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[Six Questions] | Astra Taylor on The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age | Harper's Magazine
<q>In the book I challenge the techno-libertarian insistence that the government has no productive role to play and that it needs to keep its hands off the Internet for fear that it will be “broken.”</q>
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Eurozine - Beyond digital discontent - Geert Lovink, Astra Taylor A conversation with Astra Taylor
Gerry Lovink interview with Astra Taylor about her book The People's Platform (2014)
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The Digital Heritage of Vilèm Flusser
The Vilèm Flusser Archive owns a personal computer the philosopher used himself. It stores mostly digital artifacts that represent Flusser’s textual work, but also a software called “Hypertext” which is dependent on the obsolete authoring system HyperCard.
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McKenzie Wark: Where next for media theory? | Public Seminar
[U]nlike Lovink I can’t see the Snowden moment as all that decisive, but it is the case that the future once dreamt for ‘new media’ has been foreclosed. It is a victim of its success.
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Geert Lovink: Hermes on the Hudson: Notes on Media Theory after Snowden | e-flux
The Snowden revelations in June 2013 mark the symbolic closure of the “new media” era. The NSA scandal has taken away the last remains of cyber-naivety and lifted the “internet issue” to the level of world politics. The integration of cybernetics into all aspects of life is a fact. The values of the internet generation have been dashed to pieces: decentralization, peer-to-peer, rhizomes, networks. Everything you have ever clicked on can and will be used against you. In 2014, we’ve come full circle and returned to a world before 1984.
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