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Binary Frameworks in Swift - Peter Steinberger at dotSwift 2018
The ABI describes how the data is laid out in memory, how the type metadata is stored, how function names are mangled, what the calling conventions are exactly, how calls into the runtime are made, and of course, the whole standard library.
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5 weeks ago by buk
GitHub - tarun567/SpeakerBoxSwift: CallKit Sample project by Apple
CallKit Sample project by Apple. Contribute to tarun567/SpeakerBoxSwift development by creating an account on GitHub.
callkit  apple  samplecode  github  swift 
5 weeks ago by buk
Flight School Guide to Swift Codable
Last week, I launched @flightdotschool.

You might be wondering why I wrote a 140 page, il…
json  swift  codeable  mattt  gumroad  tobuy  today 
april 2018 by buk
Functional architecture for Swift – Hacker Noon
ArchitectureKit is a library that tries to enforce correctness and simplify the state management of applications and systems. It helps you write applications that behave consistently, and are easy to…
ios  swift  architecture 
january 2018 by buk
TimelineCards – A Swift iOS UI Component For Interactive Timeline Feeds
🧐 TimelineCards – A Swift iOS UI Component For Interactive Timeline Feeds via @maniacdev #iosdev
ios  swift  framework  library  cards  ui  iosdev 
december 2017 by buk
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