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RT : Looking to get your thorny questions answered when it comes to ? Look no further, is here to he…
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10 weeks ago by bonni208
Human Restoration Project
The Human Restoration Project aims to discuss and provide resources that illuminate, foster, and challenge traditional and progressive educational practices. It is of utmost importance that, when looking deeply into dense topics, we provide places for people to start (especially those who are not accustomed to a progressive view of education). Furthermore, it is paramount that we view progressive education not as a series of buzzwords or acronyms, but instead the bringing to light wh...
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january 2020 by bonni208
RT : Looking to get your thorny questions answered when it comes to ? Look no further, is here to he…
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september 2019 by bonni208
G: The Miseducation of Larry P | Radiolab | WNYC Studios
More than a million American kids a year get IQ tested, but in the state of California, if your kid is Black, they almost surely won’t be given one.
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june 2019 by bonni208
RT : Looking to get your thorny questions answered when it comes to ? Look no further, is here to he…
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april 2019 by bonni208
A prospective student visited my first class today. I kinds liked him.
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april 2019 by bonni208
Just completed an e-mail interview about and , and pretty much every answer I gave began wit…
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april 2019 by bonni208
2018 Education Research Highlights | Edutopia
Researchers studied students’ brains as they learned and took another look at the marshmallow test, learning styles, and growth mindset.
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february 2019 by bonni208
John Locke's Some thoughts concerning education (1963)
Re-reading John Locke's "Some Thoughts Concerning " (1693) in which he stresses , , and "g…
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march 2018 by bonni208
RT : 11 Active Learning Strategies 🏃🏾‍♀️👥🤔🛠📝🗣 (by )
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february 2018 by bonni208
My best friend made this list --> 16 Podcasts to Check Out In 2017 by c…
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january 2017 by bonni208
How Investing In Preschool Beats The Stock Market, Hands Down : NPR Ed : NPR
How investing in preschool beats the stock market, hands down via @npr_ed
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december 2016 by bonni208
Look forward to seeing everyone there on Friday and Saturday!
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november 2016 by bonni208
Mindfulness and the fourth grade brain | Scope Blog
RT : Study shows training for children could improve everything from social skills to math scores
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february 2015 by bonni208
It’s Time to Teach Tech! | What are you doing after school?
Much is being said about teaching students 21st century skills. We are already fourteen years late on this endeavor. We need to catch up in order to make students more globally aware and more marketable adults. However, technology should enhance and further education of skills, not replace them for the sake of novelty. In "Why…
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november 2014 by bonni208
50 Education Leaders Worth Following On Twitter - Edudemic
RT @Edudemic: 50 Education Leaders Worth Following On Twitter
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july 2014 by bonni208
SlideRule: Find Online Courses/MOOCs. Read Reviews/Ratings
There's always something new to be learned, and here's an incredible tool for #lifelonglearning #pkm |
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june 2014 by bonni208
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