my river runs to thee
“You—” He seems to regain some of his sense, then, leaning slightly forward as if to hear her more clearly. “The Barrys. Celebration. Escort. Me.” “If you have the slightest compassionate bone in your body, don’t make me say it again!” Anne yelps. “Just tell me outright, will you, and be done with it, so that I can relinquish all hope of attending, so that I can make my peace with the grief; just tell me yes or no before—” “Yes,” Gilbert says. {anne asks gilbert to the winter ball; tart and sweet, with a wonderful anne-esque way with words}
fandom:annewithane  pairing:anne/gilbert  rating:g  author:tbd 
25 days ago
The Wedding Date
Brendan gets invited to Wendy's wedding and PJ is his girlfriend now. There are test dates and attending a wedding. What could possibly go wrong? {my yuletide gift! brando and pj fake date for wendy's wedding, with amazing banter with the whole gang and bff ust that is so good}
fandom:myboys  pairing:pj/brendan  rating:pg13  author:tbd 
26 days ago
More Than a Hunch
“Carol Brady never had to put up with this.” Four times all those blended-family parenting books were no use, and one time it didn’t matter. {the family knows all about derek and casey secretly dating; sweet and funny and delightfully true to the actual show}
fandom:lifewithderek  timeline:post-canon  pairing:derek/casey  rating:pg13  author:stars_inthe_sky 
10 weeks ago
Your Pretty Little Heart
“Good. Good little Omega.” He says the words against her gland, almost sweetly, and Rey—Rey is going to die. A wonderful, delicious death. Depraved, all of this. Filthy. Beautiful. Modern day AU in which Ben is an Alpha, Rey is an Omega, and they are way better at having sex than at communicating with each other.{a/b/o where ben and rey work together in a hospital and end up as alpha/omega fuckbuddies with secretly intense pining}
fandom:starwars  timeline:au  pairing:rey/kylo  rating:nc17  author:ever-so-reylo 
july 2018
Every Inch of You And Then Some
By the time the victory ceremony ends, Tessa’s bare back is red with handprints. {sexy, in-character}
fandom:rpf  fandom:figureskating  pairing:scott/tessa  rating:nc17  author:threeguesses  author:lowriseflare 
april 2018
Summer Heat
A lonely young woman arrives at the cottage she inherited from her grandfather on a remote lake in northern Ontario, to find her neighbour is a rare Alpha, a relic of the old days when humans were ruled by their designation. Across a long hot summer, they connect over their shared history, and she finds that the past may not be as far away as she assumed. {reylo canadian lakefront a/b/o with a strong focus on consent and restraint - so very freaking good, and hot like the sun}
fandom:starwars  timeline:au  pairing:rey/kylo  rating:nc17  author:isharen  wip 
april 2018
i like to fight around
Garrett takes Dina to see The Lego Batman Movie. {sweet, adorable, funny}
fandom:superstore  timeline:s2  pairing:dina/garrett  rating:g  author:dollsome 
february 2018
tell me what you want so we can do just what you like
He was an alpha. She was an omega. He followed her without question. Two plus two was equaling seven and she didn’t know where her math had gone wrong. Ladybug's heat hits at an inconvenient time and Chat is there to suffer help them both live through it. {a/b/o where the emphasis is more on fighting urges, which just makes everything hotter - surprisingly sweet}
fandom:miraculousladybug  timeline:s1  pairing:adrien/marinette  rating:nc17  author:a_miiraculer 
february 2018
Exile on Main St.
