The aging mind: neuroplasticity in response to cognitive training
Figure 1 is fascinating, even if don't know what the Y axis is.
may 2018
The Enigma of Reason
Reason did not emerge to fine truth, it emerged to prove you are right.
april 2018
USA National Phenology Network
Crowd sourced data on status of plants. Spring is late this year in New England. Also growing degree day maps.
april 2018
Periodic Table of Office365
Possibly one's only hope of understanding this tangle.
february 2018
Transferring a Republic Number to a Service Provider That Refuses Landlines | Republic Wireless Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Moving a phone number between three providers: A->B->C where C requires that the # is a mobile # so you pass thru B because it is mobile. Involve, amusingly, use of a random IMEI generator
february 2018
The Pulse
Another new summary hack
february 2018
Vaccine makes you more sociable
The chart implies this is a very powerful effect. I.e. the virus wants you to go out and make contact with lots of other people; and apparently the vaccine does too.
february 2018
Home | iPhone APN & Proxy Changer
Source for various APN profiles (all unsigned?) :(
iphone  apn 
october 2017
Emergency Response Imagery - NOAA
They fly over disasters take very detailed pictures. The National Geodetic Survey.
sidebar  weather 
september 2017
NYTimes: Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age
Nice long essay about the frustrating science and industry of diet.
august 2017
parsedatetime 2.4 : Python Package Index
A parser for date times in the manner that arrow's humanize for output.
python  humanize  datetime 
july 2017
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