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FIC: MCU: in stature, grace, and hue, by scioscribe
Fandom: MCU
Characters/Pairings: Gamora/Heimdall
Rating: Teen
Length: 2900 words

Summary: The first time Heimdall notices her, she is beheading the ruler of a backwater world. It’s outside Asgard’s purview and death, as a rule, is too common to attract his attention; this does, however. She does.

Why is it the BEST THING EVER: This is a gorgeously in-character fic with a simple premise: what if Heimdall saw Gamora across the stars, and was intrigued? I'm a sucker for a good Heimdall POV, and he's wonderful here, with human vulnerabilities and a sense of humor, but everyone else is wonderful, too: Thor and Loki, the Guardians, and Gamora herself. It's a great ship manifesto if you think you might be even a little bit interested in this pairing.
fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe  pairing:gamora/heimdall  words:01.000-5.000  creator:scioscribe  reccer:snickfic  type:fanfiction 
february 2019 by bestthingever

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