document because she feels dumb just staring at it. She types, Get it together, Beca. Get it together.

She types those words seventeen times before she can get herself to focus back on the paper, but even then it's a half-effort, because she keeps finding herself looking up and across the table at Chloe. She never catches her looking back.
yuletide:2012  2012  pairing:beca/chloe  fic:pitchperfect  character:becamitchell  character:chloebeale  femmeslash  forme 
march 2013
FIC: you carried romance in the palm of your hand [Care]
Beca spends the weeks before Christmas cramming for finals and barely speaking to anyone, the exception primarily being Cynthia Rose, since they live in the same room.

Or: the very slow process by which Beca Mitchell figures out what she wants.
byme  fic:pitchperfect  pairing:beca/chloe  character:becamitchell  character:chloebeale  femmeslash  2013 
march 2013
FIC: get loved, make more [allthingsholy]
There’s a card in the box, thick paper covered in loopy letters on one side: To Lydia, Happy birthday! Can’t wait to see everyone at Christmas. Say hi to your folks. Love, Gigi

Lydia loops the scarf around her neck. The color is perfect against her hair. She wears it every day for a week.
fic:lizziebennetdiaries  femmeslash  2013  character:lydiabennet  character:gigidarcy  pairing:lydia/gigi  favorite 
february 2013
FIC: Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property [helenish]
Neville stares at him, unblinking, and then says "Do you want me to tell them that I had to marry you?"

"I guess not," Draco says.

"Right, so. We corresponded. We had planned to wait until I finished school, but decided not to. Got it?"

"How will I ever remember such a complicated cover story?" Draco says, deadpan, and Neville, suddenly, smirks down at him. It's gone just as quickly, Neville's face shading back into resigned politeness.
fic:harrypotter  slash  pairing:neville/draco  character:nevillelongbottom  character:dracomalfoy  au 
january 2013
FIC: your plus one [RD]
Karen doesn’t assume she is Matt’s girlfriend. She doesn’t assume they are in a relationship. Matt’s major export in affection is through out-right piss-taking, and he uses words like chum and partner in crime and I’m very fond of her. He is far too flitty to let himself be pinned down by the boyfriend label – so old fashioned. So unhip. Matt is hip. He says this a lot, mostly ironic but a little bit genuine.
favorite  2010  het  pairing:matt/karen  rpf:karengillan  rpf:mattsmith  rpf  fic:doctorwho 
june 2012
FIC: might be holding your hand, but i'm holding it loose [lastling]
He hands her a plate of jammy dodgers and thinks, Tonight.. Because the warmth he carries around with him is like the stifling heat before a thunderstorm, and perhaps after the storm breaks he can go around like a normal person again.
favorite  2011  rpf  het  pairing:matt/karen  rpf:karengillan  rpf:mattsmith  fic:doctorwho 
june 2012
FIC: what would an angel say? the devil wants to know. [lastling]
“Are you going to kiss me any time this century?” she asks, sounding vaguely annoyed and amused at the same time. “Yeah, I was planning on it, actually,” says Matt.
favorite  het  2010  pairing:matt/karen  rpf:karengillan  rpf:mattsmith  rpf  fic:doctorwho 
june 2012
FIC: Vita Longa [sam_storyteller]
Rufus remembers a childhood of McDonalds and flush toilets and cars, science classes, bullies, and the fact that he wasn't the town freak only because nobody could out-freak Amy, at least not in Leadworth. Leadworth was the town. His name was Rory Williams.
favorite  pairing:eleven/amy  pairing:eleven/rory  pairing:amy/rory  character:eleventhdoctor  character:amypond  character:rorywilliams  slash  het  2010  fic:doctorwho 
june 2012
FIC: break in the back door and turn it up [Care]
The first weekend that they manage to have off at the same time, Matt comes up to Glasgow.
pairing:matt/karen  byme  2012  het  rpf  fic:doctorwho  rpf:mattsmith  rpf:karengillan 
may 2012
FIC: how it was with your hands on my shoulders [Care]
When everyone in the world thinks you fancy your co-star, you start to think there's a grain of truth in it.
rpf:karengillan  rpf:mattsmith  byme  2012  het  pairing:matt/karen  rpf  fic:doctorwho 
april 2012
FIC: The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords) [Netgirl_y2k]
Dear Amelia Pond's Aunt,

I have borrowed your niece for adventures through time and space. Will bring her back tomorrow(ish). Don't worry, she'll be perfectly safe(ish).