Jessica Jones is doing okay by her own, admittedly low, standards. She has an actual checking account, is not currently considered a person of interest by the NYPD, and the ice cream truck that used to park outside her bedroom window at midnight blaring Turkey in the Straw finally found another block to torment. But it wouldn't be her life without a complication. (set post-Defenders) {sharp, perfect jessica-pov; with threads of jessica's recovery, her bromance with matthew, and her tension/romance with luke all woven together}
fandom:defenders  pairing:jessica/luke  rating:pg13  author:ghostcat 
february 2018
Janet@12358W (Status = Happy)
In which Janet assigns herself (status=happy). {season one from janet's pov; really spot-on janet voice}
fandom:thegoodplace  timeline:s1  pairing:jason/janet  rating:g  author:dbskyler 
february 2018
it's just that it's delicate
Her training tells Robin that she needs to make observations, look for patterns; something inside her warns that she shouldn’t try analysing this until she’s ready to know the answer. {glimpses into strike and robin's relationship post-career of evil relationship if robin had split from matthew; lovely and fragile and atmospheric}
fandom:cormoranstrike  timeline:s1  pairing:robin/strike  rating:g  author:paperclipbitch 
february 2018
in the shadow of your family tree
"We want to visit the other grandmother." {a meeting with Victoria, post-canon, reads exactly like a scene from the books - my Yuletide gift!}
fandom:hiddenlegacy  timeline:book3  gen  rating:g  author:empressearwig 
february 2018
Team Sonnet
Janet knows everything. Jason has vague ideas about some things. Set during S1E12, "Mindy St. Claire." {a short fic where jason and janet don't quite manage having sex}
fandom:thegoodplace  timeline:s1  pairing:jason/janet  rating:pg13  author:fictionalverity 
february 2018
This hole in my heart is in the shape of you
The name on Catherine's wrist is a common one. {short, adorable soulmates!au drabble}
fandom:northangerabbey  timeline:au  pairing:catherine/henry  rating:g  author:scintilla10 
march 2017
And Whether Pigs Have Wings
BFFs Henry and Charmonique have plenty going on in their final year of college. The last thing they need is romantic entanglements. {selfie college!au, with henry and char as best friends and eliza very much herself; charming and fun, with lovely found family themes}
fandom:selfie  timeline:au  pairing:eliza/henry  rating:r  author:innie 
january 2017
We Ain't Ever Getting Older
Jonah was weirdly excited about the wedding. “You don’t understand. I’ve been to a million weddings. Not to brag, but I’m basically a professional piece of arm candy. You know how it is. Girl in the dorm needs a date to her brother’s wedding, and she asks, and she had such a good time that she recommended me to her friends, and--" “Really, can I listen to your tales of wedding prostitution later?” {my yuletide gift! amazing, amazing superstore fic with a good place afterlife fusion, where jonah and amy are unwitting soulmates; hilarious, cut-through with a superstore sense of melancholy}
fandom:superstore  fandom:thegoodplace  timeline:au  rating:pg13  author:tbd 
december 2016
The Josh and Rebecca School of Seduction
What do you do when the girl you want and the guy who's dating her try to teach you how to pick up girls? Do you just... go along with it? Whatever, it's almost closing time, anyway. {my secret skraw gift! funny and sweet rebecca/josh/greg fic, with hot josh and greg kissing, post season 1}
fandom:crazyexgirlfriend  timeline:s1  pairing:rebecca/josh/greg  rating:r  author:htbthomas 
november 2016
Scorpius is scared. Scorpius is in shock. Scorpius is confused. Scorpius is angry. Scorpius is groggy. Scorpius is scared again. Five times Scorpius doesn't kiss Rose and one time he does , as they go through six moments in Hogwarts and come full circle. {a charming, sweet story}
fandom:harrypotter  timeline:post-canon  pairing:scorpius/rose  rating:pg  author:violin_ghost 
october 2016
The Truth in Dreaming
{the one where hari and corlath shares dreams, and then the one dream they don't share; poetic and really lovely for these two people}
fandom:damar  timeline:book1  pairing:corlath/hari  rating:r  author:rosie_rues 
october 2016
Minor Insecurities
