Beans & Rice Go on Spring Break
ignore the comments that are like, "I tried this in a completely different type of pan with a different type of rice and it's NOT WORKING!! WORST RECIPE EVAAAAR"
recipes  vegetarian  untested 
8 weeks ago
Mixed Bean Masala with Fragrant Yellow Rice
Is it authentic Indian? Nope. Is it delicious? Heck, yeah.
recipes  yummy  vegetarian 
december 2017
Delicata squash with miso maple butter
delicious - make sure butter is softened before making
recipes  yummy  vegetarian 
november 2017
Pesto Pizza
Great with Smitten Kitchen's lazy pizza dough for the crust. Make sure to use homemade or filler-free ricotta for best results.
recipes  yummy 
october 2017
Kahoo va Sharbat ‘e Sekanjabin
Persian cousin to shrub, a minty drink idea for summer
may 2017
Recc'd by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
recipes  untested  baking 
august 2016
Squash and Chickpea Moroccan Stew
Don't forget the garnishes! Probably great with mint tea.
recipes  yummy 
november 2015
How to make dashi
from scratch. Also includes link to using dashi to make miso soup and clear soup.
recipes  japanese 
april 2015
Spiders Grantaire
Article about a RL Grantaire who ran a spider farm.
march 2015
Smitten Kitchen Ultimate Chicken Soup
Need to make 1/2 batch to fit in biggest pot.
recipes  yummy 
january 2015
Comparing Heights
type in heights of two characters, get visual comparison
january 2015
Hoppin John
recipe from The Pioneer Woman — frozen black-eyed peas work great here, as do the tomatoes for a much-needed shot of acidity to brighten it.
recipes  yummy 
january 2015
Smoking Bishop recipe
Victorian-era holiday drink, with spices and citrus and enough alcohol to get you through your uncle's rants about How The Gays Are Ruining Everything.
recipes  drinks  yummy 
december 2014
Four-Grain Bread
no-knead bread, given extra dimension by the addition of cornmeal, rye, and oats.
recipes  bread  yummy 
december 2014
Woodside Orchards
U-Pick apples on LI's north fork
u-pick  apples 
september 2014
Miso Sourdough Bread
Try turning the temp down to 425° after a few minutes and/or keeping it in the oven for a shorter time
recipes  bread 
september 2014
Lighthouse Cruises
cruises that take you to lighthouses off the coast of LI
may 2014
Out of the Dead Land
Prompt: Sam and Steve find the Winter Soldier and begin the process of deprogramming him. At first his progress seems to be astounding -- it's like having Bucky back again. But there's little cracks in the facade, and Steve catches on that Winter Soldier doesn't have his memories back.

He's just studied up on how to be Bucky.

He's memorized facts about the Howling Commandos, their old neighborhood in Brooklyn, even personal details about Steve himself, but it's not *perfect* and it's not truly *Bucky*, it's the Winter Soldier playing at being Bucky. He wants to be Bucky very badly.
mcu  captainamerica  wip 
may 2014
Potato and Green Garlic Crustless Quiche with Goat Cheese, Gruyère, and Chives
recipe is gluten-free but includes instructions for using wheat flour as well
recipes  vegetarian  yummy 
april 2014
Smoking Bishop
Smoking Bishop is a warm mulled wine and port drink, sometimes known simply as ‘Bishop’. Tasty but quite strong.
recipes  drinks  yummy 
december 2013
~ Children's Clothes ~
In which we see what children wore during the Regency.
december 2013
This traditional German Christmas bread has a dense crumb studded with spices, dried fruit, and candied ginger.
recipes  untested  baking 
december 2013
Hang up your Brightest Colours
They carry back bright to the coiner the mintage of man - The lads that will die in their glory and never be old.
ficrecs  lesmiserables  angst 
december 2013
Scattered Illumination
On any other night Feuilly would have been right along with them, throwing himself into the fray of discussion as the conversation ebbed and flowed over every topic under the sun.
ficrecs  lesmiserables  gen 
november 2013
The Gallery
Gallery of eleventy zillion Les Mis illustrations from various editions of the book since its publication
lesmiserables  reference 
november 2013
Les Mis 101
A whole bunch of resources, focused on the real-life history surrounding the events of the book.
lesmiserables  history  reference 
november 2013
survivor AU
Modern AU, Joly the only survivor, put on trial. Illustrated with Hugh Skinner gifs.
lesmiserables  au  modernau  angst 
october 2013
Bossuet, in the library, with a candlestick
that one time bossuet killed enjolras by mistake (no, not for real)
lesmiserables  humor  gen 
october 2013
Texts From Willian Blake
Bring me my Bow of burning gold

William what are you talking about

Bring me my Arrows of desire

You’re not allowed to have arrows
has someone let you have arrows?
october 2013
Inopportune Time: Enjolras, Combeferre: 1823
In which Enjolras and Combeferre are both fifteen years old and both extremely sure of their own ideas about revolution.
ficrecs  lesmiserables  gen 
october 2013
He Says He Is an Oceanographer
AU. Carlos and his team are studying the most scientifically interesting patch of ocean along the U.S. coastline. In the process, a certain member of the ocean community (with a beautiful, soothing Voice) starts to take an interest in him too.

