Dewclaw - Wikipedia
I learned today that mountain goats have dewclaws.
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7 days ago
The Intellectual We Deserve | Current Affairs
«How does one even address material like this? It can’t be “refuted.” Are we ruled by a dragon of chaos? Is the dragon feminine? Does “the ‘state’ of preconscious paradise” have a “voluntary encounter with the unknown”? Is the episodic really more explicit than the procedural? These are not questions with answers, because they are not questions with meanings.»
politics  philosophy  culture  jordan-peterson  fascism  intellectual-history  criticism 
15 days ago
The Adorable Optimism of the IPCC.
«You voted en masse for the status quo and the corporate teat-sucklers. Now Darby and Klein and Guenther trip over themselves to let you off the hook, to blame Capitalism and Neoliberalism and its stranglehold on the groupthink of modern politics— but how did you end up with leaders who so willingly abased themselves at that altar in the first place, you ignorant shit-heads? There were always alternatives, and you saw them, and you laughed.»
climate  apocalypse  politics  ipcc  fuck-business  fuck-everything  democracy 
15 days ago
Elaine Pagels on Religion, Mourning, Scholarship, and Faith
«There’s something about engaging the spiritual dimension in life that, for me, is essential. I don’t think it is for everybody. I mean, I have a close friend who does this in her work in theater. My husband was dealing with his way of understanding through physics and the natural world. But for me, there’s something very powerful about that kind of music. It’s not the only kind. I like the Grateful Dead.»
religion  academe  elaine-pagels  interviews  death  mourning  christianity  colorado  grateful-dead  1980s  writers  history 
17 days ago
The Empty Core of the Trump Mystique | The New Republic
«A nihilist dreams of going out in a blaze of glory, taking as many with him as he can, because he hates his life and despises life in general. A martyr sacrifices her life, which by definition she cannot do unless that life is precious to her. You can only sacrifice what you hold dear. And you do so because something else is dearer still.»
trump  politics  nihilism  history  american-right  democracy  essays  garret-kiezer 
19 days ago
Geoff's Projects - The Maximite Story
«This is the story of developing the Maximite, a small computer described elsewhere on this site. It is not a particularly riveting story (like "The Soul of a New Machine") but it does illustrate the ups and downs of creating a complex device. It started with a simple idea and the thought "how hard could it be?" and ended up with a three month marathon and a remarkably complex and sophisticated device.»
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19 days ago
Richard Stallman: Talking to the Mailman. New Left Review 113, September-October 2018.
«People said that having a free operating system was utopian and impossible. They argued that there was no use even trying, because it was so difficult. But I think that there’s a fundamental error in that question, which is that it assumes that giving up would be okay. I don’t use non-free software. I don’t use the facilities that require users to run non-free software. So, the free software we have is already useful—and I’m sure we can achieve a lot more if we try than if we give up. I don’t say that free software is more important than defeating plutocracy, or more important than curbing global heating; and I wouldn’t try to argue that people should work on one rather than another. But we’ve got to have people working on this one—and people in the software field can’t avoid the issue of free versus proprietary software, freedom-respecting versus freedom-trampling software. We have a responsibility, if we’re doing things in the software field, to do it in a way that is ethical. I don’t know whether we will ever succeed in liberating everyone, but it’s clearly the right direction in which to push.»
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20 days ago
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