invitation to reproducible computational research | Biostatistics | Oxford Academic
(1995): “an article about computational result is advertising, not scholarship. The actual scholarship is the full software environment, code and data, that produced the result.”

-- Buckheit and Donoho paraphrasing John Claerbout
reproducibility  quote  scholarship 
18 days ago
more copying and pasting static images and tables!
spreadsheet  reproducibility  scientists  libreoffice  msword  msexcel  open  foss 
18 days ago
New in the tigris package: simple features support and historic shapefiles · KYLE WALKER DATA
options(tigris_class = "sf")

nc_tiger_cb <- counties("NC", cb = TRUE, class = "sf")
tigris  sf  class 
21 days ago
GitHub - walkerke/tigris: Download and use Census TIGER/Line shapefiles in R
counties("MI", cb = TRUE)


options(tigris_use_cache = TRUE) # Set R/Tigris to cache shapefiles

mi_tiger_counties <- counties("MI") # Gather Tiger shapefiles not_clipped by default
mi_tiger_cb <- counties("MI", cb = TRUE) # Gather Tiger shapefiles clipped with 'cb = TRUE'

mi_tiger_counties <- st_as_sf(mi_tiger_counties) # st_as_sf converts to sf because it's easiest to plot via geom_sf
mi_tiger_cb <- st_as_sf(mi_tiger_cb)

ggplot(mi_tiger_counties) +
geom_sf() + # display the non clipped counties in black
geom_sf(data = mi_tiger_cb, color = "red") # display the coastline clipped boundaries in red
tigris  geography  &  cb  cartographic  coastal  boundaries 
21 days ago
Zero Counts in dplyr
- convert to factor
- ungroup() %>% complete()
zero  counts  ggplot  factor  dplyr  character  healy  kieran  na 
27 days ago
Tai Chi | Student Affairs
Tuesday from 4:00 - 4:50pm in room 148 of Student Wellness Center
tai  chi 
28 days ago
Tai Chi, Duke Cancer Center Quiet Room - January 5 | Duke Health
Friday, in the 0 level Quiet Room of Duke Cancer Center. Tai Chi is
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm (seated from )
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm. (and standing)
Tai  Chi 
28 days ago
Transpose tibble / Gather And Spread: Using the tidyverse to go between wide and long
seps <- read_csv("")

seps %>%
gather(year,value,FY1993:FY1998) %>%
transpose  tibble  spread  gather 
5 weeks ago
Business Science -- r for finance
learn how to use highcharter, tidyverse and tidyquant
business  science  data  tidyverse  tidyquant  finance 
5 weeks ago
hugo blogdown installation
hugo  blogdown  from notes
6 weeks ago
rOpenSci | Community Call - Working with images in R
rOpenSci’s software engineer / postdoc Jeroen Ooms will explain what images are, under the hood, and showcase several rOpenSci packages that form a modern toolkit for working with images in R, including opencv, av, tesseract, magick and pdftools.
images  r  visualization  magick  pdftools  illustrator 
7 weeks ago
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