Gamzee<3<Dave, Violence, Possible Non-con
Karkat eventually sees that his 'no inter species sloppy makeouts' rule is a losing battle and gives up on it. But he does put his foot down about blackrom. No caliginous interactions with the humans are allowed. He is very strict about this, and he actually gets everyone to follow his orders. This rule is entirely because Karkat does not want Gamzee having a relapse and/or murdering Dave.

Somehow, Dave finds out that Karkat is forbidding Gamzee from persuing kissmesistude with him, and interprets the protective gesture as Karkat saying he wouldn't be able to handle it. He takes matters into his own hands and provokes Gamzee.

Turns out, he really can't handle it. He was expecting some bickering, an angry rap off, some mind games, angry makeouts, but Gamzee goes full on subjuggulator, and Dave is terrified. Whether or not he actually rapes Dave is up to anon, as is the ending.

TL;DR: Dave bites off more than he can chew, and Gamzee lives up to his name as the Bard of Rage.

Bonus for having Gamzee intimidate Dave with his collection of corpses and heads.
meme2  m/m  char:dave  char:gamzee  ship:dave/gamzee  fill:none  kink:violence  kink:noncon  quadrant:caliginous 
july 2012
Empress Feferi ♣ Karkat ♣ Troll Empire, AU
After Feferi grows up and becomes empress, she and Karkat develop an understanding.
Any time she verges on acting similar to her ancestor the former Imperial Condesce, Karkat is to slap her over the head until she comes back to her senses.

And thus a great golden era of peace, prosperity and equal rights was born.
meme2  char:feferi  char:karkat  f/m  gen  fill:none  kink:plotty.fic  kink:au  quadrant:ashen 
july 2012
Eridan/multiple and/or Equius/Gamzee, slavery and protection
Highbloods, any troll above true blue - Equius - have the right to take consorts or concubines to fill buckets with them for the drones instead of actually filling their quadrants - or sometimes as well as filling their quadrants. A concubine is pretty much a slave, while a consort is a spouse of sorts, but not an equal the way a quadrant is supposed to be. It's looked down on, but it is allowed, and it protects the concubines/consorts from culling as long as their owner does fill a pail with them for the drones. Even a red-blooded mutant, or a sopor addict. And if the heiress were to give up her status to join another troll's harem (as a concubine and therefore a slave) she wouldn't be expected to face the Condesce and the Empress wouldn't be allowed to kill her. Equius could claim two consorts or concubines before recruitment to the fleet, Gamzee could claim four - if he wasn't at risk of being culled for addiction himself - and Eridan could take up to six with him.

Three ideas from this scenario.

1) Gamzee and Equius are lovers, but Gamzee's still really screwed up when it gets close to recruitment time. And Nepeta insists on sleeping dry, putting her at risk of being culled for being feral. Equius hates the idea of owning either of them, but he can't see any other way to keep them safe.

2) Eridan has a plan to keep everyone who matters to him safe, and everyone who matters to them. It isn't unheard of for psionics to lose a lot of power during their final growth spurt, and consort/concubines are tested a lot less thoroughly than free trolls, so he proposes pretending that this has happened to Sollux, and declaring Sollux his consort. He also wants to take Karkat, Feferi, Gamzee, Tavros and Nepeta/Terezi as his concubines, to keep them from being culled. It isn't unheard of for the owner of a harem to allow his concubines to pair off inside the harem and contribute buckets from those pairings as well. The drones really approve of that.

3) Karkat and Equius are discussing their concerns for Gamzee, because they're both his quadrants, and Karkat mentions Eridan's plan to protect Sollux, Feferi and him, and one other troll of their choosing for each of them. This lets Equius realise that as a blueblood he's entitled to two concubines or consorts of his own, even as a recruit to the Fleet. Since Karkat's worried about Tavros/Terezi as well he suggests that if Equius takes care of Tavros/Terezi he'll ask Eridan to protect Nepeta.
char:eridan  char:equius  char:gamzee  ship:equius/gamzee  ship:eridan/any  ship:eridan/sollux  fill:none  kink:slavery  kink:protectiveness  kink:au  kink:plotty.fic 
july 2012
Karkat/John, one sided crush, AU, misundertandings, assumed non-con threat
This is a somewhat specific scenario. Take the normal AU where Karkat lands on earth, and gets adopted by John like a stray puppy, possibly after John nursing him back to health. John is excited to have an alien friend, and even though Karkat doesn't speak English he's sure to enjoy hanging out and watching earth movies! Brohugs and friendly pranks are abundant, and the alien doesn't seem to object.

Karkat is completely terrified. He's crash landed on a strange planet nobody even knows exists, with no way of contacting his friends. What's more, he's been taken prisoner by an alien who is far too touchy-feely, in his personal space all the time, and at one point even dropped a bucket on his head. Obviously it's only a matter of time before he's molested, because that's the only reason a troll would keep a prisoner alive this long.

On the other hand, the human is kind of weirdly attractive. Maybe being forced to pail with him wouldn't be so bad after all.
After a while, Karkat slowly develops a crush on John, while at the same time apprehensively waiting for him to make a move.
Optional: I'd would love to read that, especially if Karkat decided to get it over with and tries to make the first move with John.
meme2  m/m  char:john  char:karkat  ship:john/karkat  fill:none  kink:awkwardness  kink:misunderstandings  kink:au  kink:coercion 
july 2012
Ancestors + Descendants - "Watching over them" shenanigans
The trolls' ancestors are watching/have been watching over their descendants. They can't actually interfere or tell them anything.

(Except for the Summoner, who somehow managed it. Although his descendant keeps calling him 'Rufio' for some reason...)

I'd like to see all the ancestors reacting to the nonsense that their descendants are getting up to. For the lulz. Mystery-Science-Theater-3000-style commentary would be absolutely glorious.

Bonus points if, early on, Redglare and Mindfang start a betting pool over whether the Grand Highblood, Dualscar, or the Summoner will fly farther off the metaphorical handle when they see what their descendants are like.

Bonus bonus points if it's someone completely unexpected who flies farthest off the handle.
meme2  gen  char:mindfang  char:redglare  char:summoner  char:grand.highblood  char:dualscar  fill:none  kink:humor  kink:crack 
july 2012
Karkat/Eridan, pretending to be a slave, dub-con
Anyone here read any of the Stargate fics where one or more team members has to pretend to be the slave of another?

I'd love to see a story where for some reason one of the other trolls has to pretend to be Karkat's sex slave - and this will involve semi-public sex.

Eridan ends up being selected, and he's disturbingly convincing.

Bonus if he keeps the act up pretty much 24/7.

Double bonus if Karkat notices some really strange scars on Eridan's body.

Triple bonus if one of the leaders Karkat's negotiating with asks to swap sex slaves for a night.
meme2  m/m  char:karkat  char:eridan  ship:eridan/karkat  fill:none  kink:fake.relationship  kink:slavery  kink:dubcon 
july 2012
Sober!Gamzee/John [non-con]
I can't find any fics with Somber!Gamzee raping can anyone fix that?
meme2  char:john  char:gamzee  ship:gamzee/john  fill:none  kink:noncon  kink:violence 
july 2012
C-can I get Karkat having blackrom-y sexy times with Future!Karkat over Trollian?

There has been a disturbing lack of Karkatcest in my life recently, so I'm not too picky on the details.
meme2  char:karkat  ship:karkat/karkat  fill:none  kink:pesterlog  quadrant:caliginous 
july 2012
-Stole this prompt from HSG

Carapace biology is sort of like the clownfish. When it's time to breed the carapace male with strongest pheromones becomes the "alpha" agent, and all the other males transform into cock hungry cuntbois.

