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"SourceCred aims to empower open-source developers and communities by creating a project-specific reputation metric called cred."
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tf-encrypted — tf-encrypted 0.2.0 documentation
tf-encrypted is a Python library built on top of TensorFlow for researchers and practitioners to experiment with privacy-preserving machine learning. It provides an interface similar to that of TensorFlow, and aims at making the technology readily available without first becoming an expert in machine learning, cryptography, distributed systems, and high performance computing.
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How to be an open source gardener
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"Have you ever searched "free qualitative research software" only to be disappointed that nothing let you tag your materials? Search no more! Taguette is a free and open source tool for qualitative research. You can import your research materials, highlight and tag quotes, and export the results!"
october 2018 by brainwane
Nadia Eghbal | Understanding user support systems in open source
Expanding the definition of a maintainer

Finally, I’d like to expand upon the conclusion that we use an overly narrow definition of “maintainer”. Maintainers aren’t just people with commit access, nor the top committers to a repository. I identified at least three distinct maintainer roles, just in this area of research: core developers, issue triagers, and user support.

Because we don’t talk about these as separate roles, we forget this is a thing, and instead expect that core developers do all the work. This mismatch of expectations can lead to the frustration and burnout that’s often expressed on open source projects.

Officially recognizing these roles is about more than accolades: it empowers everyone to focus on what they do best, thus aligning incentives to continue contributing to the project. A code maintainer shouldn’t have to answer questions all day, and a support maintainer shouldn’t have to commit code, if that’s not what they each want to do. Yet a project needs all three roles (among others!) to thrive.
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october 2018 by brainwane
What's a User?
I disagree with "Marketing is fundamentally about changing people’s perceptions in favour of your product." and with the conclusion about advertising vs marketing, but some other points here are good
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august 2018 by brainwane
Week 11, day 2 at RC
"The answer is that I am a political activist first and foremost. My goal is not to win a virtue contest. My goal is not to ensure that I only run free software while the rest of the world runs Microsoft and Apple products. My goal is to create the legal and cultural conditions for free software to flourish and proprietary software to perish."
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july 2018 by brainwane
RT : .’s Open Source Center announces new Strategic Grants to support projects. These gr…
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june 2018 by brainwane
RT : On the heels of closing apps for our $150k USD grants for "dirty jobs", today we're announcing a new $9…
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The Docutils Document Tree
for Sphinx/reStructuredText reference
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march 2018 by brainwane
Harold Treen • Contributing to prettier-atom 💅
"Open source is a great way to learn about project management: Seeing the amount of tooling and documentation that existed for prettier-atom was really inspiring. Having a command to update your contributors list? For generating a release? For creating consistent commits? These are things I’d never really seen. It’s a great lesson in making projects beginner friendly and easy to setup. These things are easy to gloss over, but provide a lot of value in the long run."
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january 2018 by brainwane
Debian -- Details of package kazam in stretch
screencast and screenshot application created with design in mind

Kazam provides a well designed and easy to use interface for capturing screencasts and screenshots. It can record desktop video and multiple audio streams simultaneously with control over audio levels and the screen region being captured.
january 2018 by brainwane
What Are You Struggling With?
Connected to my own Usable History post, and with thoughts on dev environments, git, and what people have trouble learning when new to FLOSS
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november 2017 by brainwane » Blog Archive » What You Need to Know About the Conservancy / SFLC Dustup.
"What You Need to Know About the Conservancy / SFLC Dustup." by Karl Fogel (@kfogel).
november 2017 by brainwane
Opportunities/Career Advice - OpenHatch wiki
a compilation of blog posts, emails, and other docs written as career advice for Google Summer of Code & Outreach Program for Women interns and alumni, by Sumana Harihareswara
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november 2017 by brainwane
Outreachy/Meetings - GNOME Wiki!
"What's There to Learn" panels, career guidance office hours
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november 2017 by brainwane
FOSS contributions while using Windows
RT : Are you a Windows user who contributes to ? I want to hear about your experiences: /Pls RT for reach?
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october 2017 by brainwane
RT : The Women in Open Source Award highlights valuable contributions women make to . Nominate by 10/30:…
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october 2017 by brainwane
Apply - Outreachy
RT : Pls RT: Applications are now open for the December 2017 to March 2018 Outreachy internships! 🎉🍀
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september 2017 by brainwane
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