Where is Starman? Track Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster's Current Location.
Great little site with live stats about the Roadster plus a bunch of other charts & suchlike.
space  spacex 
2 days ago
Super Hood - from Sporty's Pilot Shop
Blinders! Great for the open plan office or long flights!
travel  offices 
21 days ago
Fortressa - Your Safe, Secure & Open Internet Fortress
Make-your-own VPN service/product that avoids the issues with stuff like Cloak/EncryptMe (re: cotenancy, trust, ability to be detected as likely VPN traffic, etc). Gives some of the money to EFF, DjangoGirls etc 👍
security  networking  apps  mac 
22 days ago
lirantal/dockly: Docker console UI and Dashboard for quick managing and inspecting of Containers and Images
Cute curses-based Docker management tool - richer than the stock CLI but still a terminal and not GUI app. Downsides (for me): requires npm.
cli  docker 
5 weeks ago
gittup.org: [Wicked cool tagline.]
Interesting niche Linux distro that's entirely git-based, kind of a step beyond the source-oriented distros? comes with some sort of potentially high-powered DAG resolver that's "faster than Make".
git  linux  os 
6 weeks ago
My Hero, Luke Skywalker — Zac Bertschy
"I never thought I’d find myself saying 'I want to be like Luke Skywalker when I grow up' in my 30s, but they somehow made a Star Wars movie that pulled those feelings out of me again." 👍
tlj  starwars 
7 weeks ago
Star Wars: The Last Jedi: the backlash explained - Vox
I need to read more Vox. In-depth analysis of the backlash to the film & a LOT of considering the various reasons for it; very much not just "it's because of toxic men gettin mad" (though that is of course one element.)
starwars  tlj 
7 weeks ago
'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Will Be Too Inclusive for Some People. Good. | WIRED
Examination of the film's reception (plus some about the film itself), about what it says on the tin :D
starwars  tlj 
7 weeks ago
“This is Not Going to Go the Way You Think”: The Last Jedi Is Subversive AF, and I Am Here for It | Bitter Gertrude
Great dissection about the film's themes (including comparing to those of the earlier trilogies) with solid writing & arguments.
starwars  tlj 
7 weeks ago
(1) Movie: Star Wars: The Last Jedi | FanFare
It's MetaFilter, so probably some good-to-great insights mixed with some really irritating fannish jumping to conclusions.
starwars  tlj 
7 weeks ago
Reddit thread about the Toxic Masculinity article
Some great discussion (on Reddit! I know! Guess r/MensLib is one of the few non-toxic subreddits...) about the film overall, of course with some focus on toxic masculinity, but pretty general and good analysis.
tlj  starwars 
7 weeks ago
Is The Last Jedi the most feminist Star Wars film? | Villainesse
Good sendup of the feminism inherent in TLJ's plotting, characterizations and even specific dialogue bits. Well written.
starwars  tlj 
7 weeks ago
Toxic Masculinity Is the True Villain of Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Den of Geek
Points out the themes of toxic masculinity in TLJ, including noting differences in how the various other characters handle the failures of the men around them (spoiler: the light side teaches & takes on emotional labor, the dark side simply cajoles and punishes.)
starwars  tlj 
7 weeks ago
The Last Jedi, toxic masculinity, and showing your place in all this
Decent sendup of how TLJ examines toxic masculinity, written _from the perspective of a white guy struggling with his own_, not just a sermon or whatever.
starwars  tlj 
7 weeks ago
The Last Jedi Doesn't Care What You Think About Star Wars
Solid and well written introspection on TLJ's relationship with the rest of Star Wars and how it's a true Star Wars film even while it demolishes much of what technically makes up the franchise.
starwars  tlj 
7 weeks ago
jpmens/jo: JSON output from a shell
Generate JSON from shell commands. Not sure it really offers that much over eg `python -m json -c "print(json.dumps({obj}))"`, but still.
cli  json  tools 
9 weeks ago
Amazing in-depth world map of trains, down to individual station platforms!
trains  maps 
9 weeks ago
Escape | Escape vs. X
High level software/package deployment/bookkeeping tool. Idea seems to be that it wraps the tools that actually deploy stuff (anything from CM to Docker to apt to TF to Helm, etc) to provide a consistent view of how, where and whether a given thing has been deployed, promoted etc.
sysadmin  distsys  packaging 
10 weeks ago
Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou
Absolutely amazing city map generator, perfect for any sort of worldbuilding or DM'ing.
maps  rpg  fantasy 
10 weeks ago
What MongoDB got Right - Made of Bugs
Outlines some of what Mongo got right instead of wrong. (From 2015, so some info is outdated - eg SQL replication got somewhat better since.)
databases  mongodb  nosql  mongodb-problems 
11 weeks ago
Chris's Wiki :: blog/sysadmin/NtpdToChrony
tl;dr use chrony or (if it resurrects) ntimed, not ntpsec, for a modern/less-insecure ntpd
sysadmin  linux  tools  time  security 
november 2017
Cat Pens: Octagon Pet Travel Pen at Drs. Foster and Smith
Good for certain cats that like to chew on wires in hotel rooms and such.
cat  travel 
november 2017
ericfreese/rat: Compose shell commands to build interactive terminal applications
Semi-interesting go-based util for annotating and/or composing shell commands, e.g. colorize output from a command, and act on patterns within that output to trigger subcommands.

Not sure I'd want to use it over my own Python shit but still.
golang  cli  shells 
october 2017
Monitoring in the time of Cloud Native – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
Excellent, if a bit long overview of monitoring, observability, the differences between the two, data vs information, and related topics. Stays very generic much of the time but does delve into how specific products exhibit certain tendencies, later on. (While still avoiding seeming like a "howto".)
monitoring  metrics  sysadmin  essays 
october 2017
python sweetness — Mitogen, an infrastructure code baseline that...
