The Myth of the Kindly General Lee - The Atlantic
"The argument here is that slavery is bad for white people, good for black people, and most importantly, it is better than abolitionism; emancipation must wait for divine intervention. That black people might not want to be slaves does not enter into the equation; their opinion on the subject of their own bondage is not even an afterthought to Lee."
history  racism  slavery  confederacy  american-south  civil-war  robert-e-lee  the-atlantic 
Growing up alongside tech / fuzzy notepad
"It turns out that being Right is much less important than being Not Wrong — i.e., rather than trying to make something perfect that can be adapted to any future case, just avoid as many pitfalls as possible. Code that does something useful has much more practical value than unfinished code with some pristine architecture."
programming  education  learning  writing  art 
3 days ago
Pietist “Communism”: The Amana Colonies – The Pietist Schoolman
We used to visit the Amanas when I was a kid. The area was one source of my fascination with "old" crafts like candlemaking (there was a candle shop).
amana  christianity  communism  pietism  american-midwest  iowa 
6 days ago
Apollo 11 and Other Screw-Ups
apollo  computers  programming  space  nasa  moon  history 
10 days ago
Interoperability between IPv6 and IPv4
"A common estimate of the length of time involved is 10 years - in terms of the history of the Internet, a very long time indeed, but probably a realistic figure in terms of the amount of installed IPv4 software and infrastructure, all of which will need to be replaced or upgraded."
ipv6  ipv4  documentation  internet  protocols  optimism 
11 days ago
Nate Cull - YouTube
'I collect and curate 1980s synthpunk. My particular thing is "concept playlists": a playlist that wants to be a concept album.'
music  youtube  video  via-mastodon  culture  1980s 
12 days ago
Blood Oath (episode) | Memory Alpha
The Klingons in this episode are recurring characters from different episodes of TOS, all played by the original actors.
star-trek  trek  ds9  klingons  wiki  for-toni 
14 days ago
Quote of the Day | Alec Nevala-Lee
"If we can abstract pathogenicity and hygiene from our notion of dirt, we are left with the old definition of dirt as matter out of place. This is a very suggestive approach. It implies two conditions: a set of of ordered relations and a contravention to that order. Dirt, then, is never a unique, isolated event. Where there is dirt there is system."
burn  moop  quotes 
19 days ago
Philip Guo - Helping my students overcome command-line bullshittery
"Command-line bullshittery is a prime example of incidental complexity: It has nothing to do with the intellectual content of my students' research. It arises simply because modern research software development is a messy jumble of open-source tools tied together by the duct tape of command-line scripts."
cli  code  education  unix  bullshit  opinion  scripting  notes 
26 days ago
Futex - Wikipedia
"In computing, a futex (short for "fast userspace mutex") is a kernel system call that programmers can use to implement basic locking, or as a building block for higher-level locking abstractions such as semaphores and POSIX mutexes or condition variables."
computer-science  kernel  systems  system-calls  mutex  posix  documentation 
27 days ago
Opiliones - Wikipedia
"The Opiliones /oʊˌpɪliˈoʊniːz/ or /ɒˌpɪliˈoʊnɛz/ (formerly Phalangida) are an order of arachnids colloquially known as harvestmen, harvesters or daddy longlegs."
arachnids  wikipedia 
5 weeks ago
permissions - Loop through all users in MySQL and add REQUIRE SSL flag - Database Administrators Stack Exchange
Herein, a hint that you need to do `GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO 'foo'@'bar' REQUIRE SSL;` on MySQL 5.6, instead of the ALTER you'd expect.
mysql  howto  stackoverflow 
6 weeks ago
n e o n g r i d
An encyclopedic catalog of cyberpunk media.
cyberpunk  tilde.club  tilde.town  media  sfnal  encyclopedic  via-irc 
6 weeks ago
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