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Can Handwriting Make You Smarter?
Laptops and organizer apps make pen and paper seem antique, but handwriting appears to focus classroom attention and boost learning in a way that typing notes on a keyboard does not, new studies
april 2016 by brenshaw833
The happy secret to better work
We've rebuilt with all the things you asked for... A big, beautiful video player. Mobile-friendly pages. A "Watch later" feature. And new ways to dig deeper into talks you love. Questions?…
september 2015 by brenshaw833
Taking Notes: Is The Pen Still Mightier Than the Keyboard? | MindShift | KQED News
Educators are eager to know how the computers popping up in their classrooms actually affect student learning. Much of the research has focused on how computers and other digital devices increase the…
august 2015 by brenshaw833

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