One night a horny WV wakes up to find he has a vagina and perky boobies. Cue delicious fem!WV sex.
meme2  f/m  char:wv  char:ar  ship:ar/wv  fill:none  kink:sexswap  kink:in.heat 
july 2012
Karkat <3 Jade (revelations, inner monologues)
I know it's dubious (and taken as a joke), but MSPA Wiki says that

There have also been repeated implications of Future Karkat potentially having "pity" or "red feelings" towards [Jade].

I'd love to see a situation where Karkat gets a chance to finish what he's saying ( Maybe Jade gets to see before the explosion and starts to reply before cutting out. Perhaps there's private memos back and forth between Future and Past Karkat about how stupid that was of him to admit.

And maybe Dog Tier Jade has some positive words for him later on.

It's probably a bit of a stretch to ask, but it would make this anon very happy. ♥
meme2  f/m  char:karkat  char:jade  ship:jade/karkat  fill:none  kink:romance  quadrant:flushed 
july 2012
Gamzee/John, General or Hornplay
I just really want more for this pairing because I love it so much!

Can be either smut or fluff--even somewhere in-between--it doesn't matter that much. God tier Gamzee, sopor Gamzee, getting-used-to-being-sober Gamzee, I don't care. :)

Ideas to get you started:
-Baking contest (Pie vs. Cake)
-Hurt/Comfort with John helping Gamzee deal with guilt/the reality of having killed his friends
-Prankster buddies
-Flying (via John's God Tier powers)
-Warhammer of Zillyhoo
-Love/flushed feelings confession

But A SPECIFIC KINK...we've all heard the idea that "trolls' horns are sensitive in a sexual way", right? I think that could be interesting with these two. I don't think there's a Hornplay-fic with this pairing yet, so would anyone like to be the first? ;)

(Ah fuck, I'd even love fanart of any kind. I'm desperate. v.v )
meme2  m/m  char:john  char:gamzee  ship:gamzee/john  fill:none  kink:fluff  kink:body.painting  kink:romance  kink:hornplay  kink:hurt/comfort 
july 2012
Usually, Roxy is the one pleasuring Jane, whether she's sober or not. But this time, the tables turn, and Roxy gets it somewhere she hasn't used for that purpose in a while...

(Basically I want Jane giving Roxy anal, whether it's futa!Jane or a strap-on.)
meme2  f/f  char:jane  char:roxy  ship:jane/roxy  fill:none  kink:anal  kink:futa 
july 2012
After Aradia's death Equius feels the type of deep true hatred towards Vriska that only comes once in a lifetime. And towards someone that it's actually acceptable for him to have those types of feelings towards, even!

Except... if he ever actually showed even the slightest hint of it people would start wondering what the hell had changed to make him start hating her so much. And they might actually figure out that he had 100d feelings towards a lowly rustblood. He's forced by his own issues to keep acting as if everything were the same as it had always been between them, even when he can't see her without the nearly overwhelming urge to ravish ravage ravishage her.
meme2  f/m  char:equius  char:vriska  ship:equius/vriska  fill:none  kink:ust  quadrant:caliginous 
july 2012
Roxy/uranianUmbra, cybersex
uranianUmbra messages Roxy when she happens to be drunker than usual. Roxy offers to show UU how teenage humans mess around via pesterlog, and UU accepts out of curiousity. Hot cybersex ensues.

Bonus if UU has to stop and try to explain troll anatomy to Roxy while all hot and bothered.
meme2  f/f  char:roxy  char:calliope  ship:calliope/roxy  fill:none  kink:cybersex  kink:intoxication  kink:flirting  kink:xeno 
july 2012
Reverse the Hemospectrum AU
Karkat: True Royalty The throne used to have a strong line of scarlet-blooded kings, but due to reasons (murder! Taking advantage of natural kindness!) the gene died out from the genetic pool. When is appeared again, Karkat thought he would be culled, so he his (cannon style). An accident reveals his blood, but instead of being culled on the spot, all bow before him. He is expected to take the throne when he comes of age. Still horribly insecure, he asks Aradia to co-rule with him.
Aradia: Royalty She was next in line for the throne, which she didn't really want because it would interfere with her adventuring. When Karkat's blood was revealed she was relieved. But then he asked her to co-rule. She can't exactly decline, but it's better than ruling full-time.
Tavros: Would essentially take Eridan's position But not the Douche and Forever Alone. That's Eridan's. The Royal Advisor! To both Karkat and Aradia. It's a tough job.
Sollux: Subjuggulator That's all I have to say. Just- picture it. Seven Nation Army would be his theme song.
Nepeta: Whatever Equius was in canon- Upper class? She still lives in her cave, but it's because she wants to.
Kanaya: She's still going to be in charge of the Birthing Caverns and Mother Grub, but she now has elevated class. Classy lady.
Terezi: Funny enough, she doesn't change at all.
Vriska: Middle class? She doesn't really care. She's too busy screwing over the people as a motherfucking pir8t!
Equius: Higher-low class Where Nepeta is in cannon.
Gamzee: Where Sollux is in Cannon He is to be the Grand Priest of Alternia's main religion, Church of the Mirthful Messiahs. The religion preaches equality. It also says if the Messiahs are pleased, equality and happiness will be achieved. If the Messiahs are not, everyone will die. Ritual sacrifice occurs often, rituals like blood offerings, not death...
Eridan: Where Tav is in cannon If he wasn't trying so hard to elevate his status by flirting with royalty, he'd be plotting a coup which Sollux would destroy with ease and pleasure. Funny enough, he flirted with Karkat the most, before he knew Karkat's blood colour.
Feferi: Where Aradia is in cannon Has a massive flush-crush on Aradia, but hides it really, really well. Yes I ship
char:any  ship:troll/troll  ship:any  meme2  fill:none  kink:plotty.fic  kink:hemospectrum  kink:au 
july 2012
Karkat <> Kanaya, pale infidelity
after Rose tells Kanaya that she is Not A Homosexual, a distraught Kanaya turns to Karkat for romantic advice/comfort.

and somehow, one way or another they end up having a feelings jam! :O

and then everyone treats it as a Very Big Thing (tm) and calls Karkat a pale slut and treats it with all the seriousness as if he'd been unfaithful.

(Rose and Dave have absolutely no idea what's going on)
meme2  f/m  char:kanaya  char:karkat  ship:kanaya/karkat  fill:none  kink:infidelity  kink:awkwardness  quadrant:pale 
july 2012
Gamzee/Equius, possessiveness, dub-con
Gamzee is sober, and with the help of Karkat has his act together and is generally still a pretty chill motherfucker, until he gets a matesprit (Equius).Then its all kinds of terrifying overprotectiveness and possessiveness, and a horrible surprise for everyone who had started to relax about their chances of being crazy clown killed.
Also, it turns out, that some Highbloods really don't like sharing, so there's no way Gamzee is going to tolerate Equius having a Kismesis, or anyone even looking at him in a black rom kind of way(though unlike most other Highbloods who feel the same, Gamzee is not looking to fill that quadrant either).
Also, since trolls (in my headcanon) have a rather acute sense of smell and rely to some degree on pheromones and scent markings, Gamzee keeps depositing his genetic material inside of Equius instead of a bucket so that everyone can smell who he belongs to.
Equius is (slightly embarrassed, but overall) blissfully happy with this arrangement, which makes him the only one as everyone else is freaking the fuck right out. (especially Nepeta)
Bonus if Gamzee, being so high on the Hemospectrum, is also pretty scary strong, though not in the way that Equius is, and only when sober.
m/m  meme2  char:equius  char:gamzee  ship:equius/gamzee  fill:none  kink:dubcon  kink:ownership  kink:possessiveness  kink:marking  quadrant:flushed 
july 2012
Dave/fem!John, 'she is all grown up
'she is all grown up' is one of my favorite tropes- woah, that little slip of a girl i hung out with last year got REALLY HOT

basically, little John (or Joan, I guess) comes back from summer vacation and shit she has FILLED OUT
she's all hips and tits and she doesn't seem to realize that she is now really hot. she just wants to chill with her best bro, Dave, doing the same shit they always do- playing shitty video games and watching shitty movies and
having sleepovers, complete with dozing off on the futon during a movie marathon

