The World In Stitches
This was my favourite one to stitch :)
6 weeks ago
Data journalism in broadcast
You will find data journalism in every medium - online, national newspapers, regional newspapers, magazines - and broadcast. Below are a range of examples of how broadcast specifically has treated data journalism stories on-air: Jaywalking arrests:
march 2017
A better Hyper key hack for Sierra
In the last Web Excursions, I posted a hack for getting Hyper Key functionality back in Sierra. It uses Karabiner-Elements and Keyboard Maestro. It couldn’t do one of the things I liked best about
february 2017
Volume Two: Underwood Portable Typewriters AMES OAMI Mechanical Training Manual Typewriter Repair Manuals | The Typewriter Database
february 2017
Carry a Docker Engine in your pocket
Get a full Docker Engine in your pocket with a Pi Zero and a USB cable. This 15min guide has everything you need to get started with a container in 15mins.
january 2017
Antique book patterns
A collection of antique book patterns from front or end papers. Spanning from 1890-1930. Orderd by theme.
november 2016
Nerd Journalism
: News Graphics and the Rise of the Journalist-Engineer
august 2016
Massively multiplayer golfing! Play now on your computer, tablet, or phone.
august 2016
Split an SVG path into pieces
Aaron Bycoffe’s Block 18441cddeb8fe147b719fab5e30b5d45
august 2016
Implementation Details for OmniFocus 2.14 Automation
OmniFocus 2.14 improves automation by adding support for two-way communication with other iOS apps. In iOS, the primary way that apps talk to each other is through URLs. These are much like the URLs
iosautomation  omnifocus  automation  via:nkashdan 
april 2016
The Curious Journalist's Guide to Data
This book, by Jonathan Stray, is about using data in journalism. But it’s not a particularly practical book. Instead it’s for the curious, for those who wonder about the deep ideas that hold everything together.
march 2016
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