Tips/Guidelines for writing test cases
In this article I will talk about basics tops on how to write test cases, what is test case, why use Test Case Management Tools, test case template & How to handle Test case maintenance.
10 weeks ago
Enable or Disable Domain Users to Sign in with PIN to Windows 10 | Tutorials
How to Enable or Disable Domain Users to Sign in with PIN to Windows 10    Information Windows Hello in Windows 10 enables users to sign in
windows  pin  signin 
march 2019
A successful Git branching model »
A Git branching strategy for developing and releasing software.
november 2018
KDE Help Center could't launch
sudo apt-get install kinit kio kio-extras kded5
ubuntu  tellico  help 
july 2018
Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""
git  ssh 
december 2017
HTTP to HTTPS redirects on IIS 7.x and higher
We want all the requests (both HTTP & HTTPS) to be redirected on HTTPS
iis  https 
march 2016
How to enter Unicode characters in Microsoft Windows
This is how to enter any Unicode character in Microsoft Windows.

There are definitely other (more efficient) ways to do it, but this should work in a pinch.

I tested this on Windows XP and Windows 2003. If you try it on earlier versions, let me know what you find out and I'll update this document.
february 2016
How can I convert google chrome's .keyIdentifier to something reasonable?
//Google chrome retardedness
if(event.keyIdentifier) {
keyCode = parseInt(event.keyIdentifier.substr(2), 16);
//not that the other browsers are any closer to something systematic and logical
else {
keyCode = event.keyCode;
javascript  keyboard  browser 
february 2016
Virtual Machine (VM), Windows Virtual PC & BrowserStack : Microsoft Edge Dev
est Microsoft Edge and versions of IE6 through IE11 using free virtual machines you download and manage locally.
testing  ie  microsoft  vm 
january 2016
Handling user input in HTML5 Canvas-based games
Developers with a background in Flash or Silverlight are often surprised that applications written for HTML5 Canvas offer no special accommodations in terms of handling user input. Essentially, HTML user input involves using an event-handling system built into browsers since the earliest days of JavaScript-enabled web browsers; there's nothing specific to HTML5 for detecting and handling user input. For example, the browser can provide low-level feedback indicating which coordinate (x,y) the user has clicked on, and that's about it.

Handling user interaction is no different than any other low-level game architecture. There are no built-in abstractions to notify you when the user has interacted with a specific object that has been rendered on the Canvas. This provides a great degree of low-level control over how you want to handle these events. As long as you can keep various browser quirks at bay, you can ultimately tune the handling of the events for maximum efficiency according to a unique application—rather than being tied to a specific implementation.

In this article, learn techniques for handling user interaction in HTML Canvas-based games. Examples illustrate how to handle keyboard, mouse, and touch-based events. Strategies for broadcasting events to game objects, and mobile compatibility, are also covered.
canvas  html5  keyboard  javascript  mouse  touch  event 
january 2016
A native implementation of TLS (and various other cryptographic tools) in JavaScript.
crypto  javascript 
december 2015
Implement the Observer Pattern in TypeScript
I’ve been making the case to people in my little corner of the world that TypeScript lets us front end developers implement tried and true software design patterns in a more “natural” way than we can with plain old JavaScript. This post describes how to implement the Observer pattern.
designpattern  observer  typescript  javascript 
december 2015
Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language
This is a set of coding conventions and rules for use in JavaScript programming. It is inspired by the Sun document Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language. It is heavily modified of course because JavaScript is not Java.

The long-term value of software to an organization is in direct proportion to the quality of the codebase. Over its lifetime, a program will be handled by many pairs of hands and eyes. If a program is able to clearly communicate its structure and characteristics, it is less likely that it will break when modified in the never-too-distant future.

Code conventions can help in reducing the brittleness of programs.

All of our JavaScript code is sent directly to the public. It should always be of publication quality.

Neatness counts.
programming  style  javascript 
november 2015
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