Joan is totally oblivious to the effect she's having on Dave, and he doesn't want to look like some smarmy asshole who only notices her now that she's got boobs, but... damn, they're good boobs

meanwhile Joan has noticed that hmm, Dave got a bit taller over the summer, were his hipbones always that prominent, was he always that hot?

finally, one or both of them reaches peak horniness: Dave can't handle seeing Joan in her sleep shirt, standing in his kitchen first thing in the morning with bleary eyes and bedhead. Joan can't handle how low and sleepy and sexy Dave's voice sounds in the morning. and they just say fuck it, let's do this.

bonus for extremely vocal Joan, Dave trying to hold in his moans but Joan drawing them all out, hickeys(lots of hickeys) and Bro giving one or both of them "the talk"
f/m  meme2  char:john  char:dave  ship:dave/john  fill:none  kink:sexswap  kink:first.time 
june 2012
Darkleer/Equius; Slavery, Humiliation
Sort of AUish, I suppose. But Darkleer is utterly disgusted by Equius's submissive personality. And seeks to beat it out of him, by, OH LORDY, making him his slave.


Basically, Darkleer's going to make him his slave with the idea that if he puts Equius through hell as a slave, he won't enjoy it anymore.
But we know he will. Equius will always enjoy it. Anyways. See to it that Equius is positively sexualized, and degraded in every possible way, and that he loves every last second of it.
meme2  m/m  char:darkleer  char:equius  ship:darkleer/equius  fill:none  kink:slavery  kink:humiliation  kink:d/s 
june 2012
Jane/Roxy, Jane/Condesce, utena crossover
Another utenastuck idea: Jane as utena, condesce as akio, roxy as anthy. (Maybe have feferi as dios because of condesce? Hmm.)

Focuses more on jane being skeptical of the weirdness than on naivete (jane is still somewhat naive come to think of it, just not as dumb as utena.) she thinks that the rose bride stuff is messed up, wants to do the normal person responsible thing at first, but then wants so much to "save"/"fix" roxy that she forgets that and gets all caught up in the duels. Then of course jane realizes what she did later on and she and roxy have a big feelings jam.

And jane because of her skepticism doesn't realize that condesce is supernatural/immortal/an alien, causing jane to be easily manipulated by her...
meme2  f/f  char:jane  char:roxy  char:condesce  ship:condesce/jane  ship:jane/roxy  fill:none  kink:crossover  kink:plotty.fic 
june 2012
GHB<3Signless, protective, controlling his maddness, a willing warrior. size kink
Based on this

And really all the other of that pairing on that tumblr.

If you do it as a secret love, and I get some using each other as buckets? To carry some of each other with them when they have to be apart, and to leave no evidence that Signless was there.
meme2  m/m  char:grand.highblood  char:signless  ship:grand.highblood/signless  fill:none  kink:size.difference  kink:protectiveness 
june 2012
Karkat/Gamzee - nonsexual pet play, caretaking
The trolls and kids have finally finished the game, beaten Lord English, revived their lost friends and settled into their newly created universe. But Gamzee still remembers what he did back in the veil and doesn't trust himself not to do it again. Worry stresses him out to the point that it's making him sick and Karkat is desperate to find something that will help his moirail.

Eventually, he finds that the easiest way to make Gamzee relax is to let him completely give up control to someone else. As in playing the role of their pet and letting them take care of him. And since there's no one Karkat would trust not to take advantage of his moirail, he steps into the role of master himself.

So basically, I just want Gamzee completely into playing the role of Karkat's pet, wearing a collar and leash, curling up at his feet when he sits down, getting his hair petted and brushed. Basically just letting someone else have complete control. I would like it all to stay as platonic moirallegiance though, Karkat's just doing what he can to keep his moirail stable. (Side pairings with both of them are okay though.) Also, I'd prefer it not to be 24/7, just something they do when Gamzee's getting particularly stressed.
meme2  m/m  char:karkat  char:gamzee  ship:gamzee/karkat  fill:none  kink:petplay  kink:comfort  quadrant:pale 
june 2012
Dirk and Dave - child abuse, angst
Ok, so I would really like to see a first meeting between Dirk and Dave, but with a bit of a twist: Dave was sexually abused by Bro before Sburb, like in these wonderful fills:

It seems like Dirk really looks up to Alpha Dave, so I could see him being really excited in a Dirk kind of way to meet Dave, and being confused and hurt as to why Dave is cold to him. I'd really like some good Dave angst, seeing this new version of a person who he loved but who also hurt him. Dirk angst too once he finds out, can you imagine trying to come to terms with you-but-not-you having done something like that?

Anyway, I don't really care about pairings, but I would like the focus to be on Dave and Dirk. If you want to get them to hook up in the end power to you! I just need more delicious Strider angst.
meme2  char:dave  char:dirk  fill:none  kink:angst 
june 2012
Karkat/everyone, romanticisation of his blood
While the Sufferer may have been erased from history, legends of his blood colour did endure through the medium of trashy romance novels.

As bright red is the colour of the flushed quadrant, somewhere along Alternia's history it became a cliche blood colour for the imagined 'perfect matesprit.' Think of the trashiest vampire romance you know of and just replace vampirism with bright red blood and you have the idea.

Naturally, Kanaya or whoever (Eridan?) is quite the fan and once Karkat reveals his blood they find themselves unable to look at him the same way. Eventually the novels spread throughout the other trolls and soon Karkat is seen in a completely different light.

Bonus: Karkat inadvertently acting out the most cliche aspects of these novels for everyone to see, like angsting over how his blood makes him a 'freak', which naturally results in uncontrollable swooning.
meme2  char:karkat  ship:karkat/any  f/m  m/m  fill:none  kink:awkwardness  kink:hemospectrum 
june 2012
Karkat/Eridan developing Stockholm syndrome, flushed or pale, attempted!hero!Eridan
The imperial drones come for Karkat, his blood colour having been exposed to the empire somehow. Of all the trolls to come to his rescue, it’s Eridan (remembering that it’s implied in canon that Eridan and Karkat are actually on friendly terms, if not friends). Eridan goes toe-to-toe with a drone to make them back off, but Karkat doesn’t know this and, having never met Eridan face-to-face, is confronted with the terrifying view of a pissed off seadweller bursting into his food preparation block (where he was hiding in a cupboard from culling drones in hopes of being missed and escaping when they started burning his hive down in the smoke and confusion).
Eridan locates him and then forcefully escorts him to his own hive, where he dumps him in his bathroom while he organises getting more sopor slime to put in a makeshift recuperacoon for Karkat to sleep in. Thing is, Karkat has absolutely no idea who he is, why he has been taken to somebody else’s hive, and Eridan doesn’t realise that Karkat is freaking the fuck out.

