Key Word in Context - Wikipedia
"A KWIC index is formed by sorting and aligning the words within an article title to allow each word (except the stop words) in titles to be searchable alphabetically in the index. It was a useful indexing method for technical manuals before computerized full text search became common."
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A Church in Doubt by Richard Rex | Articles | First Things
It's interesting to read this kind of thing, which is certainly written with some intelligence and perception, and which also hinges in its perspective on statements like "[i]f, however, the Catholic Church were indeed to abandon or reverse the almost total opposition to divorce that it has maintained across two millennia, then its claim to be the privileged vehicle of divine revelation on moral issues would be, quite simply, shattered."

For divorce, in this kind of thinking, you can also pretty handily substitute women in the clergy, gay marriage, contraception, and so forth. And then I guess I think: Well, pretty much. Maybe you ought to just concede the failure of that privileged-vehicle trip and let the entire institution die a well-deserved death. (Then again, reading this over, it's entirely possible the piece is quietly saying exactly that: "Such a conclusion would definitively explode any pretension to moral authority on the part of the Church. A church which could be so wrong, for so long, on a matter so fundamental to human welfare and happiness could hardly lay claim to decency, let alone infallibility.")
marriage  sexuality  catholicism  via-ayjay  religion  history  first-things  pope  pope-francis  doctrine 
2 days ago
You're Living in the Past, Dude! - Bradley M. Kuhn ( Brad ) ( bkuhn )
«Nevertheless, there's actually nothing wrong with "living in the past" — I quite like it myself. However, I'd suggest that care be taken to not admonish those who make a go at creating the future. (At this risk of making a conclusion that sounds like a time travel joke,) don't forget that their future will eventually become that very past where I and others would prefer to live.»
bradley-kuhn  software  free-software  history  desktop  gnome  debian 
2 days ago
Waiting for Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment | The Nation
«Like a TED Talk, Enlightenment Now is easy to summarize. Despite all the doom and gloom bandied about today, Pinker argues, things are good—in fact, the best they’ve ever been. More specifically, human beings today lead longer, safer, healthier, wealthier, and indeed happier lives than at any point in recorded history, and they do so thanks to the Enlightenment. The nay-saying that is so prevalent in our culture is simply an error, the product of cognitive biases compounded by the influence of foolish intellectuals and ignorant politicians.»
steven-pinker  philosophy  enlightenment  history  books  reviews 
3 days ago
Why You Hate Contemporary Architecture | Current Affairs
There's plenty to disagree with in here (there are obvious major problems with the idea that buildings and cities can just spread out horizontally), and plenty I'm not really qualified to evaluate. I don't hate every giant weird concrete building. Still, there is also a lot to agree with.
architecture  design  opinion  buildings  via-ayjay 
3 days ago
What renovations are worth doing? - Curbed
"Rustic modernism is the perfect example of the simulacrum, the copy for which no original exists: it is historical without much history, a color palette and vague ruralness masquerading as a pure American legacy. The truth is, though there are the occasional episodes featuring truly decrepit properties, the vast majority of the homes featured on the show have nothing wrong with them. In fact, the hosts have time and time again muddied up houses (especially midcentury modern ones) with genuinely authentic, or even irreplaceable, interiors."
architecture  buildings  housing  culture  essays  mcmansion-hell  hgtv  reality-television  economics 
9 days ago
Tidal - Home
"TidalCycles (or Tidal for short) is a language for live coding patterns. It allows you to make musical patterns with text, describing sequences and ways of transforming and combining them, exploring complex interactions between simple parts."
haskell  music  audio  programming  warelogging  synthesizers 
11 days ago
Leo's Home Page
"Leo is a PIM, IDE and outliner that accelerates the work flow of programmers, authors and web designers. Outline nodes may appear in more than one place, allowing multiple organizations of data within a single outline."
editors  warelogging  via-mastodon  outliners 
14 days ago
Toto: how we made Africa | Culture | The Guardian
«“If this is a hit,” I said, “I’ll run naked down Hollywood Boulevard.” I thought the song had a brilliant tune, but I remember listening to the lyrics and going: “Dave, man, Africa? We’re from north Hollywood. What the fuck are you writing about? ‘I bless the rains down in Africa?’ Are you Jesus, Dave?”»
music  toto  africa  songs  interviews  via-mastodon 
22 days ago
NPR.org : The Father Of The Internet Sees His Invention Reflected Back Through A 'Black Mirror'
Sentences like these, in works of mainstream journalism, suggest that we are headed some ugly places: "They made it possible to surf the Internet anonymously — unlike a telephone, you don't have a unique number that announces who you are. We know how that turned out. People with less lofty ambitions than Cerf used that loophole for cybercrime, international espionage and online harassment."
npr  internet  vint-cerf  black-mirror  networks  culture  panopticon 
24 days ago
futures of distributions
"Seems Debian is talking about why they are unable to package whole categories of modern software, such as anything using npm. It's good they're having a conversation about that, and I want to give a broader perspective."
debian  nix  opinion  joeyh  packaging  npm  javascript 
25 days ago
Lynx Users Guide v2.8.8
This is actually pretty good technical writing.
lynx  browser  documentation  open-source  web  webdev  tools  warelogging  manuals 
5 weeks ago
Beaker | Peer-to-peer Web browser. No blockchain required.
