Creating Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles
Our tool creates custom jigsaw puzzles that are aesthetically interesting and challenging to assemble. Taking as input a user-defined curve, our method optimizes for puzzle cuts that follow the main color lines of the image, subject to interlocking, intersection, and minimum width constraints.
puzzles  jigsaw  pictures  lasercuter 
january 2016
Can I switch to OPVault from Agile Keychain? - 1Password Support
defaults write useOPVaultFormatByDefault true
1password  mac  security 
october 2015
BURN-MAP-2014-01.jpg (2000×2606)
They change the map's URL every so often as they revamp the store. This is the latest at the time of posting this.
powells  portland  books  map  pdf 
august 2015
How to Change the MTU in Windows 7 - The Monkey -
WTF, Windows?

netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “xx” mtu=1472 store=persistent
windows  windows7  networking  mtu  dsl 
august 2015
It's like "lsof" for Windows
tools  windows  lsof 
september 2013
Zeal - offline API documentation browser
It's like the OS X Dash app, but for Linux/Windows
python  ruby  docs  programming 
august 2013
Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection
Portable C source code to generate a variety of puzzles (Slitherlink, tents, islands, net, minesweeper, lights, etc.)
game  games  puzzle  puzzles  software  OpenSource 
may 2013
Coding Horror: New Programming Jargon
Yoda Conditions, Egyptian Brackets, Stringly Typed, Baklava Code, Hindenbug, Common Law Feature
culture  development  humor  programming  software  code  coding 
april 2013
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