Ladybug is desperate to keep her personal life separate from her crime-fighting partner, but its hard sometimes. There's so much more behind the mask than a simple identity. {the one where chat tells ladybug she'd be pretty with her hair down, and adrian notices the next day in class; lovely and sweet, with an interesting, more serious undercurrent of teenage insecurities}
fandom:miraculousladybug  timeline:s1  pairing:adrien/marinette  rating:g  author:taylortot 
september 2016
Contradictions and Varieties
As she threw a retrospective glance over the whole of their acquaintance, so full of contradictions and varieties, she sighed at the perverseness of those feelings which would now have promoted its continuance, and would formerly have rejoiced in its termination. -- Pride and Prejudice, Ch 46 {a lovely, subtle au where lady catherine never gives darcy reason to hope and a more normal and unsure courtship, post-wickham, ensues}
fandom:prideandprejudice  timeline:au  pairing:darcy/elizabeth  rating:g  author:anghraine 
september 2016
improper behavior
Sansa hides her face in Jon's neck, her skin flushing with color again, warmer and brighter than before, but she nods slowly, a tremor running up her thighs as Robb noses at her hair, and she turns into Jon slightly, shifting just enough to fit her mouth against his. They are beautiful together, his brother and his sister, the two people in the world Robb loves the most. {also very hot}
fandom:gameofthrones  pairing:jon/sansa/robb  rating:nc17  author:xylodemon 
september 2016
Made of Embers
She no longer remembers how it started, nor what it was that changed them from her brothers to her lovers. Or perhaps she does not wish to remember. Her story has been one of pain far too often to question such things that give her pleasure. And oh, they give her such pleasure. Each differently, each lavishly, each perfectly. {very hot, jon/sansa/robb threesome}
fandom:gameofthrones  pairing:jon/sansa/robb  rating:nc17  author:honey_wheeler 
september 2016
Better to Give Than to Receive
Clarke means to give Bellamy a coupon book with chores she'll do for him for his birthday. It's cute, she figures. She actually gives him a coupon book for sexual favors. She goes with it. {fun, trope-y, with a great premise: the one where bellamy and clarke start a fwb relationship due to the accidental gifting of sex coupons and things go from there}
fandom:the100  timeline:au  pairing:bellamy/clarke  rating:nc17  author:chash 
september 2016
Ellana Lavellan hopes recreating Alexius's amulet will let her save her clan. It lands her with an elvhen god bent on seducing her instead. {ridiculously hot, m/m/f threesome with solas's past life as a god and the woman he loves; trippy and very intense, with his memories adjusting to what his past self does}
fandom:dragonage  pairing:lavellan/solas  pairing:lavellan/fen'harel  rating:nc17  author:maleficar 
september 2016
the hang of being alive again
Falling for Ronan had felt like going to speak at the same time as someone else after a long silence, two people bumbling over their words to say, no, sorry, go ahead about three times before one of them says what they were going to say. {adam and ronan's relationship post-raven king; well written and sexy and honest}
fandom:ravencycle  timeline:post-canon  pairing:ronan/adam  rating:r  author:applecrumbledore 
august 2016
come forth into the storm
Marinette's love for Adrien was a lightning strike, but Ladybug's love for Chat Noir was thunder. {a lovely, snapshots-of-a-bunch-of-small-moments look at how marinette falls for chat over time}
fandom:miraculousladybug  timeline:s1  pairing:adrien/marinette  rating:g  author:adjit 
august 2016
the moon licks the salt of your hand
Half of her may not be his sister, but half is, and at the moment, Jon is feeling things entirely unbrotherly in nature towards all of her, things that make him want to walk right into that water and replace her hand with his own, to feel for himself all the ways that she’s different and lovely and perfect. {sansa and jon start a tentative teenage-exploration relationship in the hot pools at winterfell, very sexy and sweet, with an undercurrent of shame and nervousness}
fandom:gameofthrones  timeline:pre-canon  pairing:jon/sansa  rating:r  author:honey_wheeler 
august 2016
With her nose pressed against his, hot breaths puffing against his lips, she asked, “Want to find out?” Adding after a short beat, “How it feels to kiss me?” Chat Noir stared down at her with wide eyes. “Are you asking me to kiss you, bugaboo?” “You’re always asking,” she pointed out. “Maybe I’m just finally calling your bluff.” {the one where mari offers chat a re-do on their first kiss from when he was akumatized}
