Organizing Against the Gig Economy: Lessons from Latin America? | naked capitalism
Workers in the so-called ‘gig economy’ face heightening conditions of precarity and exploitation. From delivery couriers to taxi drivers, this series has shown that conditions of work are increasingly deleterious and show little sign of improvement.
may 2017
Globalization and the End of the Labor Aristocracy, Part 4 | naked capitalism
A recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute, “Poorer than Their Parents? Flat or falling incomes in advanced economies” (July 2016) shows how the past decade has brought significantly worse economic outcomes for many people in the devel
may 2017
Rubric, BA, Aalto
Bachelor´s Thesis Grading Rubric - Into
april 2017
Technological change in the wine market? The role of QR codes and wine apps in consumer wine purchases
However, while disruption appears to have occurred on the supply side (number of wine applications available and the number of wine labels with a QR code), this research suggests that relatively little disruption is occurring on the demand side (a relatively small segment of the population—those already interested in wine—are employing the technology to aid in their purchase decision).
november 2016
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