Or that, when he tells Karkat that he cannot leave or he will die, he’s not saying he will kill Karkat, he’s talking about culling drones and possibly the fact that his hive is in the middle of the ocean and Karkat can’t swim.

So Karkat develops Stockholm syndrome (not asking for Eridan’s name because Eridan acts like they’re friends and Karkat is afraid to piss him off) and Eridan is blissfully ignorant right up until around the time when Feferi comes along and calls Eridan ‘Eridan’. Thus triggering a memory of his friend and then there’s accusations all around and pointing out that Eridan has done nothing to harm Karkat or force (hell, even attempt to convince) Karkat into a quadrant with him and everybody feeling stupid.

Or, alternatively, Karkat can have a breakdown and tell his captor to just kill him and get it over with at some point, to which Eridan becomes highly confused because they’re friends, why would Eridan hurt Karkat?

Basically? Confusion and misunderstandings and developing Stockholm syndrome everywhere

Bonus- Karkat lets Eridan dress him up in nice clothes out of fear.
meme2  char:karkat  char:eridan  ship:eridan/karkat  m/m  fill:none  kink:stockholm.syndrome  quadrant:flushed  quadrant:pale 
june 2012
Multiple/Equius - anonymous sex gone wrong, noncon, bondage, humiliation
In his effort to find an outlet for his submission fetish without actually revealing it to anyone he knows, Equius ends up setting up a meeting with an anonymous troll online. Their agreement is simple, the anonymous troll will come into Equius's hive, blindfold him, lock him into bindings specially made to withstand his strength, they have a nice round of dom/sub sex, and then the troll unlocks him and leaves and they never speak of it again.

And when it actually happens, everything progresses well. Right up until Equius is actually locked down. That's when he hears other voices and realizes that the troll has brought multiple others along. He tries to call it off because this was not in the agreement but they have no intention of letting him back out and since he's already bound up there's nothing to stop them all from taking a turn with him. I like nook and bulge anatomy the best but I'm just fine with other kinds of xeno or human-like anatomy too.

Bonus - Equius is still fully clothed when he's locked down and the trolls take their time slowly cutting them off, giving Equius plenty of time to protest and plead for them to stop.
m/m  meme2  char:equius  ship:equius/any  fill:none  kink:anonymity  kink:humiliation  kink:bondage  kink:gangbang  kink:noncon 
june 2012
Dolorosa + Karkat, becoming a family, slavery, escape
Karkat gets sent back in time (there's Dave sure, but L.E. also has powers over time too so he could easily fling Karkat into the past with little though) and winds up on the ship the Dolorosa is enslaved. Lucky for Karkat, before anyone else does, the Dolorosa finds him- a boy who looks just like her dead son. Between shock, pain, and being half sure that this boy is a halucination, (and Karkat's own freaking and protests) she manages to get Karkat hidden. Suddenly she is desperate more than ever for an escape and a way to save and protect this boy who resembles her lost son; there is no cost too high.

Meanwhile, Karkat is confused and scared as fuck, really wants to be back or just not there, and he really, really wants his moirail (whether the other three trolls are sent back in time is up to the writer, but if so, I'd like them to be seperated for some time), but in the meantime he's just going to have to deal with hiding from vicious adult seadwellers and accepting help from this strange older Kanaya look-a-like until he can escape.

I want it all to be really hard for them both, so feel free to sadstuck the hell out of this, but I want it to really focus on Dolorosa and Karkat coming to see each other as family, like a parent and child (also, major, MAJOR bonus for sad lullabies).

((If both of them survive , and the writer chose to have the other three eventually meet with Karkat and Dolorosa it'd be really cool if they all ended up becoming a sort of make-shift family.))
gen  char:karkat  char:dolorosa  fill:none  kink:adventures  kink:angst  kink:family.dynamics 
june 2012
Multiple pairings?/ television-showstuck
So, in this Homestuck isn't a webcomic, instead, it's a very daring and extremely popular television show. A joint effort by humans and trolls to make something so immense and breathtaking that it'll never be forgotten. This means our favorite characters are portrayed by actors! Give me on-set and off-set hilarity and maybe a bit of show-within-a-show.

--Hussie is the lead writer/producer and keeps inserting himself into scripts and Doc Scratch is the director and does the same (the cue ball head was his idea) and they hate each other.
--trolls don't use fake blood unless they have to and stuntmen? pffff only for weaklings (...or onscreen murders)
--most of the troll actors share the blood color of their characters, with a few hilarious exceptions
--Eridan's actor is actually the sweetest and most polite a troll can be
--It's illegal to pretend to be a Tyrian, so Feferi's actress is actually a princess, and the Condesce herself deigns to show up for cameos.
--Somebody gets shipped in an onscreen ship with their character's counterpart (say: Karkat's actor and Gamzee's get shipped by someone as moirails because "omg they're perfect together~~")
--Somebody has intense chemistry with their onscreen counterpart, but in a very different way/quadrant than their respective characters do
--the older alpha kids and the in-series time-skip are for actors-and-pay reasons (ie: Earth has child-labor laws, and the filming has gone on long enough for the original four kids and the trolls to suddenly look a lot older whoops!)
--Karkat's actor has to carry around a notepad because he screams himself hoarse during filming
meme2  m/m  f/f  f/m  gen  char:any  ship:any  fill:none  kink:plotty.fic  kink:meta  kink:au 
june 2012
Rose decides to get into a kismesissitude with Tavros in order to help him gain some self-confidence. Which, okay, sounds strange, didn't Vriska already try this? Well, yes, but Vriska applied a sledgehammer to a problem which required a scalpel.

So Rose uses her psychological expertise to help Tavros. She pretty much sets challenges for him, so he'd have to step just outside his comfort zone in order to accomplish them. He doesn't do this often, of course, but when he does, Rose makes sure to reward his effort (positive reinforcement yay! *Sexy* positive reinforcement). Eventually, bit by bit, Tavros becomes a lot more confident and able to hold his own in this relationship, and even surprises Rose by getting the upper hand!

Bonus: Vriska in the background, gnashing her teeth in frustration because Tavros is finally becoming the troll she always wanted him to become, but due to somebody else's help!

Double bonus: at some point, Rose uses roleplay, pretending to be sexy Captain Hook to Tavros' Pupa Pan. She is surprisingly good at roleplaying.

Triple bonus: Karkat is... genuinely impressed with how good a grasp Rose has on this particular quadrant.

(You can probably use someone else other than Rose, like Karkat, Jade or Gamzee, as long as the main gist remains the same: someone well-intentioned enters a blackrom with Tavros to help him grow a spine. I realize that I ship only the rarest of rareships, so I'm going to give the filler some leeway, because I really want to see this scenario.)
meme2  char:tavros  char:rose  ship:rose/tavros  ship:tavros/any  fill:none  quadrant:caliginous  kink:competition  kink:roleplay 
june 2012
Vriska/Kanaya (Mindfang/Dolorosa) AU (Dubcon or Noncon maybe???)
What if Dualscar hadn't gotten jealous of Mindfang's slave and the two of them became matesprits instead of Mindfang and the Summoner? Well, Vriska's ancestor worship would draw her to Kanaya rather than Tavros, for one thing. What would happen in this case? Would Kanaya's willingness to consent without mind control infuriate Vriska? Would the two flip black, pale, and/or ashen? Would Vriska's interest take away some of the charm of her dangerous nature? Would Kanaya end up severely injured? Sex isn't needed, but plot is.