fandom:miraculousladybug  timeline:s1  pairing:adrien/marinette  rating:pg  author:agrestenoir 
august 2016
In Transit
Ace is getting good at picking the ones that have travelled with the Doctor. {rose and ace's brief connection, told from ace's pov - the one where ace is great at spotting other companions and rose spans regenerations when she absorbs the time vortex}
fandom:doctorwho  timeline:s1  gen  rating:g  author:st_aurafina 
august 2016
Rip ignored him and continued to look unerringly at the door a moment before Jack heard a knock and an unmistakable "Jack?" in a familiar raised voice. "Elizabeth?" He stepped quickly across to the door, unsure why she would be out in the rain or looking for him unless something were amiss, and opened it to reveal a soaking wet Elizabeth, hair limp and dripping onto her once-white shawl. {a lovely and sweet one-shot where elizabeth gets caught out in the rain, set after they kiss for the first time in the show}
fandom:whencallstheheart  timeline:s1  pairing:elizabeth/jack  rating:g  author:mriaow 
august 2016
On Beds of Asphodel
Rey and Kylo are exposed to sex pollen, then they fuck like space bunnies. {hate sex + sex pollen, stupidly hot}
fandom:starwars  timeline:forceawakens  pairing:rey/kylo  rating:nc17  author:ambiguously 
august 2016
Without Giving Anything Away
When Octavia gets married and leaves home, she's worried Bellamy won't be able to handle the ranch on his own. So she talks him into putting an ad in the paper to see if he can find a wife. {a mail order bride au; satisfying and fun, with virgin!bellamy and a clarke who has her own reasons for coming west}
fandom:the100  timeline:au  pairing:bellamy/clarke  rating:nc17  author:chash 
august 2016
a thing with feathers
It’s 8am on a Sunday morning and Mary Challoner is desperately afraid her sister is going to make a fool of herself. Meanwhile, Dominic Alastair doesn’t believe that the social hierarchy defines anyone, which is why he’s always careful to smile and say thanks whenever someone does anything for him. {a modern day retelling of a book that i wouldn't have thought easy to translate into today's times; effortlessly and charmingly done, with a wonderfully dry style}
fandom:devilscub  timeline:au  pairing:mary/dominic  rating:nc17  author:hazel 
august 2016
Pleats & Puzzle Pieces
He liked finding all the ways they fit each other. {jess and rory make out, sweet and sexy}
fandom:gilmoregirls  timeline:s3  pairing:jess/rory  rating:r  author:finnigan_geist 
june 2016
you're ripped at every edge but you're a masterpiece
It wasn't that Adam listened to the comments from other Aglionby boys about "the brain and the brawn" or took any of their gold-plated opinions into account. It was the fearless, almost insubordinate, nature of Ronan's rolled up sleeves. Two handprints encircled his wrists, a deep violet, darker than any mark Adam had ever seen. Gansey sported a matching color on both palms, as if he'd dipped them completely in paint. {soulmark identifying marks au; really gorgeous, with an emphasis on the deep bonds between all five of the group}
fandom:ravencycle  pairing:ronan/adam  rating:r  author:klavier 
june 2016
Hearing Light
The oft-told story of Elizabeth and Darcy’s first kiss, told again. {darcy and elizabeth's first kiss, precisely and beautifully written; the one where they kiss in the stillroom with light coming in through the windows}
fandom:prideandprejudice  pairing:darcy/elizabeth  rating:g  author:tree 
may 2016
(press my nose up) to the glass around your heart
“You’re not going to turn around,” she tells him, and tries not to wonder if it’s disappointment stiffening his back against hers. Her voice is soft but steady, and she’s still resting her head on his shoulder, even though it’s an open position, right in his peripheral vision. He wouldn’t even need to turn his head much. He could find out who she is, at long last, without her even realising, but she takes a deep breath and says, “I know you won’t. I know I won’t, either. So let’s just. Let’s just talk.” {chat and ladybug have a serious talk one night, with a real, palpable sense of yearning and aching trust and sadness underneath their superhero guises}
fandom:miraculousladybug  timeline:s1  pairing:adrien/marinette  rating:g  author:mimosaeyes 
may 2016
