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The Lesson of the Château de Calberte
«We think that a fight for justice won is won once and for all. But the same battles, particularly in the social sphere, are fought over and over. In America the battles for social progress from the 1930s through the 1960s are being refought today. I worry that, as at the Château de Calberte at the end of the 14th century, we have lost the knowledge of how to construct our defenses — political and social — and we may be too weak to withstand the current assault.»
history  civilization  war  france  new-york-times  opinion  politics  progress  for-toni 
8 weeks ago by brennen
Programming Sucks
«Most people don’t even know what sysadmins do, but trust me, if they all took a lunch break at the same time they wouldn’t make it to the deli before you ran out of bullets protecting your canned goods from roving bands of mutants.»
for-toni  programming  writing  rant 
8 weeks ago by brennen
“Why isn’t the new year on winter solstice?”
«“Why isn’t the new year on winter solstice?”

The answer, honestly, is that the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.»
date-math  calendars  rome  classics  latin  math  history  mastodon  for-toni 
april 2018 by brennen
Why You Hate Contemporary Architecture | Current Affairs
There's plenty to disagree with in here (there are obvious major problems with the idea that buildings and cities can just spread out horizontally), and plenty I'm not really qualified to evaluate. I don't hate every giant weird concrete building. Still, there is also a lot to agree with.
architecture  design  opinion  buildings  via-ayjay  for-toni 
march 2018 by brennen
Toto: how we made Africa | Culture | The Guardian
«“If this is a hit,” I said, “I’ll run naked down Hollywood Boulevard.” I thought the song had a brilliant tune, but I remember listening to the lyrics and going: “Dave, man, Africa? We’re from north Hollywood. What the fuck are you writing about? ‘I bless the rains down in Africa?’ Are you Jesus, Dave?”»
music  toto  africa  songs  interviews  via-mastodon  for-toni 
february 2018 by brennen
letter grades for weird foxes
@ColinJCarlson: in the face of insomnia i will attempt to assign letter grades to the weird foxes. please stand by and watch this space for weird fox letter grades,, thank you
twitter  foxes  animals  for-toni 
november 2017 by brennen
Little Drummer Boy Challenge – Puh-rum-pum-pum-pum, people.
"It’s very easy: So long as you don’t hear “The Little Drummer Boy,” you’re a contender. As soon as you hear it on the radio, on TV, in a store, wherever, you’re out."
christmas  songs  little-drummer-boy  contests  for-toni 
november 2017 by brennen
A Clash of Cultures « bunnie's blog
"I’ve been fortunate to experience breaking my own prototypical notions that associate certain dress norms with intelligence. I’m a regular at Burning Man, and my theme camp is dominated by scientists and engineers. I’ve discussed injection molding with men in pink tutus and learned about plasmonics from half-naked women. It’s not a big leap for me to accept Naomi as a Maker. I’m glad she’s challenging these biases. I do my best engineering when sitting half-naked at my desk. I find shirts and pants to be uncomfortable. I don’t have the strength to challenge these social norms, and secretly, I’m glad someone is."
for-toni  burn  engineering  culture  misogyny 
november 2017 by brennen
::vtol::’s Videos on Vimeo
A bunch of crazy sound sculpture installations.
for-toni  for-adafruit  music  sounds  video  vimeo  art  sculpture 
october 2017 by brennen
Tohakum 2 Fire
94,221 acres, 40 miles north of Nixon, Nevada.
burn  smoke  for-toni  fire  nevada  pyramid-lake  american-west  environment  climate 
september 2017 by brennen
Blood Oath (episode) | Memory Alpha
The Klingons in this episode are recurring characters from different episodes of TOS, all played by the original actors.
star-trek  trek  ds9  klingons  wiki  for-toni 
august 2017 by brennen
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