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Some cities are finally acknowledging this reality. Portland and Denver have sped up approvals and streamlined permitting. In 2016, Seattle’s mayor announced that the city would cut ties with its mostly old, mostly white, very NIMBY district councils and establish a “community involvement commission.” The name is terrible, obviously, but the mandate is groundbreaking: Include renters, the poor, ethnic minorities—and everyone else unable to attend a consultation at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday—in construction decisions. For decades, politicians have been terrified of making the slightest twitch that might upset homeowners. But with renters now outnumbering owners in nine of America’s 11 largest cities, we have the potential to be a powerful political constituency.
january 2018
Hidsigt voksende app vil være trafikkens svar på Netflix og Spotify -
»Mange køber en bil som en slags forsikring, fordi den så altid er i nærheden og tilgængelig. Men den bruges i snit kun 4 procent af tiden, og for 45.000 kroner kan man købe enormt mange rejser. Vores serviceniveau skal være mindst lige så højt, som hvis man ejer en bil, så man også aften og nat har en pålidelig transportmulighed«, siger Kaj Pyyhtiä.
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june 2017
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