BONUS: Go nuts with the other characters! What would be Vriska's deal with Tavros, then? How about Eridan? Would Kanaya, with the quadrant open, have a different moirail? How would that work out? Without her obsession, would Tavros be more confident or have any of his quadrants filled? Would Aradia still have died? Would Karkat suddenly develop a disdain for curse words??? (lol, no)
meme2  f/f  char:vriska  char:kanaya  ship:kanaya/vriska  fill:none  kink:plotty.fic  kink:au 
june 2012
Don't ask me why, I just want some of this. Flushed or calignious, works either way.

If flushed: After spending some more time in dreambubbles, Jake finds himself inexplicably warming up to "Fish Hitler". Meenah realizes that every time she sees him, she doesn't want to stab him quite so much as she wants to kiss him.

If calignious: Meenah thinks she just might have found the most entertaining opponent of her afterlife, and Jake just keeps fanning the fire every time he tries to fight her.

Can be as innocent or steamy as you want it. Bonus points if Jake starts making fish puns without thinking about it.
meme2  f/m  char:jake  char:meenah  ship:jake/meenah  fill:none  quadrant:caliginous  quadrant:flushed 
june 2012
Karkat<>Gamzee, rape fantasies
Feeling jams are very intimate things, what with all the cuddling and touching, and they can be easy to take advantage of. Gamzee is aware of this, and starts to struggle with his darker impulses during jams with Karkat, leading to very graphic fantasies of raping/molesting/attacking his (mutantblooded toy) moirail. He's still sane enough not to act on them (or to even want to), but he can't stop the thoughts from coming and becomes stressed and terrified that he'll screw up and succumb to them anyway.

Eventually Karkat figures out what's wrong and with the power of moiralleigence, cuddles, and possibly comfort sex manages to calm him down and reassure him.

Bonus if Gamzee does start to slip into bad touches at some point and thoroughly freaks himself out.
meme2  m/m  char:gamzee  char:karkat  ship:gamzee/karkat  fill:none  kink:comfort  kink:cuddling  kink:noncon  quadrant:pale 
june 2012
Eridan<3<Sollux, Slavery, Brainwashing, Xeno, Possible Noncon
I'd really like to read some fics about post-game Eridan buying/capturing/tricking Sollux so he can brainwash him into being his helmsman, and the kinky stuff they get into either because Eridan's just taking advantage of the situation or using it to break Sollux further.

If the fic writer is okay with it, I'd really like to see xeno (bulge/nook set-up, Sollux with two of everything/split tongue), written out quirks (plain lisp for Sollux), bondage, torture, that sort of thing.
meme2  m/m  char:eridan  char:sollux  ship:eridan/sollux  fill:none  kink:mind.control  kink:slavery  kink:xeno  kink:noncon  kink:bondage  kink:torture 
june 2012
Any Female Troll(s) (Guro, Body Horror)
Idea: Troll "breasts" are, in fact, collections of dormant eggs, which generally only survive in the toughest of trolls. These eggs generally only hatch when a troll has been out of proximity with drones or mother grubs for a long while - psychic senses are involved, it's complicated - and while not all of them develop to maturity, the ones that do can potentially become mother grubs, making them a last-ditch way of continuing the species.

Of course, very few young trolls know this anymore, since they've almost never emerged and the adult trolls aren't exactly around to educate them about these things. Even fewer know how difficult, and how painful, it can be for a host when they start to hatch, and to emerge.

The troll kids have been away from their "mother" for a very long time now.
meme2  gen  char:aradia  char:feferi  char:kanaya  char:terezi  char:vriska  char:nepeta  fill:none  kink:body.horror  kink:guro  kink:fertilization/impregnation  kink:xeno 
june 2012
Vriska is felling depressed and worthless because she feels like the universe is just jerking her around. After numerous attempts to break out and get back in the game she finds the whole situation hopeless. It is then that the universe decides to throw her a bone. A Lot of bones actually. She seems to stumble on to a cavalcade of dead!Johns who know her and they all cheer her up. Repeatedly. Until she's a happy whimpering overstimulated mess.
meme2  f/m  char:vriska  char:john  ship:john/vriska  fill:none  kink:overstimulation  kink:female.ejaculation 
june 2012
The Strider Bros make a bet with Jade and Jane over some silly thing and through a series of shenanigans got served like they were on butler island. So as payment for winning the bet Jade and Jane decide to take a trip to butler island, with Dirk and Dave being the butlers. This leads to the girls getting pampered for a day(weekend?)and the Striders doing an excellent job. I would like for there to be sex in it, but I won't be upset if there isn't.
meme2  f/m  char:dave  char:dirk  char:jane  char:jade  ship:dave/dirk/jade/jane  fill:none  kink:service  kink:pampering 
june 2012
Grand Highblood/Signless
Grand Highblood/Signless, set to Journey's "Separate Ways". Because seriously, this is so their theme song.

Here with lyrics, for convenience:
meme2  m/m  char:grand.highblood  char:signless  ship:grand.highblood/signless  fill:none  kink:songfic 
june 2012
Eridan/any, Poisons/Drugs
Eridan develops an interest for poisons or drugs (possibly because of his interest in the lives of past nobility) and sometimes uses them on his partner(s). (It can be non-consensual, it can be blackrom, but it doesn't have to be either - maybe his partner wants to experiment with them, or maybe the drugs work to keep a dangerous partner from hurting him by mistake, as examples.)
meme2  f/m  m/m  char:eridan  ship:eridan/any  fill:none  kink:intoxication 
may 2012
Dirk, Jake, Roxy, Jane: Touch Starvation
Three out of four of these kids have pretty much never been around other living human beings, and the other really likes all of them. So, what I want is that, when they do finally meet up in person, they just... really don't want to stop touching each other. Not like, in a sexual way, just like... walking around holding hands, or taking stupid excuses to play-strife each other, or sleeping all curled up in a puppy pile. That sort of thing.

Don't care whether there is poly, or sub-pairings, or pure gen; just want to see some non-sexual skin hunger.
gen  f/f  f/m  m/m  multi  meme2  char:jane  char:jake  char:dirk  char:roxy  ship:dirk/jake/jane/roxy  fill:none  kink:cuddling  kink:comfort  kink:fluff 
may 2012

&diams;/♥/♠/picking up chicks/fighting crime, I don't care, so long there is some point at which as he nonchalantly pulls out a smoke while she fixes her lipstick.
meme2  f/m  char:kanaya  char:dd  ship:dd/kanaya  fill:none  kink:adventures  kink:badassery  quadrant:caliginous  quadrant:flushed  quadrant:pale 
may 2012
kanaya, weight gain
kanaya assumes that consuming blood won't have any negative effects on her body, as it is technically dead. turns out that it just takes a lot longer to work through her system.

basically i'd like to see her wake up one day to find that three years of wanton blood consumption has come back to haunt her. you can throw pairings in if you'd like, but i don't really care either way.
meme2  f/f  f/m  gen  char:kanaya  ship:kanaya/any  fill:none  kink:weight.gain 
may 2012
Breeders are terrifying, mpreg, dub-con and slavery
Another prompt where trolls with blood streaks in their hair are oviparous, but with a very different take on it. It's not limited to sea trolls this time, but it's much more common in sea trolls, and you never find any troll lower than cerulean with a blood streak.

Breeders appear in the following proportions:
Violets: one in nine
Indigos: one in eighty-one
Blues: one in six and a half thousand
Ceruleans: one in roughly 43 million

In theory one in two quadrillion (that's 2,000,000,000,000,000) teals will have the blood streak that marks a breeder, but it's never happened. Also in theory one in three tyrians should be a breeder, but every tryian Gl'bgolyth doesn't choose is murdered and by the Condense's orders Gl'bgolyth is never gets the chance to choose a breeder.

