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RT : How to stop the spread of misinformation in 30 seconds. Michael Caulfield demonstrates a simple processes he uses t…
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Paging Image Detectives – CogDogBlog
Learn much from your posts like . Posted archived Storifies on Github lik…
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RT : It’s here! Download NMC's 2nd Horizon Project Strategic Brief on Digital Literacy at
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NMC digital literacy report
RT : Launching the new NMC digital literacy report today
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RT : Activity bank for a course on internet literacy. Still need to add a couple more. What should they be?
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How “News Literacy” Gets the Web Wrong | Hapgood
How 'news literacy' gets the web wrong by @holden #diglit #fakenews
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Debbie Morrison | Online Learning Insights
#highered's digital skills gap: Faculty & students #edd703
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Yes, Digital Literacy. But Which One? | Hapgood
also, recommended to talk about his recent digital literacies article, & he has agreed
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Highly recommend this short video. It challenges the notion of digital natives and immigrants. Than…
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ReBrand Digital Citizenship – Get Ignited! | Tanya Avrith
RT @TanyaAvrith: If you missed my #ignite at #ISTE2014 #notatiste14 check out my recap of "Rebranding Digital Citizenship" #edchat
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