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Maximizing the Effectiveness of Multiple-Choice Qs - The Effortful Educator
Maximizing the effectiveness of multiple choice questions (h/t @joshua_r_eyler)
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december 2019 by bonni208
4-Week Feedback Bootcamp | Canvas LMS Community
So, as I've explained in earlier posts, this is the YEAR OF FEEDBACK in my classes, where I want to try to do a better job with feedback myself, and also
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december 2018 by bonni208
Just finished entering my grades for Fall 2018. I'm grateful to who has gotten me to think more criticall…
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december 2018 by bonni208
RT : I introduce students to in Week 1; then we move on to FEEDBACK, learning, and making glorious mistak…
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august 2018 by bonni208
Student Gradebook Declarations | Canvas LMS Community
I gave an overview of my grading system in yesterday's post: Points-Based Grading: Cumulative, Not Punitive]. Today I want to explain the specific way
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august 2018 by bonni208
Peer assessment from Isabeau Iqbal
Is this a good excuse to have you back on the show? Haven't ever talked about it on an episode before.
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july 2017 by bonni208
I often wish for the kind of system you describe. Another benefi…
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june 2017 by bonni208
​Online Courses Shouldn’t Use Remote Proctoring Tools. Here’s Why. | EdSurge News
The issue isn't student cheating, it's about doing assessment in more effective ways. Great article, Jill!
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april 2017 by bonni208
Why Students Hate Peer Review | Vitae
RT : Here I am in writing about peer-review sessions and how to make them better:
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march 2017 by bonni208
Flipping Assessment: Making Assessment a Learning Experience
Flipping Assessment: Making #Assessment a Learning Experience - #highered via @FacultyFocus
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june 2015 by bonni208
Balancing Efficient and Substantive Student Feedback
RT @Markhofer: If you use @Blackboard do yourself a favor and try the rubric tool
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may 2015 by bonni208
Annotate for Word - Grading Essays with Microsoft Word
11Trees' Annotate for Word - Grading and commenting on written assignments with Microsoft Word
february 2015 by bonni208
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