This is because breeders are bigger and stronger than any other troll - usually a third again as large as other trolls after they finish growing. And even before they mature they're stronger than they should be for their size. They don't start showing the size difference before they hit their final growth spurt at around seven or eight sweeps. Breeders are venomous, with something that acts as a paralytic and/or psionic suppressant depending on the dose and the victim.

Dualscar was the same size as normal trolls because when he was immature he was hurt badly enough that he ended up spayed - he lost his egg sacs and was left only capable of reproducing like a normal troll.

Different breeders will set up their households/relationships in different ways, and it would be seen as a political statement.

Breeders who keep harems, either an undifferentiated harem or one for the red quadrant and one for the black are usually considered traditionalists and tend to be fairly strong supporters of the Condesce - and she tends to encourage that by giving the weaker of the heiresses who challenge her and lose to them for their harems.

Sometimes breeders will keep harems but designate a red and black consort, or just designate the consorts. Consorts aren't 'equals' the way a kismesis or a matespirit is, and can't demand exclusivity the way a quadrant can, but they have more status than the concubines of a breeder's harems. These breeders tend to be seen as moderate to progressives.

Finally there's the breeders who end up with quadrants, or one quadrant and a harem/consort for the unfilled quadrant. These are seen as progressive to radicals depending on how many quadrants they have and who they fill the quadrant with.

Breeders who don't bother with harems, consorts or quadrants and just take temporary lovers in season are perceived as apolitical.

I don't care what you write in this world, I just want to see something about Eridan in this world, post-SGrub, non-SGrub AU, whatever. Maybe there's competition to 'belong' to a breeder because they hold a lot of power or maybe it's taken for granted that a breeder doesn't need to bother with quadrants, (s)he just takes whichever other trolls (s)he wants as seed donors. Because breeders are just as dangerous egg-heavy as at any other time, sometimes even more dangerous because it makes them more aggressive.
meme2  m/m  f/m  char:eridan  ship:eridan/any  fill:none  kink:fertilization/impregnation  kink:coercion  kink:slavery  kink:plotty.fic 
may 2012
Eridan/anyone, Bearers and politics, implied mpreg and rape
Some sea trolls can lay eggs, but there isn't any obvious sign of which trolls they are. It's something they find out for themselves the first time they come into season at six sweeps. Generally they lose the first clutch, either because they just aren't developed enough to carry to term, or because they deliberately get rid of it. Bearers are considered weak, especially if they actually lay and if they fuck up they end up crippled and used as breeding stock, usually for either helmsman grade psionics (while they're being broken and trained) or indigos. But they are given a chance to prove themselves because the ones who don't fuck up tend to be so determined to prove themselves that they're spectacularly successful.

Going into season after a particularly successful FLARPing session with Vriska and the subsequent decision to abort his first clutch was a wake-up call for Eridan. He drops the idea of becoming Feferi's matesprit, and starts actually acting as her moirail, pushing her to take some responsibility instead of enabling her denial and dropping a lot of his desperate attempts to get her full attention. He also tries to convince her that an incremental improvement process is the best option, rather than trying to just abolish the hemospectrum without any real plans for societal reform.

When he finds out about Karkat's blood colour he basically threatens him into starting planning for a rebellion, including an alliance with Feferi to get highblood support for reform at least. Ultimately he wants attitudes towards bearers to change, and once he's a hero for his involvement in the rebellion he intends to carry a clutch for his quadrants.

Bonus if one of the reasons aborting his clutch bothered Eridan so much was because the three eggs would all have been shades of purple - one each indigo, violet and tyrian
meme2  f/m  m/m  char:eridan  ship:eridan/any  fill:none  kink:fertilization/impregnation  kink:plotty.fic 
may 2012
John/Sollux or John + Sollux
John: Show the other coder what you can do!

Alternatively - Sollux: Oh good griief, show thiis po2er how 2 do 2ome real codiing already.
meme2  m/m  gen  char:john  char:sollux  ship:john/sollux  fill:none  kink:computers  kink:competition 
may 2012
It seems like there's something in Dirk's powers that involves making duplicate versions of himself: autoresponder, his dreamself that's always awake, Jake's dream splinter, Brobot, the things the one in Jake's dream said about Dirk's relationship to self...

So basically I mean I'd like somebody to write me Jake/Dirk/Dirk(dreamself)/Dirk(AR)/Dirk(Jake's splinter)/[Dirk(brobot)/Dirk(Bro)/Dirk(any other possible way Homestuck lets you have duplicates...)] And Jake is completely overwhelmed and loving it, of course.
meme2  m/m  char:jake  char:bro  char:brobot  char:dirk  char:ar  ship:dirk/jake  fill:none  kink:selfcest 
may 2012
I'm not sure if this has ever been requested before (I'm...fairly new). So I apologize if it has.

But in the world where Davesprite comes from, he thinks Jade is dead right? So when he goes back in time and sees Jade alive, he's relieved...and excited. So excited that he kisses her...among other things...much to Jade and Dave's surprise.

And it's probably not the best time to be doing those things, but Davespirte can't help himself because he's spent years wondering and worrying and thinking she was dead and now she's not, and...and he's still a teenager, dammit, he needs this.

And Dave's jealousoffended because what the hell does future-him think he's doing? And how does that even work when he's a sprite, anyway?

Jade, meanwhile, is a little confused, but can't deny how nice it feels. Plus, if it helps Davesprite, she doesn't really mind.

How Dave eventually gets involved is up to you, but I would like him to get involved.
meme2  f/m/m  char:dave  char:davesprite  char:jade  ship:dave/davesprite/jade  fill:none  kink:jealousy  kink:comfort  kink:threesome 
may 2012
Meenah/Roxy [graphic non-con violence]
Meenah catches Roxy and decides to vivisect her to see how she works.
meme2  f/f  char:roxy  char:meenah  ship:meenah/roxy  fill:none  kink:guro  kink:violence 
may 2012
davejade ; first time sex / awkward friendship to romance stage
i have all of the feels for davejade. and i have even more feels for them stumbling around and getting used to that weird going from best friends to full blown romance phase.

ideally jade would be sort of overconfident and fumbling and silly
and dave would be all cool and ironic but going insane with nervousness behind his shades
and everything would be awkward and hilarious and fluffy and nothing would hurt ; u ;

terrible jokes in attempt to lighten the awkwardness and fail sex (lol) is highly encouraged. bonus points for jade taking the lead and dave sort of anxiously following along.

au or canon idc do as you wish.
meme2  f/m  char:dave  char:jade  ship:dave/jade  fill:none  kink:awkwardness  kink:first.time  kink:romance 
april 2012
DirkJake; casual sex?
sooooo i have this headcanon where jake is sort of indecisive about his feelings towards dirk, but he can also be sort of unconsciously selfish about the way he acts towards dirk aka leading him on while still being unsure of what he wants their relationship to be.