five times chat noir and ladybug shared a meal (& one time they didn't)
“My lady, remind me, how many dates is it before you kiss her?” “You can kiss on the first date,” she says. “Wh -- this is not a date.” They're just sitting and watching the city like they always do. Her head is on his shoulder but they always do that. Friends do that. This is not a date. {chat noir and ladybug share food, and flirting ensues; this is a lighthearted and sweet reveal fic, with a deft, bright way with dialog}
fandom:miraculousladybug  timeline:s1  pairing:adrien/marinette  rating:pg13  author:magesamell 
may 2016
friday, i'm in love
“What’s the difference between gossip and rumors?” Emma asks on the first day. “Rumors are almost always false,” Lizzie explains. “Gossip almost always makes them true.” William Darcy starts as a rumor. The one where they're high school teachers. {the one with lizzie and darcy as school teachers, and they like each other more than not; super charming}
fandom:lizziebennetdiaries  timeline:au  pairing:lizzie/darcy  rating:pg13  author:fairytiger 
may 2016
Simmer Down and Pucker Up
He blinked and, behind the boat shoes and tan ankles, Adam's face grew into sharp focus. He was looking straight at Ronan. His eyes were round, shocked into complete stillness. His cheeks were pink. One hand curled around grass, and Ronan watched, with a slow dawning of awareness, the way Adam's knuckles grew white as he tightened his hold on the ground. Cabeswater, Ronan realized. Cabeswater had taken his dream and shared it with the only other person who could ever be close enough to Cabeswater to see it. {written just like the books, with incredible depth of feeling - really sexy, and really *them*}
fandom:ravencycle  timeline:book3  pairing:ronan/adam  rating:nc17  author:mrsronweasley 
february 2016
twelve stops and home
The things you chase can trap you as much as the things you leave behind. How Gaby and Illya chase each other, run from each other, and find each other in twelve movements. {restrained, different-missions-after-the-movie fic that both embraces tropes and writes them beautifully and precisely}
fandom:themanfromuncle  timeline:post-canon  pairing:illya/gaby  rating:nc17  author:encroix 
february 2016
guess what we'll discover
Jeff gets a new roommate. {amazing, slow burn, roommates-to-lovers fic}
fandom:community  timeline:s3  pairing:jeff/annie  rating:r  author:dearygirl 
february 2016
Tokens of Affection
Gifts and the messages they send. {lovely, lowkey, gen-with-longing as strike and robin exchange christmas presents; set post book 3}
fandom:cormoranstrike  timeline:book3  pairing:robin/strike  rating:g  author:sprl1199 
february 2016
the lovers, the dreamers and us
Three domestic scenes in the Jenkins-Kraft household (well, not really, they’re still having disputes about the name but in a really cute, slapping hands and pushing back kind of way because they’re secretly eleven-year-old girls. But, no, seriously, Howie has dibs on being the first name, because it’s alphabetically, it’s not his fault). {sweet, funny, great howie voice, with bonus sexy times}
fandom:knownotwhy  pairing:howie/arthur  rating:nc17  author:night-lyx 
january 2016
Date Night
It's Amber and Mitch's first date. Everyone helps. {the gang stalks mitch and amber's first date; pitch-perfect voices and banter}
fandom:knownotwhy  pairing:howie/arthur  pairing:mitch/amber  rating:g  author:katayla 
january 2016
Buried Lede
Colin Bridgerton needs to unmask the anonymous columnist who is destroying his newspaper. Penelope Featherington needs Colin to open his eyes. Or, a modern college newspaper AU. {colin and penelope as journalists at competing college newspapers; sweet and very true to the books, with lots of bridgerton family goodness to go around}
fandom:bridgertonseries  timeline:au  pairing:penelope/colin  rating:nc17  author:tbd 
december 2015
things we'll do but won't say
Cece gets married, even after the pranks, even after the badger and Nick and Jess and all of their issues plummeting from the ceiling. She laughs it off and she gets married. {the jess/schmidt/nick threesome you always knew you wanted; funny and true-to-character and super hot, all at once}
fandom:newgirl  timeline:s2  pairing:nick/jess/schmidt  rating:nc17  author:tbd 
december 2015
Another World (Is Not the Program You're Watching)
Maddie and Dave have a sit-down with their Yuletide audience. They're kinda new to this fanfic thing... {maddie and david narrate a couple genres of fic, and fourth-wall breaking and commentary abound - my yuletide gift!}
