Hyper-V minikube start error: "failure loading ca certificate: the certificate is not valid yet" · Issue #2749 · kubernetes/minikube
sudo /usr/bin/kubeadm init --config /var/lib/kubeadm.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=DirAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests --ignore-preflight-errors=DirAvailable--data --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-kube-scheduler.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-kube-apiserver.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-kube-controller-manager.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=FileAvailable--etc-kubernetes-manifests-etcd.yaml --ignore-preflight-errors=Swap --ignore-preflight-errors=CRI
minikube  issues  k8  kubenetes 
june 2018
Single-Page Apps - OAuth 2.0 Servers
. Since the secret is not used, there is no way to verify the identity of the client other than by us
spa  oauth2 
june 2018
A Guide to the RestTemplate | Baeldung
ClientHttpRequestFactory requestFactory = getClientHttpRequestFactory();
RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate(requestFactory);

HttpEntity<Foo> request = new HttpEntity<>(new Foo("bar"));
Foo foo = restTemplate.postForObject(fooResourceUrl, request, Foo.class);
assertThat(foo, notNullValue());
assertThat(foo.getName(), is("bar"));
RestTemplate  spring 
april 2018
java - How to use Jackson to deserialise an array of objects - Stack Overflow
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper;// in play 2.3
ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
As Array:

MyClass[] myObjects = mapper.readValue(json, MyClass[].class);
As List:

List<MyClass> myObjects = mapper.readValue(jsonInput, new TypeReference<List<MyClass>>(){});
Another way to specify the List type:

List<MyClass> myObjects = mapper.readValue(jsonInput, mapper.getTypeFactory().constr
json  mapping  list  array 
april 2018
JSON Tools: Jq - Hyperpolyglot
echo '"do re mi mi mi"' | jq 'sub("mi"; "ma")'
dev  json  jq  cheet  sheet 
march 2018
Holiday homes: the best Investment of 2017? - Property Price Advice
We bought our house as an investment rather than to make a quick buck and it pays for itself with a profit that we usually reinvest back into the house by way of upgrading white and electrical goods and a yearly upgrade of linens! At the end of the day, it is crucial to maintain high standards (we are inspected yearly by Visit England) but in terms of an investment and source of income? I’d say it’s more than worth it.
property  investment 
december 2017
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