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4 days ago
The World In Stitches
This was my favourite one to stitch :)
august 2017
Data journalism in broadcast
You will find data journalism in every medium - online, national newspapers, regional newspapers, magazines - and broadcast. Below are a range of examples of how broadcast specifically has treated data journalism stories on-air: Jaywalking arrests:
march 2017
A better Hyper key hack for Sierra
In the last Web Excursions, I posted a hack for getting Hyper Key functionality back in Sierra. It uses Karabiner-Elements and Keyboard Maestro. It couldn’t do one of the things I liked best about
february 2017
Volume Two: Underwood Portable Typewriters AMES OAMI Mechanical Training Manual Typewriter Repair Manuals | The Typewriter Database
february 2017
Carry a Docker Engine in your pocket
Get a full Docker Engine in your pocket with a Pi Zero and a USB cable. This 15min guide has everything you need to get started with a container in 15mins.
january 2017
Antique book patterns
A collection of antique book patterns from front or end papers. Spanning from 1890-1930. Orderd by theme.
november 2016
Nerd Journalism
: News Graphics and the Rise of the Journalist-Engineer
august 2016
Massively multiplayer golfing! Play now on your computer, tablet, or phone.
august 2016
Split an SVG path into pieces
Aaron Bycoffe’s Block 18441cddeb8fe147b719fab5e30b5d45
august 2016
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