fandom:moonlighting  pairing:maddie/david  rating:pg13  author:tbd 
december 2015
Five Conversations About Kimmy
Four conversations Titus had with other people about Kimmy, and one he had with Kimmy herself. {hilarious, dialog-driven, roommates-to-besties fic about titus and kimmy, laugh out loud funny and both sweet and tart at the same time - my yuletide gift!}
fandom:unbreakablekimmyschmidt  timeline:s1  gen  rating:pg  author:tbd 
december 2015
The Invention
David answers a question Harper hadn't asked. {harper wonders why david doesn't date, until they share a vision of a possible future; lovely harper pov-voice, and a fantastic twist on relationships where one person can see the future - my yuletide gift!}
fandom:rebelbelles  timeline:book1  pairing:harper/david  rating:pg13  author:tbd 
december 2015
We'll Fly By Day
An unusual client brings David and Maddie a case they can't refuse. {maddie and david and a case where not everything is as it seems; hilarious and spot-on dialog, and a banter-y and perfect maddie/david dynamic - my yuletide gift!}
fandom:moonlighting  pairing:maddie/david  rating:pg  author:tbd 
december 2015
space oddity
So, the good news is: there's life on Mars. The bad? There's life on Mars. {sex pollen fic: really hot, with poignant foreshadowing of future tragedy}
fandom:themartian  timeline:pre-movie  pairing:lewis/watney  rating:nc17  author:arbitrarily  author:falseeeyelashes 
december 2015
Think Once, Think Twice
"First one to cry annulment covers the other's weekends for six months," Jake says instantly. (or, the one where amy santiago falls in love with and gets drunk vegas married to jake peralta, not necessarily in that order) {jake and amy wake up married in vegas, takes place after the season two finale - fantastic character voices, super funny, and wonderful sexual tension/antagonistic friends to lovers}
fandom:brooklyn99  timeline:s2  pairing:jake/amy  rating:r  author:fahye 
november 2015
The Speed Of Happiness
It's New Year's Eve and Madame Christmas throws a party in her new bar: Fuery fixes the record player, Falman considers the weather is not so cold, Havoc and Breda are obsessed with women, Roy doesn't want to drink too much and Hawkeye has to face a mother's embarrassing questions. The dog is here, too. {warm, after-the finale found family fic, with lowkey roy and riza, and all of team mustang hanging out together}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  timeline:post-canon  pairing:roy/riza  rating:g  author:zauberer_sirin 
november 2015
The return from Amestris to Xing should have been triumphant. However when faced with guilt, a mounting forbidden attraction, a homicidal panda, and an endless stretch of desert – Ling almost misses the homunculi. {the one where lan fan, mei, and ling travel across the desert back to xing, with wonderful character voices; abandoned and unfinished, but still worth it}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  timeline:post-canon  pairing:ling/lanfan  rating:pg13  author:emila 
november 2015
Swallows on the Beam
Three years after the coronation, a plot to overthrow the Emperor has been put into motion. Disguised as a noblewoman, Lan Fan plunges into the Xingese court—and into a courtship with the emperor himself. "You are my master," she said. "There is nothing that I will not do for you." He smiled then. "So why won't you kiss me, then, Lan Fan?" {wip; rich, gorgeous, subtle, long, immersive worldbuilding with an aching and incredibly constrained slow build romance}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  timeline:post-canon  pairing:ling/lanfan  rating:r  author:shuofthewind 
november 2015
Lights Out
Draco doesn't like it, but there's no way around it. The prefects have to patrol the halls after lights out, and for the first term, he and Hermione Granger must patrol every Tuesday night. {draco and hermione start hate-making out/hate-sexing while patrolling together; sharp and full of edges and hot}
fandom:harrypotter  pairing:draco/hermione  rating:r  author:phoebe 
november 2015
Pros And Cons
They're making out on his bed and it's sort of weird because it's her, but it's way more awesome than weird, and the whole his tongue in her mouth thing is going pretty damn well when she has to ruin it by being Casey. "So I made a list of pros and cons about this...thing." "You made a list?" {the one where casey makes a pro/con list for making out with derek while in the middle of making out with derek}
