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How a Florida kid’s “stupid app” saved his family’s home and landed him on the main stage at Facebook
Michael Sayman is not your average tech entrepreneur. For one thing, he’s 17 years old and started making money off iOS apps at the age of 13, rivaling even Mark Zuckerberg’s babe-like founder status. He taught himself to code using online tutorials he found via Google. For another thing, he lives
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may 2014 by calebhicks
Forget Tech Startups. Now 'Microbusinesses' Drive Job Creation
Politicians like to say small businesses drive job creation. Journalists like to call politicians out for using self-serving clichés. That may explain the attention paid last week to a report arguing…
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august 2013 by calebhicks
Is being an entrepreneur really a viable option?
>We must show people that starting something from nothing, whatever that may be, is a viable possibility.

To promote entrepreneurship, students need to believe that it is a real option for them.
july 2013 by calebhicks

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