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How One Nerd Found Religion with OmniFocus Tags - Inside OmniFocus
David writes about falling in love with tags, and he suggests some good ideas for tags you might use.
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7 weeks ago by bonni208
RT : The “Accomplish Two Things Before Anything Else” approach: Dealing with academic life under pressure…
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12 weeks ago by bonni208
6 strategies to focus on writing (or research) – Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD
6 strategies to focus on writing (or research) I am like you, I get easily distracted. I u…
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august 2018 by bonni208
Notion - all in one workspace - notes, wikis, tasks, databases
One of the great app finds I've had in recent memory is / . Kind of a protean do-e…
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july 2018 by bonni208
Robert Talbert stresses productivity is not research articles published
I totally get the point of this article and higher ed's fixation on publications needs to change. But also, "produc…
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july 2018 by bonni208
Three steps for saying “no” without making it personal
Impromptu requests for your time and attention come up all the time. Here’s how to handle them professionally, rather than just swatting them away.
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june 2018 by bonni208
the problem with being super productive
RT : The problem with being super-productive is there will always come a time when you can't be super-productive anymore…
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february 2018 by bonni208
This was truly an exciting thing to see for the first time.
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february 2018 by bonni208
Leveraging the benefits of a current projects list
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november 2017 by bonni208
Five tips for getting more from your App Launcher – The Sweet Setup
"Five tips for getting more from your App Launcher" #productivity #macOS
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october 2017 by bonni208
Turn Off Your Push Notifications. All of Them | WIRED
Turn off your push notifications. All of them. @WIRED h/t @cpjobling #productivity
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august 2017 by bonni208
Reflections on getting re-started with > authentically written
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july 2017 by bonni208
GTD for Academics: The Trimesterly Review - Robert Talbert, PhD
Terrific advice from @RobertTalbert on conducting a trimesterly review: #gtd #productivity
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may 2017 by bonni208
(1) 41 Mile Lecture Fail - YouTube
"That did not go as planned." @mwesch #teaching #inspiration #coursetrailer #digped
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april 2017 by bonni208
RT : Excellent lesson from past CFL guests & Cal Newport: The Secret to Achieving Peak
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april 2017 by bonni208
Seth's Blog: The why of urgent vs. important
The why of urgent vs important via @SethGodinBlog #productivity
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march 2017 by bonni208
The Crazy Way We Work [Infographic] - Michael Hyatt
The crazy way we work #infographic by @michaelhyatt #productivity
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march 2017 by bonni208
Thanks for sharing it, . was a great interviewer. Fun to talk & .
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june 2016 by bonni208
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