Yours Sincerely,
The Doctor (The Last of the Time Lords)

P.S. You now have an extra room upstairs, no need to thank me.
P.P.S. I crushed your garden shed, I'm sorry.
2010  favorite  au  gen  character:eleventhdoctor  character:ameliapond  fic:doctorwho 
april 2012
FIC: After All These Years [gretazreta]
"Like this," he says. "I'd kiss you this way," and his hands are in her hair, mussing it, tangling and using it to pull her in closer. His arms are strong and warm and pull her in close and safe, and his mouth is wide against hers.
2010  favorite  het  rpf  fic:revolutionaryroad  rpf:leodicaprio  rpf:katewinslet  pairing:kate/leo 
december 2011
FIC: Texts From Cephalopods
Octopus: running running running omg running
gen  fic:misc  humor  2011  yuletide:2011 
december 2011
FIC: What to Expect When Expecting
"Oh my God," Leslie wails to the camera, wide-eyed. "They're going to be parents!"
ensemble  gen  pairing:andy/april  fic:parksandrecreation  het  2011  yuletide:2011 
december 2011
FIC: Pancakes in the Age of Enlightenment
"That's my kid in there," he says, pointing at Leslie's rounded belly, "and given my romantic history, it's probably the only one I'll ever have. It's my duty as a father and an American not to stand idly by while you and Ann go gallivanting all over town, choosing a namby-pamby gender-neutral nursery theme and playing my child foreign language tapes in the womb! Do you want to raise a patriot or a pot-smoking Communist? And while we're on the subject, what kind of boy's name is Blaise? Are you high right now?"
pairing:ron/leslie  fic:parksandrecreation  het  2011  yuletide:2011 
december 2011
FIC: Apocalips
“Hi there, sandwich sales person! Mmm, steak? I shouldn't, but for such a charming man as yourself I will!” Dave seemed more relaxed than before, failing to notice the camera entirely. “Certainly, ma'am. Something meaty always goes down well. Can I get you any condiments?”
pairing:dave/penny  fic:happyendings  het  2011  yuletide:2011 
december 2011
FIC: the heart will not retreat
Hannah isn't sure how this is supposed to go, the morning after the PG-13 one-night stand.
het  pairing:hannah/jacob  fic:crazystupidlove  2011  yuletide:2011 
december 2011
FIC: The Lion of Caprona
Their first breakfast at Casa Montana was a noisy one. All of the Montanas seemed to have something to say, a lot of which was to their guests. The younger ones were smitten with Klartch.
femmeslash  pairing:janet/julia  fic:chrestomanci  2011  yuletide:2011 
december 2011
FIC: Four Weddings and a Funeral
Glancing over at Mary Anne's red eyes and heartbroken expression, I felt so guilty for zoning out. But I kept my composure and said, "Tigger was the most fashionable cat I know. Stripes are always in, and gray goes with everything."
femmeslash  pairing:claudia/stacey  fic:babysittersclub  2011  yuletide:2011 
december 2011
FIC: count me in, or out, or off (but count me down to you)
"I'm leaving for Prague next Thursday, and when I get back in the fall I'll be starting Yale's JD/MBA program," says Rebecca promptly. "I was working for my father's foundation for a while, but I got tired of being asked pathetic small-talk questions. Like yours!"
femmeslash  pairing:rebecca/casey  fic:greek  2011  yuletide:2011 
december 2011
FIC: Of Girls And Wolves
"Teach me to be a wolf, then," I whisper. I lean forward towards those ruby lips, and she kisses me fiercely. Her teeth pierce my lip, and I taste blood.
pairing:redridinghood/wolf  fic:fairytale  femmeslash  2011  yuletide:2011 
december 2011
FIC: Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better
“You like girls.” And just like that, some previously overlooked piece in her mind smoothly slides into place. But it’s not that easy. It can’t be; nothing ever is when it comes to Annie. “I don’t think—” “—and have pillow fights and—” “Please stop—” “You want to grab some breasts and scissor some vaginas—” “Megan!” “—you want to book two first class seats on the ‘Gina Express—” “Oh god…” “—become a fluent punani persuader—“ “What does that even mean?”
pairing:annie/helen  fic:bridesmaids  femmeslash  2011  yuletide:2011 
december 2011
FIC: All the Little Lives We Could Have Lived
She was a great kisser. Leo would bet all the money he had that she was also amazing in bed.
favorite  het  yuletide:2011  2011  pairing:kate/leo  fic:titanic  rpf:leodicaprio  rpf:katewinslet 
december 2011
FIC: This Is Not A Fairytale [calenlily]
