Fanout | Powering Streaming APIs
Fanout’s reverse proxy helps you push data to connected devices instantly.
apps  service  realtime 
7 days ago
What companies mean by culture fit - Triplebyte Blog
Hiring the best employees and building a strong culture are imperatives for any company. However, culture fit screens in the interview process have been shown to introduce significant bias. In this post, I dig into what companies actually mean by culture fit, and try to find a way to resolve this conflict. I hope this post will be useful for hiring manager designing an interview process, or engineers getting ready for interviews.
10 days ago
Hacklily — sheet music editor
sheet music editor, author sheet music, author sheet music
Hacklily is an online LilyPond-based sheet-music editor and publishing tool.
sheet-music  editor  music  apps 
10 days ago
How Discord Handles Two and Half Million Concurrent Voice Users using WebRTC
From the very start, we made very conscious engineering and product decisions to keep Discord well suited for voice chat while playing your favorite game with your friends. These decisions enabled us…
10 days ago
How America Overdosed on Capitalism – Eudaimonia and Co
Every so often, when I write about capitalism, I get a furious response, from a certain kind of man (it’s always a man): “dude, you don’t even know what capitalism!! I can’t believe this!! You’re so…
15 days ago
A glimpse into the dark underbelly of cryptocurrency markets
In this post I’ll investigate the key drivers of the unrelenting cryptocurrency/cryptoasset markets, and explain why they aren’t likely to go away soon. In particular, I will focus on the incentives…
15 days ago
The friendly community where you’ll build the app of your dreams
apps  node  glitch 
15 days ago
Create Websites and Landing Pages - Slides 4 Framework
Website Builder with a drag and drop feature that will help you create a website in a few minutes. The online app contains ready-made website templates.
apps  service  slides  presentation 
16 days ago
Progressive Tooling
A curated list of progressive tools to optimize the performance of your web project
dev  programming  tools  apps 
20 days ago
Why Everyone Should Watch Less News – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Psychological research is clear: the news increases our anxiety, while books give us a deep sense of inner peace while teaching us just as much (or more) about reality.
21 days ago
A curated collection of inspirational AI-powered JavaScript apps. Find examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning with Javascript
apps  ai 
21 days ago
Electric scooters: why Bird, Lime, Skip, and Spin are taking over cities - Vox
Turns out there’s a lot of latent demand for a quick and cheap way to get around.
22 days ago
For $450, This Japanese Company Will Quit Your Job For You : NPR
Workers in Japan who want to leave their jobs — but don't want to face the stress of quitting in person — are turning to a company called Exit.
22 days ago
Financial Modeling for Startups: An Introduction | Fivecast Financial
Fivecast Financial is a corporate finance consulting firm that specializes in financial modeling.
startups  startup  finance  financial-model 
22 days ago
the frontendian
A little blog about building web applications. Posts arrive monthly on performance, security, accessibility, tooling, and more.
23 days ago
The Origins of Our Misguided Hatred for Pigeons | Audubon
Perhaps the problem with those “rats with wings” lies with us, not them.
24 days ago
Web Reading Mode: The non-standard rendering mode - Ctrl blog
Most web browsers now have a separate rendering mode dedicated to a distraction free reading experience. I take a look at where this rendering mode came from and why there aren’t any standards for it.
24 days ago
Internet Security by Zscaler
Zscaler makes the internet safe for businesses by protecting their employees from malware, viruses, and other security threats.
24 days ago
Happy In Love [Data Analysis] - Happiness Through Love: Part 1
I have tracked my relationship for over 3,5 years, and I've analysed just how much influence it has on my happiness. Conclusion: I am happy in love!
28 days ago
Home Assistant
Open-source home automation platform running on Python 3. Track and control all devices at home and automate control. Installation in less than a m...
home-assistant  home-automation  automation  home 
28 days ago
Proppy - Proposals that wow your clients
Proppy - Write beautiful and interactive proposals in an instant
apps  proposal  estimates  freelance 
29 days ago
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