mnot’s blog: Evolving HTTP APIs
One of the most vexing problems that still seems to be facing people when I talk to them about HTTP APIs is how to handle versioning and extensibility – i.e., how they evolve.
api  http 
Dvorak keyboard training
This is a free online typing course, that enables you to learn the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout rather quickly. There are five lessons, each of which most people can complete within two hours. After these lessons, you will be able to touch type the entire alphabet.
learning  dvorak 
Postman Sandbox API reference
2 days ago
A Pragmatic Quick Reference
This page summarizes the tips and checklists found in The Pragmatic Programmer.
22 days ago
REM vs EM – The Great Debate | Zell Liew
One of the best practices to typography on the web is to use relative units like rem and em. In this article, you’re going to find my take on rem vs em. You’re also going to learn exactly what rem and em are, and how to use them to build modular components.
css  typography 
23 days ago
Evaluating CSS Frameworks — Bootstrap vs Bulma vs Foundation vs Milligram vs Pure vs Semantic vs…
One of the hardest things to find these days is a good objective comparison between libraries.
css  framework 
6 weeks ago
Mocking GraphQL with graphql-tools+ – freeCodeCamp.org
How to mock up your GraphQL API with realistic values, I’d like the API to return mock data when I query it. How?
testing  javascript 
7 weeks ago
bikeshedding / Parkinson's Law of Triviality - Wiktionary
Parkinson observed that a committee whose job is to approve plans for a nuclear power plant may spend the majority of its time on relatively unimportant but easy-to-grasp issues, such as what materials to use for the staff bikeshed, while neglecting the design of the power plant itself, which is far more important but also far more difficult to criticize constructively.
7 weeks ago
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
This standard consists of a set of requirements and guidelines for file and directory placement under UNIX-like operating systems. The guidelines are intended to support interoperability of applications, system administration tools, development tools, and scripts as well as greater uniformity of documentation for these systems.

bin, doot, dev, etc, home, lib, media, mnt, opt, proc, root, sbin, srv, tmp, usr, var
unix  linux 
8 weeks ago
Strong SSL Security on nginx - Raymii.org
This tutorial shows you how to set up strong SSL security on the nginx webserver. We do this by updating OpenSSL to the latest version to mitigate attacks like Heartbleed, disabling SSL Compression and EXPORT ciphers to mitigate attacks like FREAK, CRIME and LogJAM, disabling SSLv3 and below because of vulnerabilities in the protocol and we will set up a strong ciphersuite that enables Forward Secrecy when possible. We also enable HSTS and HPKP. This way we have a strong and future proof ssl configuration and we get an A+ on the Qually Labs SSL Test.
security  http  linux 
8 weeks ago
HTTPS Cheat Sheet
A quick reference for all things HTTPS. Configs for nginx and apache explained and bonus features for when you deploy. Protocols, cipher suites, hsts, ocsp
security  http  linux 
8 weeks ago
TIL: How to debug cron jobs
TLDR: They key is to recreate the correct environment in which your scripts get executed.
8 weeks ago
lists.gnu / bug-bash / Re: pipefail with SIGPIPE/EPIPE
I understand why people want set -e. I really, truly do. If it did what people thought it did, I'd use it too! I use "use strict" in Perl, and in Tcl, you get behavior similar to that of "set -u" (except not broken) by default.
linux  bash 
8 weeks ago
The 12 Things You Need to Consider When Evaluating Any New JavaScript Library
How do you know if a new technology is worth investing time into? The factors: features, stability, performance, package ecosystem, community, learning curve, documentation, tooling, track record, team, compatibility, momentum
javascript  tool 
9 weeks ago
Git Extensions
Git Extensions is a graphical user interface for Git that allows you to control Git without using the commandline
git  tool 
12 weeks ago
git ready » learn git one commit at a time
If you're looking for pointers (no pun intended) on how to use git, look no further! The goal with this site is to make it usable as a way for beginners to get off the ground using Git and to show those who are already familiar with Git some new tricks.
12 weeks ago
Git Magic
Git is a version control Swiss army knife. A reliable versatile multipurpose revision control tool whose extraordinary flexibility makes it tricky to learn, let alone master.