"Beaker is equipped with tools for creating and hosting websites directly from the browser. Beaker uses the Dat peer-to-peer network to host your website's files, so you can share your projects independently and without worrying about hosting fees."
warelogging  web  browser  decentralization  federation 
6 weeks ago
DACA – No Measure Of Health
"Altogether I take a much more radical view of borders and immigration: I hold that the use of borders to determine who gets to live where is fundamentally illegitimate and immoral. But you don’t have to follow me all the way there to see that deporting people from the only home they have ever known is deeply inhuman and must end immediately."
immigration  politics  policy  trump  daca 
7 weeks ago
Pinboard – Add-ons for Firefox
With NoScript installed, the Pinboard bookmarklets don't work on most pages by default. This provides a simple button for adding a bookmarklet.
pinboard  firefox  warelogging 
8 weeks ago
Intel Responds to Security Research Findings
lol: «Recent reports that these exploits are caused by a “bug” or a “flaw” and are unique to Intel products are incorrect.»
intel  security  fuck-business 
10 weeks ago
LKML: Linus Torvalds: Re: Avoid speculative indirect calls in kernel
«Or is Intel basically saying "we are committed to selling you shit
forever and ever, and never fixing anything"?»
linux  security  cpu  intel  lkml  via-irc 
10 weeks ago
The Future Will be Technical
"This feels antithetical to how people approach the internet today, but I don't think that's the case for the future. The present moment is one where companies are obscuring the depth of their technical processes to quietly profit off surveillance, oppression, and depression. The future is one where technology is reclaimed by everyone; it is open and welcoming and asking to be built by hand. I want us to grow towards that future with everything we share."
technical-writing  warelogging  secure-scuttlebutt  protocols  culture 
10 weeks ago
Cagot - Wikipedia
"The Cagots were not an ethnic group, nor a religious group. They spoke the same language as the people in an area and generally kept the same religion as well. Their only distinguishing feature was their descent from families identified as Cagots. Few consistent reasons were given as to why they should be hated; accusations varied from Cagots being cretins, lepers, heretics, cannibals, to simply being intrinsically evil. The Cagots did have a culture of their own, but very little of it was written down or preserved; as a result, almost everything that is known about them relates to their persecution. Their cruel treatment lasted through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Industrial Revolution, with the prejudice fading only in the 19th and 20th centuries."
history  europe  bigotry  wikipedia  via-mastodon  france  religion  middle-ages  spain 
10 weeks ago
Deft for Emacs
"Deft is an Emacs mode for quickly browsing, filtering, and editing directories of plain text notes, inspired by Notational Velocity. It was designed for increased productivity when writing and taking notes by making it fast and simple to find the right file at the right time and by automating many of the usual tasks such as creating new files and saving files."
emacs  warelogging  notes  via-irc  via-thcipriani  systems  text  textfiles 
12 weeks ago
Firefox is on a slippery slope | Drew DeVault’s Blog
"For a long time, it was just setting the default search provider to Google in exchange for a beefy stipend. Later, paid links in your new tab page were added. Then, a proprietary service, Pocket, was bundled into the browser - not as an addon, but a hardcoded feature. In the past few days, we’ve discovered an advertisement in the form of browser extension was sideloaded into user browsers. Whoever is leading these decisions at Mozilla needs to be stopped."
mozilla  firefox  marketing 
december 2017
The Terrible Truth About Dreidel | Math with Bad Drawings
«But mathematics has never been about “understandable” or “desired.” It has always been about insinuating itself, over all manner of protests, into nostalgic memories and cherished holiday sentiments. And I refuse to let that tradition die.»
dreidel  holidays  math  probability  chocolate  judaism 
december 2017
" Notmuch is not much of an email program. It doesn't receive messages (no POP or IMAP support). It doesn't send messages (no mail composer, no network code at all). And for what it does do (email search) that work is provided by an external library, Xapian. So if Notmuch provides no user interface and Xapian does all the heavy lifting, then what's left here? Not much."
warelogging  cli  notmuch  mail  maildir  search  tools  gmail  self-hosting 
december 2017
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