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misunderstanding an expression
RT : My eight-year old keeps saying, “I hate to be the bearer of bad nudes,” and I haven’t corrected him because I think…
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6 weeks ago by bonni208
marshmallow test
RT : Kids from Cameroon rock the marshmallow test
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july 2017 by bonni208
How Investing In Preschool Beats The Stock Market, Hands Down : NPR Ed : NPR
How investing in preschool beats the stock market, hands down via @npr_ed
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december 2016 by bonni208
Kayden + Rain | Little Girl Experiences Her First Rainfall - YouTube
If you want to observe pure joy and a new discovery, watch this toddler
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september 2016 by bonni208
The Danger of Telling Kids "You Can Do Anything!" | Psychology Today
RT : Telling your kids they can accomplish anything is misleading. Here's what to teach them instead.
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august 2016 by bonni208
Don't Call Kids 'Smart' - The Atlantic
The dangers of calling our kids smart via The Atlantic
july 2015 by bonni208
Dad Fills Out Daycare Questionnaire Honestly For His 11-month-old Daughter | The Poke
Dad fills out daycare questionnaire honestly for his daughter #parenting #humor
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january 2015 by bonni208
Dumbledore in the NICU -
“I loved this world very much,” the letter went on. “The trees, the wind, the mountains, the air. So every time you are out of doors, close your eyes, take a good, deep breath, let yourself really smell the air, and know that I am with you then also.”
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may 2014 by bonni208
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