As Arthur C. Clarke observed, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This is a great way to approach Git: newbies can ignore its inner workings and view Git as a gizmo that can amaze friends and infuriate enemies with its wondrous abilities.

Rather than go into details, we provide rough instructions for particular effects. After repeated use, gradually you will understand how each trick works, and how to tailor the recipes for your needs.
12 weeks ago
Timing Attacks in the Modern Web
In this paper, we show that modern browsers expose new side-channels that can be used to acquire accurate timing measurements, regardless of network conditions. Using several real-world examples, we introduce four novel web-based timing attacks against modern browsers and describe how an attacker can use them to obtain personal information based on a user’s state on a cross-origin website. We evaluate our proposed attacks and demonstrate that they significantly outperform current attacks in terms of speed, reliability, and accuracy. Furthermore, we show that the nature of our attacks renders traditional defenses, i.e., those based on randomly delaying responses, moot and discuss possible server-side defense mechanisms.
12 weeks ago
MicroBadger - node:8-alpine
What's inside this Docker container? Inspect labels, layers and other metadata.
12 weeks ago
ImageLayers | A Docker Image Visualizer
Visualize Docker Images and the layers that compose them.
12 weeks ago
Introduction - Concourse Tutorial
Concourse is 100% open source CI/CD system with approximately 100 integrations to the outside world. Concourse's principles reduce the risk of switching to and from Concourse, by encouraging practices that decouple your project from your CI's little details, and keeping all configuration in declarative files that can be checked into version control.
12 weeks ago
InfoSec Handbook – information security blog
A non-commercial and private project about information security for private individuals – no ads, no tracking, free and secure.
security  privacy 
august 2018
The Rule of Least Power
When designing computer systems, one is often faced with a choice between using a more or less powerful language for publishing information, for expressing constraints, or for solving some problem. This finding explores tradeoffs relating the choice of language to reusability of information. The "Rule of Least Power" suggests choosing the least powerful language suitable for a given purpose.
designpatterns  craftsmanship 
august 2018
Presentational and Container Components – Dan Abramov – Medium
You’ll find your components much easier to reuse and reason about if you divide them into two categories. I call them Container and Presentational components* but I also heard Fat and Skinny, Smart and Dumb, Stateful and Pure, Screens and Components, etc.
javascript  react  designpatterns 
august 2018
Karma - Git Commit Message
format: type scope subject body footer
types: feat fix docs style refactor test chore
august 2018
Debugging a Create React App with VS Code
In this post (and the above 4 minute embedded video) we’ll look at how to configure Visual Studio Code to debug React Components and Jest Unit Tests inside a web application that was created by create-react-app.
tool  react  debugging 
august 2018
Semiotic Data Visualization
Semiotic is a data visualization framework for React. It provides three types of frames (XYFrame, OrdinalFrame, NetworkFrame) which allow you to deploy a wide variety of charts that share the same rules for how to display information. By adjusting the settings of a frame, you can produce very different looking charts that despite their visual difference are the same in the way they model information.
javascript  react  datavis 
august 2018
Interactive Applications with React & D3 – Elijah Meeks – Medium
Bringing together D3.js and React is one of those things that isn’t new but is still not well-established enough to point to one sure way to do it. In this excerpt from my book D3.js in Action, Second Edition, I’ll show you the main techniques for combining React and D3 and explain their strengths and weaknesses.
react  d3  datavis 
august 2018
React lifecycle methods diagram
mount, update, unmount, getDerivedStateFromProps, shouldComponentUpdate, render, getSnapshotBeforeUpdate, componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate, componentWillUnmount
react  javascript 
august 2018
artyomtrityak/d3-explorer: Exploring D3.js with React.js
Exploring D3.js (v5): ES2015/ES6, Webpack, D3 and React.js
d3  datavis  javascript 
august 2018
D3.js (v4) Essentials – Raja Pradhan
In this series I am going to cover D3 v4. I will start from the very basics and then make our way towards some of the advanced topics of D3. No prior knowledge of D3 is required to follow along. There will be plenty of examples and demo will be provided in JSBin which you can edit and see the changes live.
d3  javascript  datavis 
august 2018
Intro to D3.js
The tutorial provides a quick intro to d3.js, a Javascript library for creating data visualizations in the browser. D3 is built on top of common web standards like HTML, CSS, and SVG.

