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«The official documentation for writing zsh completion functions is difficult to understand, and doesn’t give many examples. At the time of writing this document I was able to find a few other tutorials on the web, however those tutorials only explain a small portion of the capabilities of the completion system. This document aims to cover areas not explained elsewhere, with examples, so that you can learn how to write more advanced completion functions.»
cli  shell  zsh  howto  documentation  warelogging  autocomplete 
7 days ago
« For example, instead of the traditional practice of building a Python plugin for VSCode, a Python plugin for Sublime Text, a Python plugin for Vim, a Python plugin for Sourcegraph, and so on, for every language, LSP allows language communities to concentrate their efforts on a single, high performing language server that can provide code completion, hover tooltips, jump-to-definition, find-references, and more, while editor and client communities can concentrate on building a single, high performing, intuitive and idiomatic extension that can communicate with any language server to instantly provide deep language support.»
warelogging  via-mastodon  tools  programming  editors  vim  vim-plugin  microsoft 
8 days ago
Jaron Lanier Interview on What Went Wrong With the Internet
"One has this feeling of having contributed to something that’s gone very wrong."
via-ayjay  internet  jaron-lanier  interviews  social-media 
9 days ago
Quinn Slobodian – Globalists — Crooked Timber
«Slobodian thinks that this is mistaken. In his account, markets have not become disembedded from national societies and states so much as they have become re-embedded in international institutions. Neo-liberalism as manifested in the thought of Hayek and his European followers is the political project of looking to recreate state structures outside the grasp of democratic and non-democratic states.»
history  economics  hayek  crooked-timber  academe  neoliberalism  markets  internationalism 
9 days ago
Tag URI scheme - Wikipedia
«The tag URI scheme is a uniform resource identifier (URI) scheme for unique identifiers called tags, defined by RFC 4151 in October 2005.»
tagging  urn  wikipedia  standards  rfc 
15 days ago
Git - Tagging
I have to look this stuff up every time.
git  tagging  version-control  packaging  github  documentation  howto 
15 days ago
We Must Secure The Border And Build The Wall To Make America Safe Again | Homeland Security
I guess a thing titled "The Department of Homeland Security" isn't exactly the _last_ place you'd expect actual Nazis.
fascism  department-of-homeland-security  politics  immigration  assholes  nazism 
19 days ago
«youtube-dl is a command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and a few more sites. It requires the Python interpreter, version 2.6, 2.7, or 3.2+, and it is not platform specific. It should work in your Unix box, in Windows or in Mac OS X. It is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it however you like.»
warelogging  youtube  python  tools  video  for-adafruit  podcasts  cli  open-source 
20 days ago
[urn] Help me git an understanding
"Sometimes I feel like I want a URL (or URI)...sometimes I feel like I want a URN. What distinguishes the two?"
standards  git  urn  url  ietf  mailing-list 
21 days ago
Tips For Staying Civil While Debating Child Prisons
"Avoid unkind generalizations like equating the jailing of ethnic minorities with some malevolent form of fascism."
the-onion  fascism 
21 days ago
Home · Dunst
«Dunst is a lightweight replacement for the notification-daemons provided by most desktop environments. It’s very customizable, doesn’t depend on any toolkits and therefore fits in those window manager centric setups we all love to customize to perfection.»
warelogging  linux  desktop  notifications  via-mastodon 
21 days ago
Forty-Five Things I Learned in the Gulag
«I understood that a writer has to be a foreigner in the questions he is dealing with, and if he knows his material well, he will write in such a way that nobody will understand him.»
history  russia  gulag  writers  writing  authoritarianism  politics 
22 days ago
Maintainers Matter: The case against upstream packaging (postscript)
«Maintainers, distributions and all the variety of "wasted duplicated effort" is the only reason the system has worked. Maintainers are the ambassadors between users and developers. Together we have formed a beautiful symbiosis with FOSS programmers because we could freely tweak, build and distribute their software. We will always disagree, do something about it, attract users, attract volunteers and formalize these groups as distributions. Putting packaging in the hands of those who write software (instead of those who use it) will inevitably lead to a proliferation of bad actors, as has been demonstrated in every other major operating system lacking strong community curation.»
packaging  arch-linux  debian  software  distributions  idealogging 
26 days ago
Overview - pagure - Pagure
«Pagure is a git-centered forge, python based using pygit2. With pagure you can host your project with its documentation, let your users report issues or request enhancements using the ticketing system and build your community of contributors by allowing them to fork your projects and contribute to it via the now-popular pull-request mechanism.»
warelogging  git  python  fedora  version-control  issue-tracking  self-hosting  via-mastodon 
27 days ago
dist-bugs/ software
"These store the bugs in a version control system (VCS), along with the software that has the bugs. This allows bugs to be closed when a commit is made, and in some cases allows bug status to follow branches and merges."
warelogging  git  version-control  issue-tracking  bugs  joeyh  via-mastodon  self-hosting 
27 days ago
Make. It. Simple. Linux Desktop Usability — Part 1 – probono – Medium
Some entirely decent points in here. (On the other hand, I loathe and have always loathed since I knew there was any alternative MacOS-style global menu bars. Leave that shit in the 90s where it belongs.)
opinion  design  interfaces  linux  desktop  mobile 
28 days ago
It somewhat understates the case to say that I'm skeptical about "blockchain" saving journalism, but this is sort of interesting all the same.
journalism  blockchain  ethereum  colorado 
29 days ago
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