Evil Front Part 1: Modern Front-end in Rails
An opinionated guide to modern, modular, component-based approach to handling your presentation logic in Rails that does not depend on any front-end framework. Follow our three-part tutorial to learn the bare minimum of up-to-date front-end techniques by example and finally make sense of it all.
5 weeks ago
Easy as Pie React + D3 Chord Diagrams in Tableau
A functional example of Tableau integration with Nivo (React + D3)
charts  d3 
6 weeks ago
How Stripe Designs Beautiful Websites
Examining the tips and tricks used to make Stripe's website design a notch above the rest.
6 weeks ago
All you need is code. Make serverless endpoints
server  api 
9 weeks ago
Studio Mast
Studio Mast is an independent graphic design and branding studio based in Denver, Colorado. We work with clients large and small to strategically create and advance identities.
studio  denver 
9 weeks ago
GraphQL Summit
Join 750+ developers for one track of talks over two days from GraphQL experts from around the world. Hear from leaders of GraphQL's major open source projects and learn how developers are using GraphQL in production at top startups and enterprises.
graphql  conference 
9 weeks ago
React Bits
A compilation of React Patterns, techniques, tips and tricks.
javascript  react 
9 weeks ago
react-simple-maps is a library of React components to make SVG maps using d3-geo and topojson.
react  maps 
september 2017
Diceware Secure Passphrase and Password Generator
Diceware is used to generate cryptographically strong passphrases. Don't let that frighten you away though, a passphrase is just a password made of words you can remember. It is based on the principle that truly random selection of words from a wordlist, can result in easily memorable passwords that are also extremely resistant to attack. Traditional Diceware uses rolls of physical dice, this application uses a strong random number generator in place of the dice. Passwords that are six words or longer are thought to be safe for any very high security applications.
passwords  security 
august 2017
Checklist: Node.JS production best practices – Yoni Goldberg
Welcome to my comprehensive collection of tips on running Node.JS in production. It aims to summarize most of the knowledge gathered to date from the highest ranked blog posts.
checklist  production  node 
august 2017
The Design Sprint — GV
The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. Developed at GV, it’s a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more—packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.
design  process 
july 2017
Mastering Async Await in Node.js
simplify your callback or Promise based Node.js application with async functions (async/await)
javascript  async 
july 2017
updown is an online service that checks your website's status by periodically sending an HTTP HEAD request to the URL of your choice. It then notifies you by email or sms when your website is not responding correcly.
july 2017
Selling a Design System before asking for buy-in
An “adoption first” strategy for an internal Design System at EA
july 2017
This is not a film to be reviewed as a film; its art is that it cancels all aesthetic distance between our unthinking and the unthinkable: here is the death of our life and the birth of a new life for our children, a life … of slow death by radiation sickness and plagues and starvation and quick death by violence.
april 2017
Archivio Grafica Italiana
Archivio Grafica Italiana is the first digital archive dedicated to the Italian graphic design heritage. A growing overview to spread and promote the culture of quality that distinguishes the Italian design tradition. From the greatest classics to the best contemporary projects, commissioned by Italian clients or made by Italian designers, to explore and discover the fundamental aesthetic and cultural contribution brought by the Italian graphic design all over the world. Archivio Grafica Italiana is a project by Nicola-Matteo Munari.
design  graphic  italy 
march 2017
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