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Simple, beautiful & free OSX Markdown editor for developers, writers, and bloggers |
It's free and comes packed with great features such as Multi-Tabs, Folder Navigator, Distraction Free Mode, Quick Open, Live Preview, Themes
Markdown  Texteditoren  macOS 
september 2014 by bogen
Erato – Gorgeous GitHub flavored Markdown composer for your Mac
Gorgeous Markdown composer for your Mac. Fully supports vanilla Markdown, GitHub Markdown, YAML front matter and some MultiMarkdown.
Markdown  Texteditoren  macOS 
august 2014 by bogen
Penflip - collaborative writing and version control
Write better with a simple markdown editor, version control and easy collaboration tools.
Kollaboration  Texteditoren  Markdown  Browser 
august 2014 by bogen
Texts — Markdown Word Processor for Mac OS X and Windows
Markdown editor for Mac and Windows. Tables, images, footnotes, math and more. Export to PDF, HTML, Word, ePub.
Windows  Texteditoren  Markdown  macOS 
august 2014 by bogen
Online Markdown Editor - Dillinger, the Last Markdown Editor ever.
Dillinger is an online cloud based HTML5 filled Markdown Editor. Sync with Dropbox, Github and Google Drive. 100% Open Source!
Web  Markdown  Texteditoren 
august 2014 by bogen
"Lazy" Markdown footnotes -
Carl Johnson left a comment on my "Lazy Markdown Links" post to mention that he's long used a similar "lazy" method for footnotes. It struck me as a great idea. I whipped up another preprocessor for
june 2014 by bogen

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