Rachel’s sixteenth birthday was notable in three ways: it was the last day of the school year, the day of her first kiss, and her last day in her childhood home.
fic:fairytale  femmeslash  forme  newyearsresolution:2011  2011 
november 2011
FIC: Cat's Cradle [annakovsky]
"But," Marianne interrupts. "What would happen if Cat turned out to be bad? I mean, not Cat. But what if there was only one other nine-lived enchanter in the world and he was murdering people and, I don't know, being a tyrant? Then who would be Chrestomanci?"
fic:chrestomanci  pairing:cat/gwendolen  character:chrestomanci  character:catchant  incest  yuletide:2009  2009 
october 2011
FIC: To the Victor, the Spoil [annakovsky]
Unlike everybody else in the Capitol, Haymitch isn't surprised. This is his twenty-fifth Hunger Games and there's not much he doesn't know about how they work. How the Capitol works.
fic:thehungergames  pairing:katniss/haymitch  pairing:finnick/katniss  het  2010 
october 2011
FIC: Suggestions (And Mallomars) [mosca]
"What was that?" Paris says. "A second kiss," Rory says. "Okay," Paris says, "but we're going to miss lunch."
femmeslash  fic:gilmoregirls  pairing:rory/paris  2004 
october 2011
FIC: Unbearable Weirdness of Being [klynkey]
"Oh, piss on Chesterton!" Paris exclaimed. "He was obsessed with heretics! What do heretics know about the human condition?"
femmeslash  fic:gilmoregirls  pairing:rory/paris  2002 
october 2011
FIC: Of Dogs and Children; or, How Christopher Chant Became a Father [cshaltar]
When Christopher swept back in a few minutes later, Millie simply put the baby name book in front of her face."Glad to see you're reading up," Christopher said as he sailed by. "We wouldn't want two kids with names like Cornelius." Millie sniffed.
fic:chrestomanci  het  yuletide:2007  2007  pairing:christopher/millie 
october 2011
FIC: La Familia [chrissie]
Then the door opened and Chrestomanci entered, more sober than usual in a slate-colored dressing gown lined with navy-blue silk, the embroidery so restrained Cat almost overlooked it.
fic:chrestomanci  gen  yuletide:2007  2007  favorite 
october 2011
FIC: You Sent Me to Thailand (I Ended Up In France) [ChibiRHM]
Like, right now I want to know who everyone would rather go out with, Beyonce or Sasha Fierce. If you ask these questions everyone's like "oh, hmm, that's such a deep question BJ" and if I ask these questions they're like "Mindy, don't be retarded, they're the same person".
fic:theoffice  rpf  het  yuletide:2008  2008  pairing:bj/mindy 
october 2011
FIC: A Strange New Story Every Time [gyzym]
"DRINK ME!" it says, in large underlined letters, and, smaller, below, "Guess I never realized how much better it would be with someone else who loved her. Thanks. V."
fic:veronicamars  het  2011  pairing:logan/veronica  favorite 
october 2011
POEM: Catch a Body [Oliver Bendorf]
but I do believe that if
your mother looks radiant in violet
you should tell her, or when a juvenile
sparrow thrashes its wings in dustpiles
and reminds you of a lover’s eyelashes,
you should say so.
poem  2011  poet:bendorf 
october 2011
FIC: Cover of Night [tosca1390]
She curls her fingers into his thin shirt and presses her lips to the line of his jaw. “Say it again,” she whispers, heart thudding hard in her ears.
fic:revenge  het  2011  pairing:amanda/jack 
october 2011
FIC: Leznupar [AnonEhouse]
Leznupar wasn't supposed to leave her quarters. That was one of the first things Maam had told her. Right after 'Your parents sold you to me for a sack of seeds'. Her parents had been worried about the hydroponic food and air recycling system for months and kept looking at her when they talked about it, so this shouldn't really have been such a surprise.
rapunzel  femmeslash  newyearsresolution:2011  2011  forme  favorite  crack  fic:fairytale 
october 2011
FIC: Subverting the Dominant Paradigm [Lila Futuransky]
Maybe if witches took over the world they would make it like the stories her mum used to tell her, where Girls Could Do Anything, only a more magical version. That might not be a bad thing.
fic:chrestomanci  femmeslash  yuletide:2009  2009  favorite  forme  character:janetchant 
october 2011
FIC: Real Good Place [sundancekid]
"Better than Ted," Robin says. They're parked in lawn chairs now, drinking beers (strictly in order to replenish their supply of cans, of course). "He only hit one, and it scared him. He shrieked like a girl."
fic:himym  robinscherbatsky  gen  yuletide:2008  2008  forme 
october 2011