Featuring fairytale romance, the music of the sea, chemistry of all kinds, and, well, puns. Lots and lots of puns.
nightvale  cecil/carlos  au 
october 2013
Joly came striding into the sitting room like a general preparing for battle. "Bossuet," he announced in the same tone of voice said general might adopt after being defeated, captured, and bound to a stake by the enemy, "I can't find my glasses."

The response he received was anything but sympathetic. "They're on your head," Bossuet replied absently, not looking up from his book.
ficrecs  lesmiserables  joly/bousset  fluff 
october 2013
Suche gut gebauten achtzehn Bis dreijährigen zum schlachten Der metzgermeister; pRouvaire
his quest leads him to the mirror hanging over his wash basin, and he realises suddenly and with a cry that his entire face is blood-smeared. panic seizes his tired, hungover, probably still high mind as the realisation hits him: he has eaten grantaire.
ficrecs  lesmiserables  humor 
october 2013
Honey Ginger Pumpkin Butter
DIY pumpkin butter. Can even be frozen!
recipes  untested 
october 2013
The New World
tumblr prompt:

AU where Enjolras is a mind-reader who learnt how to keep everyone out of his head, but then one day he’s tired and he let his guard off and Grantaire’s thoughts hit him and Enjolras blushes like an idiot because nobody never ever thought such nice and dirty things about him
ficrecs  lesmiserables  enjorlas/grantaire  slash  au  fluff 
october 2013
I Bet A Lot Of Folks Can Sing In Harmony
Ragnar and Lagertha hear Athelstan busking in a park by chance on the same day they lose their opening act. They convince him to come along with them as they tour their way across the country, and he fits into their lives better than they ever could have hoped. Band tour AU.
ficrecs  vikings  athelstan/ragnar/lagertha  threesome  au 
october 2013
Ajitsuke Tamago
marinated soft-boiled eggs, good for ramen toppings, among other things
recipes  untested  japanese 
october 2013
Vegan Black Bean and Squash Chili
Recipe title is a bit of a misnomer, as it's only vegan if you use vegan cheese.
recipes  untested 
october 2013
Bad Habits
Once Cecil and Carlos have made it official and moved in together, they have to learn to live with each other’s disgusting habits.
ficrecs  nightvale  cecil/carlos  slash  domesticfic 
october 2013
The Adventure of the Hopping Vampire
SOME OF OUR MORE IMAGINATIVE READERS INFORM US that the events of the past few days -- the grisly deaths, the tragic fire, the flying carriage that caused the egregious delays on the Metropolitan and District Railway -- are attributable to the fevered pursuit of a Chinese vampire, known in its native land as a jiang shi, by the adventuress detective Madame Vastra. These readers, whose persistent letters are beginning to become tiresome, claim that this is but one of many times Madame Vastra's unravelling of a mystery has saved all of an unknowing London.
ficrecs  doctorwho  jenny/vastra  femslash  casefic 
october 2013
Prompt: So Joly meets someone, no preference on who, and starts getting your typical infatuation butterflies and lightheaded etc. So he becomes convinced he's coming down with malaria. He freaks out and goes to Combeferre who's all like, Joly, you're just in love. Joly blanches and says something like oh god, is it terminal?

Best part of this is that the author came up with Joly's self-diagnoses by running the symptoms of a crush through WebMD.
ficrecs  lesmiserables  joly/bousset 
october 2013
Rory always knew the Doctor had other friends on Earth. He just never expected to meet one...

Rory and Sarah Jane
ficrecs  doctorwho  gen 
october 2013
Prouvaire- Capernoited
Jehan had found that a precise amount of drink brought him to a sweet shadowy twilight, somewhere between the glare of sobriety and the blackness of intoxication: a state where his shyness melted away, but his faculties did not melt with it, where he had the courage to approach a lady, but retained the wit to say something intelligible to her. He loved that gentle dusk.
ficrecs  lesmiserables  gen 
october 2013
Heroes in the seaweed
Lady Cosette and her father are fleeing the country due to sad persecution. On the boat crossing, there's a terrible storm and Cosette is flung overboard. She's saved just before she drowns by Eponine the mermaid, who brings her to shore where Valjean eventually finds her again.

But now she can't quite think of the boy she left behind without remembering the mermaid's voice. Will she see either of them again?
lesmiserables  littlemermaid  fairytales  crossover  wip 
august 2013
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