fandom:lifewithderek  pairing:derek/casey  rating:pg13  author:maebethistime 
november 2015
Five things Lan Fan thinks are like breathing
It's not even a muscle memory at this point; it's an instinct. It just happens. {evocative, short, concise, poetic capture of a single character, as well as her devotion to ling}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:ling/lanfan  rating:g  author:kittu9 
october 2015
It had been something of a long night. {riza goes with roy to the hospital after the fight with lust; hurt/comfort with a fantastic riza pov voice}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/riza  rating:pg13  author:bob_fish 
october 2015
Was it Ed's imagination, or were they enjoying it just a little too much? {ed watches roy and riza flirt while undercover and ends up confused and a little turned on, fun outside pov}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/riza  rating:pg13  author:bookwrm389 
october 2015
Another Military Party
Shockingly, certain traitorous conspirators are finding this year's Central Officer's Ball a little tense. {mustang dances with both general armstrong - hilarious - and riza at a military ball; gets all the many undercurrents between a bunch of different relationships so right}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/riza  rating:pg  author:bookelfe 
october 2015
Broken Circles
When Ed walks in on Mustang and Hawkeye in an intimate moment, he never expects to walk out alive. Instead, he is entrusted with a secret about the Flame Alchemist and his most loyal lieutenant. {outsider pov on the roy/riza relationship; a mix of humor and ed being ed and poignancy and real emotion that mirrors the show}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/riza  rating:pg13  author:bookwrm389 
september 2015
Baiting the Beauty
In which Miss Brienne Tarth has an extremely eventful Season. {wip; long, spot-on regency romantic au; brienne in particular is an unexpected, atypical delight in this setting}
fandom:gameofthrones  timeline:au  pairing:jamie/brienne  rating:r  author:glamaphonic 
september 2015
The Earthly City
A man who metes out justice for his city doesn’t get colds. He doesn’t succumb to ear infections. He doesn’t take the night off. He certainly doesn't spend it talking to his best friend or the woman he wants most. {lush, precise writing, beautifully detailed with matt's unique way of understanding the world - an adult handling of claire and matt over a single night of conversation, bookended with matt's friendship with foggy}
fandom:daredevil  timeline:s1  pairing:matt/claire  rating:nc17  author:ghostcat 
september 2015
rummaging in our souls
It is the strangest feeling in the world – having her soul settle while in someone else’s hands. Riza knows instinctively that her soul will be marked by Roy Mustang forever. (Or, Pre-Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with daemons, focusing on Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye throughout their childhood, the Ishval Civil War, and after.) {roy and riza, growing up, with daemons - substituting the almost overwhelming emotional intimacy of touching another person's daemon for sex works stupidly well for these two, god}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  timeline:pre-canon  pairing:roy/riza  rating:g  author:ohmytheon 
september 2015
i just wanted to be perfect
So, after my last video from Nick's POV there was a suggestion to do one from Jess' POV so this is it. {great editing, great jess pov for a fanvid}
fanvid  fandom:newgirl  timeline:s3  pairing:nick/jess  rating:g  author:aprms 
september 2015
Spring Break Anthem
Slamming shots and marry a man! or True love forever! It's all the same, same. GOB/Tony {such a brilliant use of this song}
fanvid  fandom:arresteddevelopment  timeline:s4  pairing:gob/tony  rating:pg13  author:lilly-the-kid 
september 2015
If You See Light
Everyone has their coping mechanisms. Pre-manga, life in East City. {roy and riza deal with ptsd while occasionally hooking up, because they can't seem to help themselves - has riza doing her job protecting roy, and roy putting out a fire in the town, in an almost cathartic-reversal of what he did in ishval}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  timeline:pre-canon  pairing:roy/riza  rating:r  author:sixpences 
