Let’s Fix Startup Board Meetings | TechCrunch
John Callaghan of True Ventures on what a good board meeting looks like
startup  board 
january 2017
Much more complete insight into your snps, tons of info, less highly curated.
23andme  dna  biology 
january 2017
NIetzsche thus spoke zarathustra, side by side english and german
december 2016
How a Computer Predicts Schizophrenia and Psychosis - The Atlantic
Coherence between phrases is an incredibly strong predictor of future psychotic episodes.
december 2016
The true story of America’s sky-high prescription drug prices - Vox
Nice lay walkthrough of how our pharmaceutical industry works, and why we have high drug prices here.
december 2016
A Guide to Utah's Diamond Fork Hot Springs - Bearfoot Theory
hot springs 90 minutes south of SLC past mount timp from Becca
slc  travel 
october 2016
Three Key Issues I’ve Changed My Mind About | Open Philanthropy Project
Holden brief summary of changing views on AI, EA, and logical reasoning about surprising causes.
september 2016
Automation and anxiety | The Economist
Impact of AI on different classes of jobs
august 2016
STD Statistics | Otium
Summary of literature by Sarah Constantine.
june 2016
Nootropics | Otium
Summary of literature by Sarah Constantine. Modafinil, caffeine, nicotine, etc.
health  cognitiveenhancement 
june 2016
Anticipating artificial intelligence : Nature News & Comment
Brief Nature editorial arguing that we should be thinking more about the possible consequences of AI, and not making fun of people who think it's potentially worrying.
xrisk  ai 
april 2016
Is There a Fountain of Youth in Our DNA?
Quick teaser about Eric Topol's just-released Wellderly study.
april 2016
TimeTree :: The Timescale of Life
Tree of life with time for any two species, collected from many publications.
biology  evolution 
april 2016
A better offer letter — Medium
Offer letter to aim for, from eShares.
march 2016
The Trader Who Donates Half His Pay - The New York Times
Nice summary of effective altruism with a focus on earning to give.
march 2016
What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team - The New York Times
Supposedly google set out to discover what makes teams succeed and found it was empathy. I think it was a clever ploy by management who, knowing empathy was important, needed a way to get engineers to take it more seriously.
management  empathy 
march 2016
Bill Gates on AI timelines
Reasonable super brief summary from Bill Gates.
fai  superintelligence 
march 2016
Davos 2016 - The State of Artificial Intelligence - YouTube
Nice lay overview of ai safety concerns at the WEF in davos.
fai  superintelligence 
march 2016
Donald ducks the big questions | The Economist
Likely market volatility later this year if Trump becomes the Republican nominee.
politics  economics 
february 2016
A run a day keeps the tumour at bay | The Economist
Adrenalin and IL-6 are upregulated by exercise. These activate natural killer (NK) cells in the immune system, which has strong tumor-restraining qualities, resulting in 2/3 slower tumor growth.
health  cancer 
february 2016
The Happiness Code - The New York Times
Article on CFAR, by a journalist who took the course the session immediately before mine.
rationality  ea 
february 2016
Outside in - Involvements with reality » Blog Archive » Against Orthogonality
Intelligence improvement will be the key instrumental drive for any sufficiently intelligent AI.
ai  superintelligence  xrisk 
december 2015
Pot luck | The Economist
Men whose testosterone levels increase when watching porn are more likely to be averse to raising kids.
december 2015
Impermanence of dendritic spines in live adult CA1 hippocampus : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
Dendritic spines in the hippocampus of mice turnover at about the same rate as long-term episodic memory in mice from other studies, supporting the theory that this is where and how such memories are stored.
memory  neuroscience 
june 2015
FLI - Future of Life Institute
open letter signed by most big AI folks
june 2015
Future of Life Institute (FLI) research priorities document.
june 2015
Neuroscience: The hard science of oxytocin : Nature News & Comment
Summary of recent work outlining the many and varied neurological and behavioral effects of oxytocin in people and animals.
love  oxytocin 
june 2015
How to Build a Unicorn From Scratch – and Walk Away with Nothing
Watch the term sheets and understand the interests of your investors.
startups  fundraising 
may 2015
Deep Learning, NLP, and Representations - colah's blog
Simple intro to word representations and shared representations
april 2015
Tech titans’ latest project: Defy death | The Washington Post
Long article on Peter Thiel and other philanthropists driving much of the current push in anti-aging research.
aging  peterthiel 
april 2015
Dan McKinley :: Choose Boring Technology
Discussed with Ashwin. Agreed these concepts are solid.
engineering  startups 
april 2015
Heat Maps of the Top 10 US Running Routes - HotPads Blog
Should have gotten some locals to sanity check the data--no one runs on 360 in Austin. But these maps seem like a useful starting point if you need tips.
november 2014
44 engineering management lessons
Excellent thing to re-digest occasionally regarding management practices in general, applied to engineering management.
management  startup 
november 2014
#define CTO
How to be a CTO and actually maintain an understanding of the organization.
cto  management  startups 
october 2014
Ask HN: How do you use Docker in production? | Hacker News
Docker, Fleet, and CoreOS it seems is the new deployment stack
october 2014
How I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in Math - Issue 17: Big Bangs - Nautilus
Chunking and fluency as the building blocks of understanding and expertise.
learning  education  kids 
october 2014
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