D3 makes web-based visualizations easier by “automating the hard bits you already understand,” as opposed to “hiding the hard bits” (hat tip @andy_matuschak).

Again, the tutorial is not a deep dive — we want you to learn how to learn D3 and gain a high-level understanding of this useful tool.
javascript  d3  datavis 
august 2018
Calculate and display hash values from over two dozen popular hashing algorithms like MD5, SHA1, SHA2, RipeMD, HAVAL and Whirlpool.
july 2018
Provide a verifiable path from source code to binary. Deterministic build system. The build environment should either be recorded or pre-defined.
july 2018
Mockaroo - Realistic Random Data Generator and API Mocking Tool
A free test data generator and API mocking tool - Mockaroo lets you create custom CSV, JSON, SQL, and Excel datasets to test and demo your software.
testing  tool 
july 2018
How to manage complexity - Business Insider
Management Has To Change In An Increasingly Complex World
july 2018
Write most of your tests at a low level (unit tests) with a few broad-stack tests, eg via UI. UI tests tend to be fragile and slow.
craftsmanship  testing 
july 2018
Atomic commits: Telling stories with Git
These days I’m all into atomic commits and it really made my work beter. Never heard of that concept? No worries, let me introduce you to it
craftsmanship  git 
july 2018
uMap lets you create a map with OpenStreetMap layers and embed it in your site. All within a few minutes. You can create custom maps (see the examples at the instances' front pages).
july 2018
theCrag: the largest collaborative rock climbing & bouldering platform
Find climbing areas, guidebooks & partners, tick & analyse your climbs, create topos and stay up-to-date on your favourite crags
july 2018
Javascript Animation Engine
motion  javascript 
july 2018
How to Make a Stunning Animation of a Typing Cat
Whenever you want to include an animated illustration on a website, you have to decide which format will be a better fit — a GIF or a video? Especially when those animations have to be seamless…
july 2018
Introducing Lottie
Behind the scenes of our new open-source animation tool
july 2018
The Code Quality Challenge
A free, language-agnostic 30-day exercise of will.
tool  learning  designpatterns 
june 2018
Carbon - Highlight source code
Create and share beautiful images of your source code.
tool  javascript 
june 2018
A cartoon intro to DNS over HTTPS
At Mozilla, we closely track threats to users' privacy and security. This is why we've added tracking protection to Firefox and created the Facebook container extension. In today's cartoon intro, ...
security  http 
june 2018
SSL Server Test
This online service performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public Internet.
security  tool 
may 2018
Teach Yourself Computer Science
All the resources you need to give yourself a world class computer science education
may 2018
The Imposter's Handbook
I wrote this book to fill the gaps in my programming career. I'm a self-taught developer, and for most of my career, I've learned what was required to get the job done. When conversations veered toward core concepts, I disengaged. I decided to change all of this in 2014 and wrote a book about what I learned.
may 2018
Regex101 - online regex editor and debugger
Regex101 allows you to create, debug, test and have your expressions explained for PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript. The website also features a community where you can share useful expressions.
regex  tool 
may 2018
Salt Hash passwords using NodeJS crypto
This article shows how we can salt hash passwords in NodeJS using crypto.
nodejs  security 
may 2018
Priority Guides: A Content-First Alternative to Wireframes · A List Apart
Little-known, yet highly effective, priority guides are the content-first, responsive alternative to the ubiquitous wireframe.
design  progressive-enhancement 
may 2018
Fast and powerful SSL/TLS server scanning library
nodejs  security  tool 
may 2018
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