september 2015
First Few Desperate Hours
Isolation breeds anxiety, and some rather rash decisions. Set after chapter 62, though a little handwavy about the timeline. {tightly, intensely observed - life after roy and riza are separated and shouldn't be seeing each other}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/riza  rating:r  author:sixpences 
september 2015
The Closed Circle
In which Lieutenant Hawkeye drives Colonel Mustang to distraction, and he decides he's had quite enough cold showers. {the one where risa, havok, and roy go to the rockbells after the fma:b end - really hot scene where roy and riza almost have sex in the room where havok is sleeping}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  timeline:post-canon  pairing:roy/riza  rating:r  author:hmmingbird 
september 2015
Five Times Roy Mustang And Riza Hawkeye Didn't Have Sex (But Wanted To)
Over the years they've fantasized about having sex with each other. A lot. {sexual tension bubbling to the surface, with some gorgeous turns of phrase}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  pairing:roy/riza  rating:nc17  author:zauberer_sirin 
september 2015
And The Band Plays On
She frowned. Roy raised his hands in a gesture of defeat. “We can’t save them all. I have to keep climbing, Riza.” She met his eyes squarely, her gaze unhappy. “I like it as little as you. You know that.” {the one where it's the 1940s, roy is working for a corrupt lawyer, and riza is on his side plotting to bring the whole business down, plus dancing - i could read entire books in this au universe}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  timeline:au  pairing:roy/riza  rating:g  author:sceptick 
september 2015
Dinner For Two, And Subterfuge Too
For once, Roy found his mind completely blank. He was sitting in a restaurant across from Riza Hawkeye, at a table lit by romantic candlelight. She was holding his hands, her thumb absently drifting back and forth over his knuckles. There were violins playing somewhere, for god’s sake. He should have been attempting to listen in on Edison again, or passing information to her in code, or something, but all he could think was that she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and that it was becoming a problem. {roy and riza, undercover on a date where riza roleplays elizabeth; such good, glee-inducing details of their unspoken teamwork and communication and bond, with a thread of yearning and what-we-can't-be underneath it all}
fandom:fullmetalalchemist  timeline:pre-canon  pairing:roy/riza  rating:g  author:sceptick 
september 2015
reach out and touch someone
“Careful, Justin; that almost sounds like ‘what are you wearing territory?’ there.” {the one where justin and alex's pranking turns more adult, and they end up having phone sex while down the hall from each other}
fandom:wizardsofwaverlypalace  pairing:justin/alex  rating:nc17  author:omens 
september 2015
Starships! (Monochromatic Remix)
A celebration of astronauts, space rangers, scientists, faithful sidekicks, and the spacecraft they love to fly. {a remix of the classic starships fanvid, with only black and white/older sources}
fanvid  multifandom  gen  rating:pg13  author:jetpack-monkey 
september 2015
John Thornton sees Miss Hale embracing a man at night in a train station. His jealousy and confusion is a thing of wonder. {mr. thornton sees margaret and her brother, notices the lack of passion in their embrace, and comes up with the completely wrong explanation for that event; an exploration of barely contained, frustrated passion/jealousy with gorgeously sharp turns of phrase}
fandom:northandsouth  pairing:thornton/margaret  rating:pg13  author:sfiddy 
august 2015
A Thousand Languages
Rose thought she knew how it would be when it happened, but things are rarely as we imagine them. {short and powerful, ten and rose marry as a matter of course, the one where rose attends the doctor's funeral}
fandom:doctorwho  pairing:ten/rose  rating:g  author:madlori 
august 2015
Second Chances
An older, wiser and sadder Rose meets the last person she ever expected to see in Pete's World, and they may just end up rescuing each other. {alt!nine and rose, straight-forward and sweet - i love the understated practicality and adult understanding between these two hurt people}
fandom:doctorwho  timeline:s4  pairing:alt!nine/rose  rating:r  author:honorh 
august 2015
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