which is my prompt!
this could even go so far as jake having sex with dirk (although i'm fine if you don't want to include smut), but when dirk asks about his intentions jake sort of just dodges the bullet with laughter. of course, this would excruciatingly emotionally stressful for dirk, but he would play like an ironic coolkid and not really show it, and keep up with his ironclad persistence in the pursuit of <s>the doki doki yaoi lovings</s> jake's romantic reciprocation. but he's only human, and so certainly there would be some moment of weakness on his part where he just wants to like, curl up next to jake while he's sleeping and hold him (the babbu ;____;)
i'd appreciate any length of fic, with any type of ending (resolved or unresolved), canon or au, and if you do decide to put smut in idc who tops (though i prefer dirk)

i want angsty dirkjake with jake being indecisive and noncommittal and dirk being a semi-pathetic but still ironically cool and extremely persistent lovesick puppy

thank you! :)
meme2  m/m  char:dirk  char:jake  ship:dirk/jake  fill:none  kink:angst  kink:romance 
april 2012
Bro Strider x Grandpa Harley
Bro has always had a raging hero-worship crush on the dashing adventurer Haas the Flame. What happens when the two somehow meet? Would love to see some ironic flirting, adventures, and makeouts, not necessarily in that order (hey, his alpha self seems open to new and different experiences, I can't imagine his beta counterpart wouldn't be as well.)
meme2  m/m  char:bro  char:grandpa  ship:bro/grandpa  fill:none  kink:age.difference  kink:adventures  kink:flirting 
april 2012
Gamzee/Jane, Gamzee/Tavros
He wouldn't trust Tavros to just any motherfucker. There's something special about this girl.
meme2  char:gamzee  char:tavros  char:jane  ship:gamzee/tavros  ship:gamzee/jane  m/m  f/m  poly  fill:none 
april 2012
John/Rose, asexuality
Pretty much what it says on the tin. I'd like to see fic where the two are asexual, but are interested in seeing what sex is like so they agree to try it with each other. Optional: they enjoy it, they just don't really understand what the fuss is about. (Mostly I just don't want the end result to be "oh well that was terrible" "yeah let's never do that again".)
meme2  f/m  char:john  char:rose  ship:john/rose  fill:none  kink:awkwardness  asexuality 
april 2012
In which Vriska uses her mind control abilities to her advantage.
meme2  f/m  char:vriska  char:tavros  ship:tavros/vriska  fill:fic  kink:mind.control  fill:fic:finished 
april 2012
Kanaya/Rose dominance play
Kanaya/Rose with seriously toppy Kanaya getting past Rose's cool poise and finding a molten-hot libidinous center. Aphrodisiacs, rainbow drinker mind powers, dom/sub dynamics inducing a needy submissive headspace, any way you want to play it. Just give me blistering hungry passion and Rose's self-control falling apart. unf.
meme2  f/f  char:kanaya  char:rose  ship:kanaya/rose  fill:none  kink:aphrodisiacs  kink:mind.control  kink:d/s 
april 2012
Any/Gamzee [noncon, drugs]
Some days, Gamzee doesn't keep too close of an eye on how much sopor he's eating. And while he may have a decent tolerance built up, if he goes too overboard, he's still out like a light. Which leaves plenty of opportunity for someone to take advantage of him...
meme2  f/m  m/m  char:gamzee  ship:gamzee/any  kink:noncon  kink:intoxication 
april 2012
Strider gets doubleteamed and is honestly quite surprised.
meme2  f/m  f/m/m  char:jane  char:jake  char:dirk  ship:dirk/jake/jane  fill:none  kink:threesome  kink:first.time  poly 
april 2012
Karkat/John, sweet delicious blackrom
sweet, sweet blackrom play. a dessert fight ends in Karkat licking cake frosting off John, delighted to discover (a) that human desserts are delicious, and (b) John hates cake. 2x satisfaction combo!
m/m  meme2  char:karkat  char:john  ship:john/karkat  fill:none  kink:food  quadrant:caliginous 
april 2012
The mouseover text on today's XKCD says, "Bruce Schneier believes safeword are fundamentally insecure and recommends you ask your partner to stop via public key signature." As someone on my rlist said, I would read that fic.

...obviously I thought of Sollux first. But it would also work with Roxy! Or Sollux/Roxy! (yum) or Dirk, or various robots and AIs that Dirk is responsible for! Or Equius/Bot!Aradia, if you want to go to a dark place with it...
m/m  f/f  f/m  char:sollux  char:roxy  char:dirk  char:equius  char:aradiabot  fill:none  kink:programming  kink:robots  kink:computers 
april 2012
(inspired by the second gif here (

Most important thing you own?
John: My troll, but I don't like to say I own (him/her/hir). We're just kind of buddies.

Tell me about John and that troll he owns!

Which troll and what kind of dynamic is up to you! Maybe it's Karkat yelling NO WE ARE NOT BUDDIES WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, maybe it's Vriska peeing on police officers and tearing up all of John's homework, maybe it's Equius who is enjoying this more than John knows!

You're welcome to include other kid/troll pairs as well, romantically or not.

Preferably funny or happy, and if there's sexytimes, please NO non-con! (Yes, I know, no non-con in the ownership prompt. I'm a weird kid.)
meme2  m/m  f/m  char:john  ship:john/any  fill:fic  kink:fluff  kink:ownership  char:equius  ship:equius/john  fill:fic:finished  fill:fic:unfinished  char:roxy  char:gamzee  ship:gamzee/roxy 
april 2012
Dirk/Jake, Roleplay
Oh no! The nefarious Doctor DS, master of the Robot Death Fortress, has captured the intrepid Jake English, gentleman adventurer! Stripped of his weapons (and his clothes!), imprisoned in the Doctor's secret lab...what dastardly deathtraps and terrible torments await our hero?

Jake and Dirk do sexy pulp hero/villain roleplaying.

Bonus points if Dirk makes elaborate props for it.

Extra bonus points if Dirk keeps trying to be self-consciously ironic about it, but Jake takes everything DEAD SERIOUSLY and is super into the role.
meme2  m/m  char:jake  char:dirk  ship:dirk/jake  fill:none  kink:roleplay  kink:robots 
april 2012
Pairing is only a suggestion - open to others

So there I was - thinking about troll genetic material... as you do. About how all the trolls' is that same color as their blood. And your blood is the same color as your writing.

And some trolls know this mysterious omnipotent omniscient entity who writes in white.

And even though they know the kids aren't writing in the same color as their blood or genetic material, it has to be freakish for a troll who'd conversed with the white writing to see human ejaculate.
meme2  char:terezi  char:dave  ship:dave/terezi  ship:kid/troll  fill:none  kink:xeno 
march 2012
Dolorosa and parental figures
The Dolorosa + any of the parental-figure-humans of your choice form a single parenting support group to try to figure out wtf they are doing (and vent about the little monsters they're raising.) You could do it cross-temporally over chat if you wanted, any romance possibilies are yay...
meme2  gen  f/f  f/m  char:dolorosa  char:dad  char:mom  char:bro  char:grandpa  fill:none  kink:kidfic  kink:fluff  kink:epistolary 
march 2012
Kanaya/Rose, illness/guro
Kanaya has a very odd reaction to drinking Rose's blood, thanks to her humanity - shakes, nausea, hallucinations, anything you want, really - and Rose helps take care of her as she's suffering.
meme2  f/f  char:rose  char:kanaya  ship:kanaya/rose  fill:none  kink:bloodplay  kink:comfort  kink:illness 
march 2012
Any - Strangers in a strange land
The game is won but Alternia and Earth are both gone. The kids and trolls wake up in a strange new world and have to figure out how to survive the dangers this world presents. Go wild! Are there wandering herds of violent beasts? Does someone eat something poisonous? If you bring back characters who have died, how does the group deal with that? Bonus points for Jake/Dirk exploring adventures, Feferi and Eridan having to deep sea dive (and everyone being horrified she has to go alone with him), Jade and Nepeta bridging the dog/cat barrier, and John and Karkat being the best boyfriendleaders.