FIC: One of Many Circles [alice]
A river runs through the middle of St Statias. Eventually it turns into the Thames, then the Nile, then the Amazon, but the bit of it that’s in St Statias is narrow and doesn’t look like anything special.
fic:13waysoflookingatablackbird  femmeslash  yuletide:2010  2010  favorite  forme 
october 2011
FIC: Bury Me in an Avalanche of Tingles [cashewdani]
When he opens his eyes, her face is much closer to his than he would have suspected. "I've missed you too."
fic:gossipgirl  het  2008  pairing:dan/blair  pairing:chuck/blair 
october 2011
FIC: All the Little Cuts [cashewdani]
One night, while they’re watching The Royal Tenenbaums, he notices her padding around the loft barefoot, and it does something weird to his chest. She looks like she fits there, her hair pulled back in a ponytail and knowing exactly where the tortilla chips are in the cabinet. He watches her go up on tiptoe to reach them on the shelf.
fic:gossipgirl  het  2008  pairing:dan/blair 
october 2011
FIC: A Thousand Luscious Splinters [cashewdani]
One day, while they’re in The Gap so he can get a new messenger bag, she gets convinced into buying cotton t-shirts and flip flops that she has to keep at Dan’s so Dorota doesn’t start asking questions.
fic:gossipgirl  het  2008  pairing:dan/blair  pairing:chuck/blair 
october 2011
FIC: Life under the Observer Effect [annakovsky]
Pam looks up and makes a hilarious face at him, like she's amused and surprised and kind of making fun of him, all at once. "Ryan Howard," she says. "Do you want to be my boooooyfriend?" She says 'boyfriend' like she's a seventh grader.
fic:theoffice  het  2008  favorite  pairing:jim/pam  pairing:ryan/pam 
october 2011
FIC: Leave No Man Behind [Clio]
"So you were fucking," Lily said. "So what if we were?" Robin said. "Robin Scherbatsky," _____ said, "you are in love with your husband." "Shit!" Robin said.
fic:himym  het  yuletide:2007  2007  favorite  pairing:barney/robin 
october 2011
FIC: The Failure of Einstein's Universe [annakovsky]
Sheldon looks surprised. "Why is it freaking you out? It's a joke based on how ludicrous it is that Penny and I would ever be in any kind of romantic relationship."
fic:thebigbangtheory  het  yuletide:2008  2008  favorite  pairing:penny/sheldon 
october 2011
FIC: Boston Marriage [jae_w]
"'If only you knew how my heart beats when I think of you and it yearns and pants to gaze, if only for one second upon your lovely face.' Angelina Weld Grimke wrote that to the woman she called her wife. I don't think that sounds much like settling."
fic:gilmoregirls  femmeslash  2005  favorite  pairing:rory/paris 
october 2011
FIC: Three Letters Emily Gilmore Never Sent [jae_w]
Dear Richie, I've run away to join the gypsies in New York City. See you in September! Your darlingest, Emily
fic:gilmoregirls  gen  2006  favorite  character:emilygilmore 
october 2011
FIC: In Another City We Were Lovers [i_am_girlfriday]
She tries to sound brave, but there’s a lump in the back of her throat that makes it impossible. “I hated it. Every word.”
fic:gossipgirl  het  2011  pairing:dan/blair 
october 2011
FIC: Dirty Pretty Things [everything_inme]
It takes her half an hour to figure out where the loft is and her feet are bleeding when he answers the door. “I broke up with Chuck and my shoes are too big and my feet are bleeding and I hate you,” she tells him. Dan looks amused, but then he looks her up and down and seems to realize how pathetic she really is. She hates herself so much.
fic:gossipgirl  het  2009  favorite  pairing:dan/blair  pairing:chuck/blair 
october 2011
FIC: before the glaciers drown us [irishmizzy]
He grabs her tie and wraps it loosely around his fist, tugging her down to meet his eye level. She puts her hands on his knees so she doesn't tip over, and Dan forgets what he was going to say. Blair, still smirking, arches an eyebrow expectantly. When she licks her lips he involuntarily tightens his grip on her tie. Oh God, seriously, what was he going to say?
fic:gossipgirl  het  2008  favorite  pairing:dan/blair 
october 2011
FIC: Pack Up Your Bags, It's Never Too Late! [annakovsky] and [kyrafic]
In an interview, Jim says to Ryan-the-camera-guy, "Uh, yeah, so, you know, Pam hasn't ever been to the west coast, and, well. I guess we're getting married. Fictionally. I mean, what can I say? Ladies fictionally love me."
fic:theoffice  het  2006  favorite  pairing:jim/pam 
october 2011
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