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How to read | Robert Heaton
Five years ago I realized that I remembered almost nothing about most books that I read. I was reading all kinds of non-fiction - pop-psychology, pop-economics, pop-sociology, you name it - and felt like quite the polymath auto-didact. But one day, after I had finished blathering at a friend about how much I had enjoyed Thinking, Fast and Slow, they asked for a quick summary of the book’s overall thesis. I thought for a while, mumbled something about System 1 and System 2 and how I had only real...
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july 2018 by bonni208
Note-Taking Strategies to Improve Learning
Note-taking strategies to improve learning, by @facultyfocus
september 2016 by bonni208
Can Handwriting Make You Smarter? - WSJ
Can handwriting make you smarter? Students who take notes by hand outperform students who type: (via )
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april 2016 by bonni208
How Typing Is Destroying Your Memory | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
RT @FastCompany: Why you are more likely to remember things you write down, and when typing is better
april 2015 by bonni208
The Benefits of No-Tech Note Taking - Advice - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Laptop-less classrooms; helping students take more effective notes via @chronicle
march 2015 by bonni208
A Learning Secret: Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop - Scientific American
RT @DaveStachowiak: I ban laptops in the graduate courses I's why --> A Learning Secret: Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop
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