Feel free to handwave how the Alpha and Beta kids are here together. XD
meme2  m/m  f/f  f/m  gen  fill:none  ship:any  char:any  kink:plotty.fic 
march 2012
Signless/Dualscar or Karkat/Eridan; Reversed hemospectrum breeders;
Didn't have room in the subject, so kinks and warnings for this prompt are; sexual slavery, dub-con/non-con, mpreg, brainwashing

Seadwellers with purple streaks are capable of laying eggs fertilised by another troll, but this time it's a world with a reversed hemospectrum.

Breeders are the only sea trolls considered worth anything - tyrians are just another shade of purple trash. And their only value lies in their fertility. They're trained to obey any troll who comes inside them while they aren't in heat and guarded jealously.

Sea trolls are still the longest lived, so they're passed from noble to noble - not to their own offspring, but traded between lines and houses. The ownership transfer is highly sexual, and very degrading to the breeder in question. Dualscar/Eridan considers himself lucky to belong to the Scarlet Emperor, at least for now.

Either there's always a Scarlet Emperor/Empress, because (s)he has access to a harem of breeders, with one added by each Emperor/Empress and they're inherited by each ruler, or the Scarlet Emperor is a semi-mythological figure, who only appears maybe once in a thousand or more sweeps and is a harbringer of change.
meme2  m/m  char:eridan  char:karkat  char:signless  char:dualscar  ship:dualscar/signless  ship:eridan/karkat  kink:slavery  kink:fertilization/impregnation  kink:noncon  fill:fic  fill:fic:unfinished 
march 2012
Any - Bucket Code
Bucket Code - the Alternian version of the Hanky Code? ( Practically any character or pairing is fine; just tell me something about what a bucket says about what its carrier wants. I'm good with just about any direction this can possibly go.
meme2  char:any  ship:any  ship:troll/troll  fill:none  kink:buckets  kink:cultural.difference 
march 2012
Grand Highblood/anyone - blackrom
Okay, I have to ask. I'd dearly love to see anything involving the Grand Highblood and another (or more) of the ancestors that's either ashen or black. Brute strength, chucklevoodoos, whatever it takes to really lay into someone else - and preferably someone who isn't killed in the process.
meme2  m/m  f/m  char:grand.highblood  ship:grand.highblood/any  fill:fic  kink:violence  quadrant:ashen  quadrant:caliginous  fill:fic:finished  char:handmaid  char:signless 
march 2012
Dirk: Feel torn between two attractive romantic prospects.
Equius: Introduce humans to the concept of quadrants.
Jake and Dirk: Decide it's worth a shot.

So, one possibility: Dirk♥Jake and Dirk♠Equius, with Dirk and Jake having fun fluffy exploration adventures and Dirk and Equius having a tense rivalry concerning horse/musclebeast pictures and robot building and other such things. (Not sure how Equius and Jake would get along in that scenario, so surprise me. XD) I'm happy with any possibility, though, as long as everyone's in a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship of some sort.
meme2  m/m  char:jake  char:dirk  char:equius  ship:dirk/equius/jake  ship:dirk/equius  ship:dirk/jake  fill:none  kink:cultural.difference  quadrant:caliginous  quadrant:flushed  poly 
march 2012
So, as of current canon Karkat is pretty much coming apart at the seams and spends too much time yelling at himself, and Gamzee is "the world's shyest juggalo" and has been hiding from Kanaya and her chainsaw for an entire year. Give them the pale makeouts they so desperately need from each other right about now.

Anon has no preference as to how literally you take "makeouts" (rails with pails and vanilla moirallegiance cuddling are both fine with me).
meme2  m/m  char:gamzee  char:karkat  ship:gamzee/karkat  fill:fic  kink:comfort  kink:fluff  quadrant:pale  fill:fic:finished 
march 2012
Black Queen/Jack Noir, humiliation/noncon
Alternate reason Jack hates wearing the prototyping costumes so much: When he doesn't follow orders, or the Queen is just in a mood, she used various means - mostly ridiculous clothing, but also whatever else you'd like to throw in there - to humiliate and demean him as part of their blackrom games.
meme2  f/m  char:black.queen  char:jack.noir  ship:black.queen/jack.noir  fill:none  kink:humiliation  kink:noncon  kink:dressup 
march 2012
Eridan/Gamzee - breathplay, noncon
Eridan plays a little game with the landdweller dumb enough to wander too close to the water. He drags Gamzee out into the water and holds him under every time Gamzee tries to fight him, then just takes what he wants while Gamzee's terrified and only half conscious.
meme2  m/m  char:eridan  char:gamzee  ship:eridan/gamzee  fill:none  kink:noncon  kink:breathplay 
march 2012
Rose moves to a new city and becomes flatmates with Nepeta and Equius. Culture clash ensues, but in the end the three become the very best of friends, or more.
(Sorry for not being more specific! I just saw someone mention this ship somewhere and I totally want it now.)
meme2  poly  char:rose  char:equius  char:nepeta  ship:equius/nepeta/rose  fill:none  kink:cultural.difference  kink:fluff  f/f/m 
march 2012
The beginning of A6I2 makes me want fic about them so bad. Probably not even porn fic, just something adorable and domestic where he admires her rather a lot and she finds him charming. Butler/housekeeper restrained below-stairs romance, is all. Can be in Hussie's lair or I'd love to see an AU setting where they're looking after bitty Equius together.
meme2  f/m  char:ms.paint  char:aurthour  ship:aurthour/ms.paint  fill:none  kink:fluff  kink:domesticity 
march 2012
Dolorosa/Dualscar, revenge
Dualscar killed the Dolorosa, but she awoke as a rainbow drinker, and now she wants to pay him back in kind. (AU is fine; so is fitting it in with the canon somehow.)
meme2  f/m  char:dolorosa  char:dualscar  ship:dolorosa/dualscar  fill:none  kink:murder  kink:revenge 
march 2012
Any troll relationship, any quadrant
Heavy service kink, trolls taking care of their quadrantmates - waiting on them hand and foot, doing everything for them. Any quadrant would be awesome - it would work great with redrom, but I'd love to see a hate-fueled blackrom take on it!
meme2  m/m  f/f  f/m  char:any  ship:any  ship:troll/troll  fill:none  kink:service 
march 2012
Cross-species body mods
Troll and human genitalia are mostly compatible, but not really the same. A character has their genitals modified to be more like the other species'. You can go wherever else you want, but I'd like if the character with the mods has no regrets and is genuinely happier in their altered body.
meme2  m/m  f/f  f/m  solo  char:any  ship:any  fill:none  kink:body.modification  kink:xeno 
march 2012
Any troll pairing
"You can't have the same person in all four of your quadrants - everyone knows that!"

Tell me the story of a troll couple who tries to prove that long-standing societal norm wrong. I just really want to see where people go with this idea, so any background and pairing would be awesome as long as they're both somehow trolls.
meme2  m/m  f/f  f/m  fill:none  ship:troll/troll  ship:any  char:any  quadrant:ashen  quadrant:caliginous  quadrant:flushed  quadrant:pale  kink:cultural.difference 
march 2012
Kismessisitude seems to be really physical and aggressive -- how does that work when you're so STRONG you'd break somebody if you fought back? Just about any pairing welcome, though I generally prefer Equius/Aradia to be flushed, not caliginous. I'm hoping to see Equius find a solution that works instead of just leaving him frustrated. Give me some STRONG and mutually satisfying hatemance~
meme2  m/m  f/m  fill:none  char:equius  ship:equius/any  quadrant:caliginous 
march 2012
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