Rhye: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert - YouTube
They're _really_ leaning into the flickering LED candle thing on this one.
npr  tiny-desk  music  leds  candles 
Her Left Hand, The Darkness | Alison Smith | Granta Magazine
«I never contacted her to tell her how much she’d meant to me. I thought it would be too much of a bother, that any moment in which I managed to catch her attention would be a moment away from her work. And perhaps I still thought of her as a god. Like a god, she was fixed, undying, a permanent feature in this ever-darkening world. The day before she died, I had spent my morning walk talking to her in my head, arranging and rearranging the words I’d say to her when I finally found the courage to approach her. I thought she’d always be there, waiting for me to stop fetching plates of fruit from the hors d’oeuvres table and to finally take a seat beside her, open my mouth and speak.»
writing  ursula-k-le-guin  sfnal  writers  academe  essays  education 
2 days ago
ervanalb/rainbow-vomit: Stupid simple WS2812 driver
"Maybe Adafruit or Sparkfun will steal my design and mass produce it. That would be cool."
warelogging  repo  github  leds  hardware 
2 days ago
Someone please cancel 2019 already? - Charlie's Diary
«The former, convergence of common goals, is a broader category (cover-ups are one very specific example). One may look at the way all the tobacco companies pushed the junk science about smoking not causing cancer between the 1900s and 1970s. Or the way that all petrochemical resource extraction corporations fund outlets that downplay climate change. It's not an actual conspiracy with an organizing committee and an agenda, it's just that they all stand to lose a mind-bogglingly vast sum of money and power if they don't follow certain policies.»
charlie-stross  blogs  conspiracy  environment 
2 days ago
Is Sunscreen the New Margarine? | Outside Online
«These rebels argue that what made the people with high vitamin D levels so healthy was not the vitamin itself. That was just a marker. Their vitamin D levels were high because they were getting plenty of exposure to the thing that was really responsible for their good health—that big orange ball shining down from above.»
health  science  research 
3 days ago
On Rust — Bill de hÓra
I still don't think I remotely understand the memory safety stuff, but this is overall a remarkably clear writeup, and I have a better idea of the language's flavor than i did before.
programming  rust  technical-writing  languages  syntax 
16 days ago
Python-uinput | tuomasjjrasanen
«Python-uinput is Python interface to Linux uinput kernel module which allows attaching userspace device drivers into kernel. In practice, Python-uinput makes it dead simple to create virtual joysticks, keyboards and mice for generating arbitrary input events programmatically.»
python  warelogging  linux  input  documentation  libraries  for-adafruit  raspberry-pi 
17 days ago
Why is the DOS path character ""? – Larry Osterman's WebLog
«Here's a little known secret about MS-DOS. The DOS developers weren't particularly happy about this state of affairs - heck, they all used Xenix machines for email and stuff, so they were familiar with the *nix command semantics. So they coded the OS to accept either "/" or "\" character as the path character (this continues today, btw - try typing "notepad c:/boot.ini" on an XP machine (if you're an admin)). And they went one step further. They added an undocumented system call to change the switch character. And updated the utilities to respect this flag.»
history  windows  dos  filesystem-stuff  microsoft  cli 
17 days ago
jwz: Mozilla mourns Microsoft
«Because we live in the Stupidest Timeline, Mozilla find themselves needing to point out that MICROS~1 leaving the web browser market is bad for the web.»
jwz  mozilla  microsoft  browser  web  webdev  fuck-everything 
5 weeks ago
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