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4 weeks ago
Second Life: Rethinking Myself Through Exercise, Mindfulness, and Gratitude – MacStories
Second Life: Rethinking Myself Through Exercise, Mindfulness, and Gratitude via Instapaper
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6 weeks ago
List of malware sites
lists of malware sites to test.
10 weeks ago
Fractal Mapper
With Fractal Mapper, creating worlds has never been so easy! Fractal Mapper is a high-powered mapping system that lets gamers create a wide variety of of maps - dungeons, continents, cities, and more! With it's easy to use interface, powerful features, and unique capabilities, making high quality maps with Fractal Mapper is a breeze!
dungeon_and_dragons  dungeon_master 
april 2018
Hex Kit
Hex Kit is a multi-platform, lightweight desktop application for quickly and effortlessly building hex maps for your table top role playing games. We've built this application to have an emphasis on tile variety, art, and usability at the table.
dungeon_and_dragons  dungeon_master 
april 2018
About World Anvil | World Anvil
World Anvil is a worldbuilding tool for Authors, Storytellers and worldbuilding lovers.
dungeon_and_dragons  dungeon_master 
april 2018
A D&D 5e Online Tool | Adventurer's Codex
A free, easy to use, in-person D&D 5e gaming system for characters, campaigns, and parties. Our goal is to allow players and DMs to experience D&D in a new, collaborative way. Join our community and be a part of the next step in tabletop RPGs.
dungeon_and_dragons  dungeon_master 
april 2018
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