Possible alternative to Ansible, etc (but also a Fabric competitor (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻)
python  configmanagement  ssh  sysadmin  tools 
september 2017
Probot | GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow
Some neat GH flow apps like closing stale PRs and so forth. Needs time to evaluate.
git  github  maintainership 
september 2017
Omar Ismail's answer to I am white. That's all you know about me. Am I privileged based on that alone and assuming I am, should I feel guilt and what should I do about it? - Quora
Really succinct explanation/analogy for white privilege. Maybe good for people who claim it doesn't exist. Many other answers in the same thread (see link at bottom) also great.
sjw  essays 
september 2017
Qubes OS: A reasonably secure operating system
If it's not some sort of joke (???) then this is a Linux distro that uses Xen to run basically every single app and hardware access and etc, as its own separate locked-down VM for maximum compartmentalization.
linux  os  privacy  security 
september 2017
An OSI layer model for the 21st century - Technical Journal
Examining what a 'new' OSI layer model might look like if one recast it in a modern, security/crypto matters, approach.
networking  security  cryptography 
august 2017
AWS security auditing tool, i.e. will find bad configurations of EC2 networking rules, IAM setups, S3 permissions, etc etc. Written in Python.
python  aws  security 
august 2017
Passbolt | FAQ
GPG-based open source team-oriented password manager.
secretsmanagement  security  gpg 
july 2017
JohnCoates/Aerial: Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac
Ports some amazingly gorgeous aerial videos from the Apple TV's screensaver set, to MacOS.
july 2017
Tyblog | Systemd for (Impatient) Sysadmins
Some interesting features of systemd. Mostly legitimately cool, some amusing (did this guy never hear of Anacron before?)
sysadmin  unix  linux  tools  systemd 
july 2017
Improving Critical Infrastructure Rollouts | Labs
Brief blog post showing how Spotify rolls out config/version changes in a rolling, linear fashion over time to help detect problems before they affect the entire production environment.
docker  sysadmin  configmanagement 
july 2017
thcipriani/sshecret: I can keep a SSHecret
Neat trick that uses different SSH agent processes for each domain being SSH'd to, to avoid exposing all secrets in normal agent. Uses Paramiko too!
ssh  python  sysadmin  tools  security 
july 2017
The three laws of config dynamics – buildo blog
Decent, not too deep overview of common config file patterns and antipatterns.
programming  sysadmin  configmanagement 
july 2017
Elvish: Friendly and Expressive Shell
Neat shell that is much more like real languages w/ return values from functions, real data structures instead of just strings or shitty arrays, and tying those together in pipelines.

Downside of course is that it's so different, presumably lots of usual bash/zsh related ideas just don't work? Haven't looked.
shells  unix  linux 
july 2017
WireGuard: fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel
Really neat looking modern VPN that should be a lot more secure and have fewer bugs, smaller attack surface, etc vs OpenVPN and friends. So new it lacks good client side support tho.
linux  networking  security  tools 
july 2017
Tutorial: Spack 101 — Spack documentation
Another OS-agnostic multi-tenant/version capable package manager. Seems reasonably mature at a glance but haven't really dug in yet. Needs a comparison to GoboLinux, Snap, and especially Nix probably.
os  packaging  linux  unix  sysadmin 
june 2017
Scryfall Magic Card Search
LOOKS like a super-upgrade of magiccards.info, complete with an API and stuff. Take another look later to see how it's holding up.
june 2017
Secrets and LIE-abilities: The State of Modern Secret Management (2017)
Decent overview of secrets managemenr, with an especially good intro/best practices. Very skewed towards container usage though.
secretsmanagement  sysadmin  security  containers 
june 2017
jonase/kibit: There's a function for that!
Style suggestion linter for Clojure, i.e. "you're using X but it's more idiomatic/cleaner to do Y instead".
june 2017
candid82/joker: Small Clojure interpreter and linter
Golang-implemented clojure linter. If it covers enough real clj syntax, it's probably much faster than any native-Clojure linter...? (Whether it's worth running a linter cold every time or having something in a REPL like the test runners, tho...is a good q)
clojure  golang 
june 2017
Enough with the microservices | Adam Drake
Good essay about why not to use microservices; goes deep enough to be compelling without being too long to comfortably read in one sitting.
essays  microservices  programming 
june 2017
Norse Mythology for Smart People - The Ultimate Online Resource for Norse Mythology and Religion
Decent site covering lots of Norse mythology information in a only-slightly-biased-sounding scholarly manner. What's nice is that while it's more in-depth than say Wikipedia, it's not overwhelmingly deep since it's effectively an ad for the guy's books.
history  religion 
june 2017
leak 1.0.3 : Python Package Index
Similar to but maybe more fleshed out than 'vanity'?
python  packaging 
may 2017
mitsuhiko/pipsi: pip script installer
tl;dr for when you want >1 python "binary" in system level w/o all being in the one big system python env
python  pip  packaging 
may 2017
Five Factor Testing - Custom Web & Mobile Development Company | DevMynd
Excellent breakdown of SPECIFICALLY why testing is important, and why not all reasons for testing apply all the time, and how to think about writing tests using them as talking points.
programming  testing  essays 
may 2017
Bugsnag Blog - Tmux and Vim - even better together
Decent set of examples for tux and vim key bindings, plugins, etc.
vim  tmux 
april 2017
Decent looking mailing list esque service, with a free plan but with paid plans as well, so presumably not AS likely to 'exit'. GH integration, etc. Also has a ton of shit I will never use but eh.
maintainership  email 
april 2017
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